Guilherme Paulus Is The Co-Founder Of CVC Brasil Operadora

People often travel as their way of keeping in touch with nature and also glancing at the wonders of nature. Tour companies ensure that people can travel to any tourist destination conveniently. Since the tourism sector is made up of domestic and international tourism, a person can settle for the tour company that suits their travel needs.

In Brazil, the tourism sector has been dominated by tour companies such as CVC Brasil Operadora. The CVC has been in existence since 1972, and it was founded by Guilherme Paulus with the help of Carlos Vicente Cerchiari.

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Paulus had always had an interest in entrepreneurship. While also working at institutions such as IBM, Paulus showcased exemplary leadership skills. After meeting with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari while travelling via a ship, Guilherme Paulus found a partner with whom he could work with. Carlos Vicente was fascinated by the tourism sector, and he aspired to launch a tour company in Santo Andre. The business idea was lucrative, but Paulus held back since he wasn’t financially capable of funding the business endeavor. Eventually, the Carlos Vicente and Guilherme Paulus came to a consensus, and their partnership started after they rented a shop at the exit of a cinema. The partnership went on smoothly for four years until Paulus, and Carlos Vicente started concentrating more on their personal endeavors.

CVC Brasil Operadora is an international tour company that has taken the Latin America region by storm. The tour company has also dominated the domestic tourism sector in Brazil. Besides being an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is also a hotelier in charge of the management of GJP Hotels and Resorts. He currently manages more than 20 hotels and resorts. He often travels since he has to ensure that everything is running smoothly in every hotel and resort. Paulus also upholds the power of innovation in business. He continuously discusses the value of innovative projects with his employees. He also reminds them to develop new products for clients. This mantra has contributed to the growth of CVC. Over the years, he has propelled the company towards growth by implementing useful business policies.


Nick Vertucci’s Journey

In his book “Seven Figure Decisions,” Nick Vertucci says that you won’t become rich until you start making bold, calculated risks. The book lays out the principles of business that changed his life forever. He then shows readers how they can apply these principles to their own professional lives to make a real change for themselves. In this discussion, he uses many things he learned as a real estate investor. During this time he ran a business and grew by combining with other businesses. These years also saw him work with two partners who became his closest friends.

The first thing Nick Vertucci did for several years was get himself out of much debt. By this time, he and his partners were running a real estate training business. When he was in the black, he soon made himself a very rich man. However, their training business fell on some hard times and struggled for a few years. Fewer trainees were coming in and therefore less money was showing up. It also did not really help things that his business partner of the company owner did not really get along for a while. Things did improve somewhat after these two guys eventually became friends.

However, the two started becoming such close friends, that Nick Vertucci was beginning to feel out of the business loop. He was in the end cut out completely as he feared. They did this because the two decided he was expendable. He still considers this one of the most difficult times in his life. It was not only Nick Vertucci who lost his position that day but all of the employees he had led. His real rise to riches came after that and probably thanks to it. He paid his employees for the next few months while he formed his strategy for success.

Jose Auriemo Neto in the Global Fashion Industry

Jose Auriemo Neto in the Global Fashion Industry

The BOF or rather the Business of Fashion releases an annual list of 500 most influential individuals in the fashion industry. This list usually incorporates all individuals from all around the globe and is named BoF 500. This year, the Brazilian business mogul Jose Auriemo Neto was featured in the list. He, among few other Brazilians, got honored and recognized at a gala for the influence they have on the fashion industry. Auriemo Neto is the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a residential and commercial company situated in Brazil but operating all around the globe. It may seem weird that a developer gets recognized in the fashion market but for Zeco, who has worked with several fashion brands like Valentino, Cuccinelli, Hermes, and Pucci among others is well deserving of the honor.

Who is Jose Auriemo Neto?

Jose Auriemo Neto is the son to Fabio Auriemo; a successful businessman in Brazil. He runs the development company known as JHSF which he took over from his father back in 1997 at the age of 22. Auriemo Neto has been able to grow the company form a developer of luxurious shopping malls like the Ponta Negra to a developer or residential buildings, commercial buildings and so much more within and beyond the State of Brazil.

In the year 1998, Neto took on his first big venture by acquiring and 8000 square feet piece of land on which he developed a shopping mall that accommodates 180 stores, a commercial building, residential buildings, academic building, and several other all rounded developments. The success of this project opened doors for JHSF to expand its operations. In the year 2009, Auriemo Neto saw the company through its first retail venture by getting into exclusive partnership with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci. This led to the launch of luxury brand retail outlets in the shopping malls owned by JHSF. Three years later, he also signed a similar agreement with Valentino and had the honor of launching the very first Valentino retail stores in Brazil and since then the company has made its footprints in the fashion market.


Neto Auriemo has a degree in Engineering from the FAAP University situated in Sao Paulo.

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