Shervin Pishevar: New Economic Solution Tied Directly to Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are not taking up very many headlines just yet, but they soon might be. So far, the young market appears to be following Shervin Pishevar’s comments about the emerging global economy. Blockchain development continued as crypto prices were down. Its use cases began to shift focus from small businesses to the streamlining of large organizations. However, anyone who paid attention to what Shervin Pishevar had to say would recognize that cryptos were not dead. After all, how are these large companies going to trade amongst themselves? Won’t they need an independent blockchain to further their efforts of more efficient data management?

Blockchain Encourages Better Economic Solutions

Those who have not been listening to Shervin Pishevar might assume that the banking industry can step in with a revamped credit solution. A few things are problematic with this assumption. First of all, there will invariably be issues when blockchain data flows mix with outdated ideas. Such implementations will likely create bottlenecks. Secondly, if forward thinking, large organizations trust digital ledger technology enough to help manage internal operations, then why would they not jump at the chance of a fair, open source, and transparent solution. This is not the type of solution that the banking industry is suited for. Finally, blockchain already existed as a public network before being instituted privately. It just makes sense to build on top of existing architecture rather than try an unproven (and idealistically backward) solution.

Tying Value Directly to Transactions

Shervin Pishevar noticed these economic changes a year ago. Today, blockchain infrastructures have advance a lot. This advancement is probably a very significant factor in determining Shervin Pishevar’s vision of a blockchain dependent future web. Blockchain technology is rath r complex. A lot of hours go into its development. Often times, developers are all but certain that something is possible. They merely need the time to build, test, and implement. After that, it’s about consumer acceptance. A better product tends to be adopted. This is what cryptocurrencies represent- an improvement over the current credit system that governs digital transactions.

Dick DeVos Is A Michigan-Based Businessman Who Cares Deeply About His Nation And Home Town

Dick DeVos now has more than one reason to fly to Washington D.C. In the past, he had flown there because his wife Betsy DeVos worked in Washington as the Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration. A man with a multi-billion dollar fortune leftover from Amway, Dick DeVos has acquired billions of dollars, and he was recently appointed to a Management Advisory Council that works for the FAA.



One of Seven New Members


During the new addition, Dick DeVos became one of seven new members added to the Management Advisory Council. Dick has always had a passion for flight, and they have worked on long-range planning and regulatory matters. This charts a strategic course for the agency. As a member, Dick DeVos will serve under this new system for three years under a term as a volunteer.



What Does He Do Now?


Dick DeVos served as the former president of Amway, which his father Rich DeVos had first founded. However, Dick DeVos now works as the CEO under his own firm, the WindQuest Group. This acts as a holding company that has several big names under it that include:



  • The Stow Company


  • Boxed Water is Better


  • Coppercraft Distillery



Influential Figure


Dick DeVos has always been an influential figure that has played a big role in local politics. In fact, he helped to turn around Gerald R. Ford International Airport and put Grand Rapids back on the map so that they would flourish as a city. During this time, Dick DeVos led a group of business leaders and organized them to convince Southwest Airlines that routes out of the Grand Rapids airport would be in their best interest. This became a big accomplishment for helping the locals because it lowered the cost of air travel and increased the number of passengers.


Jim Gill, the CEO of Ford Airport, has said that Dick DeVos will serve in a tremendous role where he will be in the position to do a lot of good for the world. Dick DeVos has roots that go deep in aviation, and he has a thorough understanding of the field. His leadership skills will also be an incredible asset to this business. Dick has a knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for flying that will serve this industry well and become an invaluable tool through his knowledge and experience.


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