Trump administration holds off on imposing tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the EU

Trump threatened to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum from China, Mexico, the European Union and Canada. While the fate of the Chinese tariff remains uncertain, Trump announced he would hold off on imposing tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the European Union, according to the Chicago Tribune. The president remains concerned with many Chinese economic policies and is waiting for the nation to make concessions.

China’s lax treatment of international intellectual property laws has been a problem for administrations before the current one. Previous presidents kept the current policy intact while making noise about getting the Chinese to respect the intellectual property rights of other nations. Trump is the second president to do more than just make noise. George W. Bush also attempted to correct the situation during his administration.

His policy on the European Union has confused many people as he praises individual countries while criticizing others. Trade relations with Mexico have cooled since the administration placed tariffs on the import of certain produce from the nation. Tensions have increased over the course of his presidency. Comments he made during the campaign and his repeated threat to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Mexican president Vicente Fox took to national television to make it clear that Mexico had no intention of paying for Trump’s wall.

All of these trade wars come during Robert Mueller’s investigation and continued accusation of the president’s campaign. The president’s recent hire Rudi Giuliani to help with his legal woes. As the case gets closer, the president’s threats to fire Mueller increase.

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