Hussain Sajwani’s Exemplary Leadership leads to the Success of DAMAC Properties

The determination to succeed plays a significant role when trying to achieve your milestones in life. As for Hussain Sajwani, he was always determined to become a successful individual since his childhood days. By cultivating his way up the ladder, Hussain Sajwani is currently the proud owner of the leading real estate company in Dubai, UAE. The real estate company is known as DAMAC Properties.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani came from a humble background. His father, Ali Sajwani was a mere merchant who imported various goods from China, and he would resell them at his shop with the sole aim of making profits. Although those were tough times, Hussain Sajwani never lost hope in life. In fact, he made it his life’s mission to become successful one day.

Far from that, Ali Sajwani wanted Hussain Sajwani to have a bright future as an entrepreneur. As a result, Hussain Sajwani would always accompany his father to his shop, and he would still learn a thing or two about how to handle a business enterprise. With time, Ali Sajwani was of the plan that Hussain Sajwani would take up the family business and all that. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani had other plans in mind about how he wanted to shape his life while in pursuit of success.

Additional Information

In an interview by, Hussain Sajwani said that he started out by launching a catering company in the 1980’s. The company was thriving, and he was able to enter the league of millionaires. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani’s ambition was not yet fulfilled since he wanted to become a billionaire at some point. As a result, he had to go back to the drawing board. After seeking a viable business idea, he settled on real estate as his business of choice. Since he had made good friends like Donald Trump, who is the current serving US President, the two real estate business moguls have been working together on various real estate projects over the years.


It is good to note that Hussain Sajwani was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth in his mouth. As a result, Sajwani participates in philanthropic events with the sole aim of assisting the less fortunate.

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