Rebel Wilson’s Newest Role

Rebel Wilson is a savvy and energetic comedian who has long succeeded by upending her audience’s expectations about who she is and what she should be. Wilson stole many scenes in the comedy hit “Pitch Perfect,” by bringing her one-of-a-kind, raucous yet deadpan style of comedy to bear on this rebellious “girls gone wild” style comedy hit.

Wilson comes from a close-knit family in Australia, and from a young age seemed a natural comic. Part of her success as a performer, however, has come from her drive to succeed, which is seemingly born from her need to overcome her innate shyness. Obviously, her gutsy drive as a performer is winning out over her shy side, as her ongoing success on the big screen attests.

Rebel in a Rom Com

Wilson has been working steadily since arriving in the US from Australia. She has used her natural comedic aptitude, as well as her comedy edge, to make a name for herself.

In her early film roles (and on her now cancelled TV show), Wilson also stood out as a pretty blonde with a plus-sized figure. Despite the fact that Hollywood seems to demand that all working actresses come in petite-sized figures, Wilson has also been confident in her body, even if it is plus-sized.

There’s no doubt that Wilson is a true rebel, as far as Hollywood goes. She is confident and daring enough to put herself out there as a major talent, even while defying Hollywood’s figure conscious expectations.

Rebel Wilson also has a law degree, which has given her an edge as far as negotiating and analyzing the deals that have come her way. Along with all this, she has also had the strength and savvy to know when to say no to demands from her film collaborators. Though she was asked to perform in a full frontal nude scene in a recent film, Wilson made a point of staying true to herself and saying no to the director’s demands.

Getting Romantic

Wilson’s upcoming film project, “Isn’t It Romantic?” is a romantic comedy due for release in 2019 by Warner Brothers. In it, Wilson plays a young woman who wakes up after being hit on the head, and finding herself in a “rom com” style world. The film’s storyline plays with many of the cliche’s of the genre, and offers a commentary on our expectations of the genre and the actresses who play in them. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

There’s no doubt that Wilson’s comedy savvy (and a slimmed down figure) will be very much on display in the upcoming comedy, which is sure to have her fans cheering for more.

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