Oxford Club: A Leading Organization in Investment Recommendation Services

Oxford Club is a privately contained global network for entrepreneurs and investors. It makes use of exceptional time-tested investment principles and strategies to pave through the stock market and perform extremely well in average returns in multiple asset classes. Major recommendations from the organization cover areas on real estate, bonds, equities, options, funds, currencies, and precious metals. Its mission is to enable members to create a long-lasting wealth that is extraordinary and enjoy their life beyond money.

The management team for Oxford Club constitutes Julia Guth, the chief executive officer serving together with other executives who are gifted in editorial, publishing, customer service, research, sales and marketing, and operations. Oxford Club is committed to recruiting competent strategists who are well versed with asset classes, income investing through bonds & dividends, stocks & private equity, buying of cryptocurrencies, and trading options. To be where it is, Oxford Club began as a Passport Club in 1989. The name changed to Oxford Club in 1991. The organization started as a small networking company whose founder was William Bonner amongst other co-founders.

Oxford Club contains three levels of membership within which one can be identified. The first membership is known as Premier membership whose subscription is through paid publications. It is the initial level where members enjoy the membership benefits that are renewable yearly. The second level is Director’s Circle membership where the members have long-life engagement. It entails dedicated investors in the company and allows its members to access the three newsletters that are released by the organization. It allows the members to extend their membership to the family members who can as well enjoy the membership benefits fully. The final membership level is Chairman’s Circle membership that ranks high in the levels. It has more privileges to enjoy than the other two. This level allows its members to access valuable features from the Club’s website and unlimited access to the organization’s publications.

Oxford Club has educations arm called Investment U that was founded in 1999. This arm is an independent financial education site. It provides educational materials that comprise of videos, conferences, and courses among other types of educational resources. The goal of this arm is to enable the members to be educated on financial matters and become independent. Discover more by following @The_Oxford_Club on Twitter.

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