James Dondero and Missions

Some people call James Dondero an asset manager. Some people call him a Chief Executive Officer. Others even call him a firm President. The reality is that the individual is all of those things wrapped into one package. James Dondero is someone who has no qualms regarding tackling all sorts of roles at the same time.

He never has, either. Who is James Dondero? This businessman is in charge of an investment company that’s in laid-back Dallas, Texas. It’s one that he named Highland Capital Management. Dondero wasn’t alone when Highland Capital Management came to fruition in the early nineties, though. That’s because he had assistance from a friend who is named Mark Okada.

Mark Okada at that time worked in investment banking. That’s how he was able to bond so well with Jim Dondero. Although Highland Capital Management originated in the Southern region of California in vibrant Los Angeles, Dondero and Okada opted to transfer the business to Dallas, its present locale. They haven’t ever looked back since that making that choice, either. Go To This Page for more information.

Jim Dondero is a familiar face among people who are part of the charity scene in Dallas. People often describe him as being a philanthropist. He’d describe himself using that word as well. What exactly does Dondero achieve for the city’s many diverse non-profits? He aids them with all sorts of facets. View Related Info Here.

Jim Dondero boasts communication abilities that are unequaled in caliber. He handles donations that push these organizations to much higher tiers. He also wows them with business savvy that’s basically boundless in scope.

Mary Jalonick is a diligent philanthropist in Dallas. People in the city frequently connect her to the works of the Dallas Foundation. She’s someone who knows James Dondero up and down. They regularly tackle all sorts of philanthropic missions as a team.


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