Luke Lazarus is a Voice of Reason in the World of Business

According to a research, 90% of startups fail within the first five years from inception in the United States. Economic forces blows new startups which are not rooted in strong financial and strategic foundation away from the marketplace.

Amidst these events, there are super-entrepreneurs who founds startups and manage to lead them to the path of profitability and growth within the first few years.

These serial entrepreneurs leverage high level of skill and vast knowledge to not only survive in the market, but also make huge profits. Fortunately, many of them get tired of accumulating wealth and start deriving pleasure from helping others to start businesses and sustain them.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus has had an entrepreneurial mindset since he was 8 years old. He exceled in academics through his primary and secondary education while developing his entrepreneurial skills. Opportunities to further his education in her institutions of learning came to him. He decided to go to Melbourne Business School where he graduated from with his MBA.

After graduating from college, Luke Lazarus embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur by starting businesses. Within a decade, he had created four companies which made him financially stable.

At the age of 35, money stopped driving him. He embarked on a new path to help others achieve their business as well as life goals. He helps entrepreneurs who are struggling with the same problems he faced while starting his companies to overcome them through developing elegant solutions to the problems.

Luke Lazarus became a business consultant leveraging a unique approach to startup consulting which emphasized on analysis, systems, as well as emotional connections with customers and stakeholders. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

He realized early that to succeed in the competitive marketplace, you have to be realistic. That is how he has managed to help struggling companies to grow to become multimillion-dollar IPOs.

The successful businessman notes that entrepreneurs today are super talented. However, it takes more than talent to be successful. A lot of knowledge and skills in regard to some business aspects such as brand messaging, high finance, and running a successful road show go along way into making a business success.

Additionally, ability to get funding for your business will also play a major role in your success story. In the financing section, Luke Lazarus comes in to help entrepreneurs shape their startups’ operations, books, as well as messaging in a manner that will attract investors as well as venture capitalists.

He notes that entrepreneurs tend to not to be conversant about the realities on the ground, when it comes to venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs read articles on Forbes or other similar platforms and think that they are equipped to convince investors. What you read about successful financing stories might not reflect the realities on the ground.

He streamlines startups’ operations to meet the demands of venture capitalists who would then finance them. That way, many startups he has worked with have been able to close financing deals.

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