Steve Ritchie Is Interested In Helping Everyone

The smell of Papa John’s pizza is nothing new to Steve Ritchie. As per Wikipedia, twenty years of working for the company has made him familiar with all of the products and all of the levels of employment. He has gone up each run of the ladder, and has arrived at the top where he is now the CEO.

Twenty years is a long time, though to some it may seem that the time has passed quickly. A lot of things have changed in America and in the world, socially and politically. People who were children around the time that he started his career, as well as the time that he bought his own franchise, are now grown up. Because of the changing times, he has made it a point to keep the viewpoint of the company up-to-date and accurate to the times by forming as much of an understanding of the company as possible.

More CEOs should follow in the footsteps of Steve Ritchie, because too many CEOs don’t give a damn about their employees! Some CEOs talk to the talk, but they do not walk the walk. Everyone says that they care about their workers, but few actually do.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is trying to help everyone who buys pizza, everyone who works for the establishment and everyone in society who is affected the presence of Papa John’s. He knows that the existence of Papa John’s is multidimensional. Different aspects must be tended to in order for the whole organization to improve. The company isn’t just about pizza or the big people on top; it is about everyone. Everyone who is directly and indirectly affected by the company is involved and must be considered. Details about Papa John’s newest campaign can be seen here.

Everything is good so far. Of course, some customers have lost trust in the organization over the years, but the damage is reparable. Steve Ritchie knows what he is doing. He is well versed in dealing with relations between customers, workers and the public. Check out Steve’s profile on Bloomberg for more information about him.

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