When it comes to Rebel Wilson, here is what you need to know: she is an award-winning Australian actress, writer and a producer born in 2nd March 1980. She is a bold and very ambitious woman who has had a huge success in her latest project, the film, Isn’t it Romantic, where stars the role and character of Natalie.


Rebel Wilson was good with numbers while in high school. She went to UNSW, the University of New South Wales where she graduated in 2009 with two degrees, one being a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies and the other one, a Bachelor of Laws.

Her Career

Rebel Wilson attended the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and in 2003, she relocated to New York after securing the ATYP worldwide scholarship. While in Australia where her career began, she played vital roles in various successful projects such as Pizza and The Wedge which were both comedy series aired by SBS.


In 2009, Rebel was prized with the Tropfest Best Actress award which was accrued to her from her role in Bargain.

Her vital role in Hollywood

She moved to Hollywood in 2011, and she is currently there. Rebel is doing a marvelous job in the comedy industry.


Some of the huge projects she took part in are Pitch Perfect, Super Fun Night and also The Musical Guys and Dolls which earned her remarkable reviews from fans and lots of other people.

Rebel Wilson in the film Isn’t it Romantic

As a result of her magnificent work, Rebel Wilson has been given a key role in major films one being, Isn’t it Romantic which is a romantic comedy that has been released by Netflix. In the film, Rebel Wilson, as usual, portrays the best of her as Natalie by going against all odds to find love despite the way she is being treated by her co-workers and what her mother told her about getting herself a hot guy.

Isn’t it Romantic is just like any rom-com where the female star coincidentally meets the male star of the film, as Rebel Wilson after knocking her head in the subway, wakes up at a hospital in a private wing that is well-arranged with flowers and in the presence of a hot doctor.

This is something that later on sparks their romantic life which to her seems like a romantic nightmare. Just like any other rom-com, this one comes with similar aspects where Natalie (Rebel Wilson) faces challenges as her best friend hits on her, but she doesn’t want him. She also has trouble with a female rival worker who constantly wears high heels.

The film is able to contrast other rom-coms in an impudent way as it is critical and very entertaining making non-lovers to like it thus bringing out Natalie’s traits as being funny, daring, and with a sense of humor apart from being lovable and charming.

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