Nick Vertucci: Seven Figures Decisions

Nick Vertucci is the Chief Executive Officer at Real Estate Academy. The company has its locations based around the United States in areas such as California and Nevada. People seeking real estate advice can always find help at Real Estate Academy.

Just recently, Nick Vertucci released a 350-page book, “Seven Figures Decisions: Having The Balls to Succeed”. In this book, he uses his past experiences to inspire people to always shake off their problems, change their mindset in an effort to make a turnaround from previous misfortunes.

Vertucci narrates how he lost everything in his first business and the mistakes he made in the field of real estate. Despite all these challenges, he registered in the real estate training where he found a mentor who played a crucial role in teaching him how to change his mindset.

Once Nick’s mind had been altered positively, he supplemented this with a financial source; his real estate business and was able to change his life and business completely. He received a massive boost after his book was endorsed by Kevin Harrington who in a statement stressed on the inspiration that one receives from a “rags-to-riches story” that keeps on changing back and forth.

Nick Vertucci hails from a humble background. At the age of ten, things moved from worst to worse after Vertucci lost his dad. He however made a comeback from this setback, at the age of 18 years old, Vertucci decided to start a computer accessory business. In 2000, during the crisis, his business was hit by a huge blow and Vertucci almost reached a point of losing his home due to an increasing amount of debts. His decision to start a real estate academy relieved him of the financial problems that he had encountered before.

Vertucci is using his new book to inspire souls and provide them with a platform to transform their lives. The five-star rated book is already a bestseller at Amazon with over a thousand sales. Just like many others, Nick Vertucci used his previous failures to build his current success and we should all strive to follow suit.

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