Three Changes That Can Help Enhance Your Leadership Style

According to James River Capital Corp, leadership is actually a science and an art. It takes proper skills to lead and also manage a team effectively. In addition to applying the right effort, a person needs to take time and proceed with caution in order to be a great leader. Furthermore, there are a number of changes one needs to make in life in order to make the right difference. According to researchers, making simple changes discussed below can help enhance your leadership style.


Supporting your team and not leading them


This is an important strategy applied by top officials at Facebook when making important mentality shift. Managers at Facebook rarely or do not lead their teams. Instead, they actually support them. Shifting from lead to support can actually change how you see your responsibility as a leader. It can also alter the manner in which you approach your conversations with your team. At times, negligible alterations can actually result in a huge effect even by altering one word.


Encouraging and welcoming escalation


Studies done recently, showed that around 85% of employed people withhold important feedback from their employers. If workers suspect that they are likely to get into problems when they come to you for the guidance, they are unlikely to do that. With little or no transparent and open communication, there won’t be space for collaboration, innovation, and interaction with your employees.


Sometimes back, Google did a research on this area. They discovered that psychological safety is one of the things that leaders should focus on during their day to day activities. This crystal clearly means the way you operate will make people feel safe or unsafe when coming to you with challenges, improvements, and problems. Some of the best ways of creating psychological safety are actually by promoting and welcoming escalation as well as concerns by simply showing your appreciation in case it happens. Another good way is by ensuring that every person gets an opportunity to talk during team meetings.


Everyone’s Opinion Matters


Being a leader of a team, you should be willing and ready to remove some of the obstacles that may affect their general performance. Giving every team member a chance to speak will let you know what is actually affecting them. However, you should make sure that everyone feels comfortable by not being too pushy. Take the opinion of every person seriously. Learn more:


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