Nick Vertucci: Making it in Real Estate

Looking for a good read? Nick Vertucci’s new book; Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed is an excellent place to start. Nick Vertucci the real estate guru who is best known for the ever-growing Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) has released a tell-all 350 page book that helps us understand his journey to where he is today.

Today Nick is one of the most successful real estate investors who has in a span of ten years has been able to grow from a struggling entrepreneur to a multi-millionaire real estate investor. He began his journey in the early 2000’s after he wiped out during the dot-com bubble. He had been one of the early investors in this sector and it had been quite a successful venture. During this time, he had been able to put in some substantial savings and was living quite comfortably.

After the bubble burst, he was left without much to do and it is during this time that a friend invited him to join him for a real estate seminar. Nick Vertucci admits that at the time he did not know much about the sector and it was this particular seminar that opened his eyes. By the time he left, he was sure that this was what he would do for the rest of his life and he has been able to follow up on that dream since then. Today Nick Vertucci has embarked on a journey of teaching others the very skills he learned through sheer hard work in a way that will enable them to become financially independent.

The book goes into details of how he was able to overcome frustrations that had pushed him into depression. The skills of how he was able to convert his meager savings at the time into his first investment that made the success he is today.

Sightsavers Set to Prevent Blindness

Sightsaver have been fighting and treating blindness since it was founded in 1950. Recently, this charity has received extra funding to assist in disability inclusion, especially occurring in developing countries, like Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. The UK Secretary of State, Penny Mordaunt, is to thank for the funding of programs specially designed for disability inclusion. Sightsavers plan to lead a consortium of organizations to bring £13 million UK Aid Connect program in developing countries for the support of people with disabilities to find work. This company is leading a six-year development program in order to find methods to assist 100,000 people with disabilities access to health services. To add on, the program will also enable 10,000 children with disabilities to attend school with their friends and help another 45,000 people with disabilities to increase their income.

The Sightsavers Director of Policy and Program Strategy, Dominic Haslam, hopes for a bright future with funding from UK Aid Connect. Many people feel that people with disabilities are incapable and they are overlooked, but that isn’t the situation at all. Even more, people with disabilities are often neglected and it is something that requires a big change all over the world. A new program will be developed by a team of partners including: Sightsavers, the International Disability Alliance, ADD International, BBC Media Action, BRAC, the Institute of Development Studies, Humanity and Inclusion, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Light for the World, Sense International, and last, but not least, Social Development Direct.

Sightsavers aim to save people, especially in third world countries. When people become blind, they may feel depressed and useless. They are afraid that their family may resent them for not helping out. This is where Sightsavers comes in and save their life. One example is Winesi, who lives in rural Malawi. He needed to be the main source of income for his family, but after two years of blindness, he was not able to fulfill that role. Being blind took away his chance, but Sightsavers brought it back. Although his wife works, he is able to sense her struggle and wishes to help, but his disability held him back. Thanks to Sightsavers, his dream was brought back and he was able to continue his life, providing for his family.