Chinese Trade Talks Amidst Revelation of Trump Business Stake

As the United States and China are embroiled in ongoing tension-filled trade talks, the Trump Organization is currently involved in an Indonesian deal with ties to a Chinese developer, raising concerns over conflicts of interest and ethical issues.


The Chinese state-owned and operated construction company, MCC Group, announced last week that it will be developing a new theme park and resort in Lido, Indonesia. The theme park is just a small component of a bigger project with ties to the Trump Organization. The broader MNC Lido City has existing licensing agreements with the Trump Organization, based on an agreement inked in 2015. The partnership specifies that Trump can put his name on the luxury resort and golf course. Although Trump has officially separated himself from the operation of the Trump Organization and its day to day business, he still owns a significant stake in the company.


The news of this association comes on the heels of more drama in the ongoing trade talk between the world’s two largest economies. On Sunday, President Trump tweeted his support to Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese state-controlled phone manufacturer ZTE, stating his intent to help the company get back on its feet by offering help from the US Department of Commerce. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is in D.C. this week to meet with Trump about the threat of sanctions on both sides of the battle. The two are scheduled to talk on Thursday.

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