Marc Beer – Women HealthCare by Renovia

One of the Companies that is focusing on women health is Renovia Inc. This company was founded by Marc Beer and aims at coming up with various products that are geared towards the treatment of women. Currently, they have new products that are all that different development levels that are aimed at helping women with pelvic floor disorders. This is excellent news for more than 250 million women who are affected by this condition all over the world.


In recent funding, Renovia was able to raise an impressive $32 million in August 2018 in one of their Series B round of fundraising. On top of this amount, the med tech firm also raised $10 million in venture debt. The products that will receive this funding are intended for diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorders with the major problem resulting from this condition is urinary incontinence. They already have one product that has been approved by FDA having completed the process of approval earlier this year in April.


Among the investors who recognize the potential of Renovia include Longwood Fund and has been one of longest investors in the Renovia Series B funding round. The company aims at helping healthcare companies whereby it’s led by the Perceptive Advisers and Ascension Ventura which are based in New York and Missouri. This money will help at least four different products including an improved version of the already approved Leva.


With so many leading investors joining the company’s vision to help and improve the high number of people living with this crippling disorder Marc Beer is very excited. The innovative products include sensory technology and will also have a digital platform through which customers will derive information on the various treatment options as well as give them more information concerning their condition.


Renovia was started in 2016 by Marc Beer who is its current chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company is devoted to finding and delivering the best digital diagnostic and therapeutic products to the millions of women whose lives are affected by pelvic floor disorders. With strong leaders such as Marc Beer who has more than 25 years of extensive experience knowledge in the industry Renovia is headed for great heights.


Marc Beer is a great figure and have made significant achievements in his life. He has managed to create himself a big name due to his confident and consistent reputation. He has also brought substantial development in the world of medicine. He is a mentor and a role model to many. Among the key things that we can learn from Mark Beer are that successful healthcare starts with talent acquisition. The other lesson is that we have to think about cash flow when establishing a business. We learn that innovative firms are trying to be disruptive and cannot think in a convention wisdom mindset. Lastly, you should never rest on strategy. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci: Seven Figures Decisions

Nick Vertucci is the Chief Executive Officer at Real Estate Academy. The company has its locations based around the United States in areas such as California and Nevada. People seeking real estate advice can always find help at Real Estate Academy.

Just recently, Nick Vertucci released a 350-page book, “Seven Figures Decisions: Having The Balls to Succeed”. In this book, he uses his past experiences to inspire people to always shake off their problems, change their mindset in an effort to make a turnaround from previous misfortunes.

Vertucci narrates how he lost everything in his first business and the mistakes he made in the field of real estate. Despite all these challenges, he registered in the real estate training where he found a mentor who played a crucial role in teaching him how to change his mindset.

Once Nick’s mind had been altered positively, he supplemented this with a financial source; his real estate business and was able to change his life and business completely. He received a massive boost after his book was endorsed by Kevin Harrington who in a statement stressed on the inspiration that one receives from a “rags-to-riches story” that keeps on changing back and forth.

Nick Vertucci hails from a humble background. At the age of ten, things moved from worst to worse after Vertucci lost his dad. He however made a comeback from this setback, at the age of 18 years old, Vertucci decided to start a computer accessory business. In 2000, during the crisis, his business was hit by a huge blow and Vertucci almost reached a point of losing his home due to an increasing amount of debts. His decision to start a real estate academy relieved him of the financial problems that he had encountered before.

Vertucci is using his new book to inspire souls and provide them with a platform to transform their lives. The five-star rated book is already a bestseller at Amazon with over a thousand sales. Just like many others, Nick Vertucci used his previous failures to build his current success and we should all strive to follow suit.

Michael Burwell Brings 3 Decades Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson recently announced that they had named Michael Burwell as their new Chief Financial Officer for the company. He replaced their former CFO who retired in October 2017, Roger Millay. Michael Burwell has 32 years of experience in the financial industry and has served in several executive roles before joining Willis Towers Watson.

A graduate of Michigan State University, he took the position in Detroit after gaining 12 years of experience in transaction services and an additional 11 in auditing. The CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, was excited to have Burwell joining their team and thinks he will help them evolve to the next level. Haley is grateful for the work that the former CFO had done for Willis Towers Watson as he was able to make the company stronger and in the right position for success.

Michael Burwell had been with the company Pricewaterhouse Coopers for 31 years prior to transitioning to Willis Towers Watson. He begins his day early at 5 in the morning and using biking as a time to think about what he needs to accomplish for the day and his company. In order to appreciate the accomplishments he has made, he takes time every month to think about what he has accomplished. Things like this and small details like making his bed even when he is traveling the world make him feel like he’s achieved something.

When it comes to finding great ideas, Michael Burwell understands that it’s not just the executives within a company that has them. He makes sure to look for the people that have ideas that aren’t getting enough attention and bring them to light. If someone within his organization has an idea that could lead to the next big thing, Michael Burwell wants to make sure that he is able to recognize them to make it happen. Michael Burwell focuses on being a good listener in his life and through this is able to build his network. It’s important to ask questions about who people are as there is something interesting to learn about everyone you talk to.

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