How Fortress Investment Group Established a Monumental Change at the Organization

Last year, Fortress Investment Group witnessed a lot of expansion and transition in its system. Even though it had been in the investment sector for over twenty years, it integrated with many companies in the previous years. For instance, it established prominent investment companies such as the Softbank Corporation. Since it used 3.3 billion dollars to purchase the company, it managed to establish itself well in other developments.

Thus, it initiated thrilling private equity world and real funds in the country. Through its establishment in 1998, the management at Fortress investment Group worked very hard to earn a position in society. Initially, Fortress Investment Group commenced as an assertive fund with the primary aim of investing and financing in the global investment industry. After ten years, it successfully became a first big organization to offer initial public offerings in the New York Stock Exchange. Thus, in 2007, it became enlisted among some of the prominent companies in the country to perform such a transaction.

Purchase of Softbank

In 2017, Softbank was purchased by Fortress Investment Group after conducting business for more than ten years. Hence, the management performed a lot of operations in the previous year. For instance, it managed all its global assets valued at 40 billion dollars. Besides Wes Edens, other principals such as Peter Berger and Randal Nardone helped to manage the company. Through the economic revolution, the company supported other new investment opportunities thus establishing ownership in the USA. For example, it partnered with Uber and Alibaba to promote the industry sector in the country. Moreover, through its Vision Fund, it established Qualcomm and Apple. Hence, innovative financial technologies relied on his services to perform in their activities.


Since most of the projects are usually at their incubation periods, the management develops a strategy that enables them to progress quickly. For instance, during their several stages like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, internet of things, and robotics, they involve large projects that contribute to the construction of the infrastructure. For example, they participated in a power project done in Saudi Arabia that was fruitful.



Agera Energy making an impact in the community

Agera energy is a US based company, which has its offices at Briarcliff Manor, New York City. The company provides a variety of products and services to their customers across the country. The firms deal with natural gas supply, electricity supply, renewable energy, LED retrofit and utility invoice audits. Agera Energy is focused on powering people home as fast as they could as well as maintaining safety measures. The company is on a mission of simplifying energy buying for good. They intended to provide high-quality energy solution that is fantastically supported and efficiently implemented to ensure that customers businesses and homes are well lit and machine run.

Currently, the firm operates with a revenue of $26.4 million has employed 132 workers. About Agera Energy employee bright, innovative and talented professionals in IT, marketing, legal compliance, administration, finance, supply and sales. The company also take part in philanthropic activities such as providing food, clothes and many volunteering services in the community. Agera Energy agrees that it is their corporate responsibility to make a positive impact by giving back to the communities through their support programs. Therefore, Agera supports Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Green Business, Hillside Food Outreach, and Volunteers of America among others.

Additionally, Agera Energy sponsors other community activities such as the Bob Cronin who participated in the famous Tour de Force bike ride. This event aims at raising funds to support the families of soldiers who die on the line of duty. Agera sponsored MVP a program that facilitates Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness and Substance Abuse education within the community. Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation was the latest institution to receive financial support from Agera Energy. The funds provided are used to purchase educational materials as well as training of public schools. The school is ranked #28 among the best schools in NYC and position #188 Countrywide.

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Ganoderma is the Latest Leap Forward for Organo Gold

There are literally thousands of coffee retailers on the planet with a range of sizes from the huge Starbucks Corporation to the corner store vendor. In the leap forward taken by the coffee sector in the 21st-century, some of the most impressive has been taken by the Organo Gold brand. This direct sales coffee leader has become known for the use of the mushroom-based Ganoderma extract which has been proven an effective antioxidant.

Organo Gold recently released its impressive king of the coffee line which includes the organic Ganoderma Lucidum spore for the first time. Creating an all-around healthy lifestyle has been the aim of Organo Gold since it was established at the start of the 21st-century. As part of the latest wave of coffee development, Organo Gold is linking its gourmet coffee with a healthy lifestyle most people are looking to live in the modern world. The antioxidant properties which have been identified in the products of Organo Gold make this an effective way of extending the life of an individual into the future.

In the 19th-century, the release of the first wave of coffee had limited options for the consumer who found themselves struggling to find new ways of enjoying their morning cup of Java. The rise of the diner was instrumental in bringing coffee to the world, but the true coffee lover looked for new ways of developing their tastebuds. By the start of the 21st-century, the reasons for a coffee to be chosen can include location, texture, and body. For example, Organo Gold’s King of Coffee line is made to suit the majority of tastes with a medium body, medium-dark Arabica roast which provides a strong starting point to the day of any coffee-drinker.