Nick Vertucci Has Overcome Tremendous Struggles To Become A Businessman

Nick Vertucci has overcome tremendous struggles to become a successful, self-made businessman. He began at the bottom of his profession and rose to be one of its most successful entrepreneurs. Nick’s early days where rough as he lived in his car at the age of 18. Vertucci was a very confused young man at this point. He believed deep down that there was something better for him than what he was experiencing at the time. Nick finally found employment by selling computers in the local area. He eventually turned this job opportunity into his own business. He met his wife shortly after and they built a family.

Vertucci’s life was moving along fine until the Dot Com crash of 2000. These events took a negative toll on Nick’s business interest and he was forced to reevaluate his financial situation. Nick Vertucci now understands that his family was about to struggle again because he had not properly saved for these events.

The next few years were very troubling as Nick Vertucci worked to support his family on minimal income. They continued to fall deeper and deeper into debt. Eventually Nick was invited to a seminar by a friend of his. At first he was reluctant to attend because he needed to get involved in something that would provide for his family immediately. They were close to losing everything when he decided to take a chance on the seminar. Vertucci realized right away that this would be something he could make into a successful career.

Nick Vertucci has gone on to become a wealthy investor in real estate. His career is an example of what a person can achieve when they are inspired. He has now dedicated his time to helping other people reach financial freedom. Vertucci thanks his mother for giving him the passion to work as hard as possible to achieve his dreams. Nick’s family lost his father at a very young age. At this point is mother was forced to support them on her own. Vertucci always reaches back for these memories to remind him how tough times where at one point.