Nashville’s Clay Hutson is making moves in the music industry

Clay Hutson is making big moves in the music industry. He started out being a sound engineer, stage manager and tour producer. Continuing to hold all of these titles, Hutson has taken that experience and started a production management company. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Technical Production. He continued his education by attending the University of Michigan’s Stephan M. Ross School of Business, where he earned a Master of Business Administration. Clay Hutson has been able to change the way fans are experiencing music. He is dedicated to making sure the crowd is feeling the music on a different level. Working day and night he makes sure he can provide the best support for any artist is he working with. He has worked with artist like Pink, Kid Rock, Kanye West and Guns and Roses. Even though he has worked with various Genres of music he has dedicated himself to rock and roll.


Hutson works hard  and make sure his crew remain as productive as possible. Typically he offers his services as a stage manager at various events. When it comes to managing events for an artist, he and his crew is sure to give detailed attention to every aspect of how the show should go. He makes sure he is the first at the venue and he begins to plan out the entire process for the show and even afterwards. To pull this off he imagines what the set needs to look like and sound like. Being a veteran in the industry he knows what works and what doesn’t. He has been around enough artist to know what they are feeling and how they are thinking when it comes to putting on a performance. Hutson feels he is most successful when he plans an entire day that will layout each and every task and will useful for his crew to implement upon arrival. He plans out three steps ahead of himself and what is currently happening. Overall Clay Hutson is a hard worker and knows the importance of word of mouth. When he provides exceptional service he knows that artist will tell other artist of his dedication and that will bring him more clients. Learn more:

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