Reasons Why Igor Cornelsen is a Global Investment Manager

It is incredibly challenging to be excellent in two academic disciplines. For Igor Cornelsen however, he is a living proof that one can be excellent both in engineering and in economics. It is interesting to note that after the completion of his course in engineering, he made one of the brave decision to try out his hand in Economics and later business world. Igor Cornelsen points out that this was one of the best choices in his life. He has been able to use his knowledge of numbers in all his professional life, thanks to his engineering life.

After his studies, he made a universal decision, at that time, to go in the bank investment world. He points out that his expertise and his gift with numbers was probably one of the reasons many banks were willing to give him a chance to work for them. In just six years, Igor Cornelsen was fortunate to be a CEO of an investment bank. Under his visionary leadership, Multibanco was able to become one of the best investment banks in Latin America. It was also through the administration of Igor Cornelsen that the bank was able to impress Bank of America and later to merge two years later.

Igor Cornelsen is arguably one of the few investment bankers to work in different markets around the world. He has worked in the USA investment market, the fast-growing European market and in Latin America’s market. This exposure according to management pundits is one of the main reasons why Igor Cornelsen is exceptionally good with global trends, especially in the investment world. Even after serving in this niche, he is still making moves as far as the investment world is concerned. He currently works with various entities in this investment market.

He points out that his greatest weapon in remaining relevant, even after many years, is his unmatched approach to interpreting trends. According to Igor, understanding how trends influence market prices and the impact the changes have on returns is unmatched. Even though he works with investors across the world, he is still one of the greats.

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