CEO Angela Koch: Employee Investment Expands Companies

Businesses looking to expand should expect to invest. The US Reserve has long been proud of their dedicated workers, but for CEO Angela Koch, that’s the result of sincere investment in their personal development, which has helped the company grow.

The US Reserve is a trusted source of gold, silver, and platinum. They open for business Texas back in 2001, and in under two decades have brought more than half a million investors to US government issued precious metals. And if Koch has anything to say about it that number will grow exponentially.

In an industry full of sales organizations, Koch ought to do what her competitors do and confine employees within the boundaries of their position. But Koch doesn’t see this as leadership. Instead she wants employees to learn more about the company and the industry.

An employee, no matter how long they’ve been part of the company, Koch wants them to be able to understand their system, be knowledgeable about the business, and always satisfy customer expectations.

Koch sees being CEO as an involved task. She wants to build up people so that they’re capable enough to run the US Money Reserve without her constant intervention. To do that, she had to ignore revenue and place her focus on bettering the workforce. That’s how she envisions the company growing. The money will come later.

Koch wasn’t set up to ascend to the top of any company. She was a mom without a college degree when she began working. Without a degree of any kind or much experience in life, Koch was hard-pressed to cover her expenses. And though she wasn’t thrilled with her job opportunities, she found a way to excel.

Koch became accustomed to hold him down several jobs at once. It demanded much of her, and yes she found time to master her position, learn everything she could about the company she worked for, then take that information to find herself a better job.

Oftentimes Koch was unsatisfied with her jobs, but she enjoyed analyzing her role, getting data, and using it to move up in the world. That’s how she moved beyond working multiple jobs to becoming the only woman CEO in this entire industry. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 – and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

Koch made it a priority to make a similar system available within the US Money Reserve. The way that she advanced her career, Koch believe that others could benefit from as well. To do that departments learned to communicate with one another more efficiently.

This introduced the culture of sharing that provided data from all corners of the company. Now the entire Workforce can access the resources needed to fulfill their responsibilities without micromanaging. This is helpful for executives mired in the growth process. It’s also how employees can move up within the company, or apply new skills to new career.

Now that the company is following a growth initiative, Koch is looking to a strategy that will develop confidence in her employees, refine their skills in one area, allow them to rely on the help of others when necessary, work as a team, a find balance between their personal and professional lives. An investment like this, Koch hopes, will make her workforce more resilient two excuses capable serving a larger clientele.

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