Portugal Goes Above and Beyond on Renewable Energy

By all accounts Portugal is known for a number of different things: the unique culture, soccer legend Renaldo, the delicious food — but did you know that they have become the first country to ever utilize OVER 100% of renewable energy. This impressive feat for the country of over 10 million means created the majority of their power from “clean energy sources” and “renewable sources” in the month of March. Perhaps this latest achievement will get people thinking about Portugal’s considerable innovation skills when the country pops to mind — no matter what this is an exciting stepping stone in the path towards more renewable forms of energy.

This latest feat is a testament to human innovation as an entire country (and a significant one at that) to quite literally power the entire European nation. Residents of Portugal have been investing in renewable energy sources for decades now and were one of the first countries on all of the new major energy markets such as: solar, wind, hydro and even wave power. It is an exciting development, and while it is only one country it represents the potential of this program to work on a much, much larger scale.

It will be interesting to see in coming months if Portugal can continue to match their March totals, or at least come close. This breaks the previous record of 99.2% set in 2016, and Portuguese residents have to be happy that their country is making the headlines for such positive news — and I am sure they’ll be pushing hard to repeat the feat in coming months.

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