Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner was born in the year 1952/1953 by an entrepreneur father who was then the seller of Parker pens, shirts, watches and dealt with the importation of the goods from China. He is the developer of the Emirati billionaire property as well as the chairman and the founder of DAMAC properties which is a real estate oriented property.

The business was named the top during the 2017 Forbes global 2000 which was the outline of the fastest developing companies globally based on the annual rate of growth of the revenues as from the year 2013 to 2016. However, in 2018 Forbes rankings, Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner, with the worth of $ 4.1 billion emerged to be 4th wealthiest Arab in the world. His success in the business field could be attributed to the skills and knowledge he gained after being awarded a scholarship in the US via his government where he managed to hold a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering at the University of Washington.

Ideally, Hussain Sajwani’s and DAMAC Owner career can be dated back to the year 1981 after being slated into a position in the finance department specifically in Abu Dhabi Gas industries. After two years he ventured into a catering business field inclusive of customers such as Bechtel and the U.S military which is still functional till now with name Global Logistics Services. Moreover, it was in the year 2002 that he established a company property by the name DAMAC which is known to be the largest company in the region of the Middle East in Asia with an estimate of 19,000 complete apartments. Furthermore, the property is in possession of more than 44,000 units which are still under several stages of growth globally.

In the year 2015, his company was listed publicly with its shares trading on the famously known Financial Market in Dubai. Also, the company has managed to develop other properties which include a golf course which was designed by Woods and controlled by the important Trump Organizational Luxury apartments initiative. The entrepreneur has invested approximately £ 600 million specifically in London through some other efforts thus positioning him in the list of top Arab influential business entrepreneur.


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