The Philanthropist To Beat Out All Other Philanthropists Throughout The Dallas Area – Mr. James “Jim” Dondero


James Dondero is a big-time philanthropist. As if it were nothing out of the ordinary, Jim, along with an equally-substantial donation from Highland Capital Management of $10 million, he provided unrestricted-use funding to the Bush Center at Southern. Methodist University.

More recently, Dondero formed the Highland Dallas Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization. Led by Mary Jalonick, Highland Dallas runs on a retainer of unrestricted-use funding to be donated to various Dallas-area non-profits, good causes, and charities.


The Solid, Objectively Strong Background That Greatly Improved the Chances by Which Jim Dondero Was Able to Succeed in His Career

Everybody can stand to benefit by building a strong, well-settled foundation early in life upon which they effectively don’t have to lay as many proverbial bricks or otherwise struggle in their figurative masonry-related endeavors.

Jim Dondero was fortunate enough to have notched several major accomplishments as a teenager and young adult. Although there’s no 100-percent-certain, entirely-reliable way of determining whether Mr. Dondero’s trajectory in life would have followed the same path as it already has if he hadn’t done all the things listed below, though it’s safe to assume that he would not, in fact, have reaped as. nearly as much success from another shot at life in which this foundation did not exist.

Jim went to the high-caliber accounting-and-finance programs at the University of Virginia. With great grades, heavy extracurricular involvement, and a contagious personality, the young adult version of Mr. Dondero was able to secure a high-stakes job at JP Morgan within weeks of graduating. Read This Article for additional information.

He then worked for American Express in high-risk, fixed-income fund management. This alternative investment management experience prepared him for basing Highland Capital Management’s bread-and-butter services on alternative investment management without putting his clients’ money at risk. Mr. Dondero then worked for four years at GIC, a subsidiary of the major insurance provider Protective Life. See This Page to learn more.


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