End Citizens United and Candidate Conor Lamb

     Conor Lamb is from the party of the Democrats, and his candidacy is to represent the district of Houston, Pennsylvania in the Congress. Conor Lamb had just finished with an interview when a veteran of the Second World War cap wet to shake his hand. Ted Skowvron at age 93 was ball gunner serving on a B-17 in the European theatre.

Ted Skowvron had some things to say to Conor Lamb about Trump, unhappy with his presidency and amassing power over the country. Ted Skowvron spoke as a worried citizen that had fought for his country and now, at the age of 93, is feeling like it had all been in vain. Skowvron encouraged Conor Lamb to keep fighting for a spot in the Congress because the people need someone to stand opposite Trump and try to relive him of the excessive and undeserving amount of power he has hoarded.

Ted Skowvron is a proponent of the Resist movement. Even though he has not taken to social media, staying in with the hashtags, Skowvron has seen a lot of the world in his 93 years and knows what is best for his community. The Pennsylvanian Resistance is a prime audience for Conor Lamb as he is hoping their votes will get him to the special election seat on March 13 later this year. Conor Lamb believes firmly in the Resist movement and is hoping to serve the growing Resistance by representing their community in Congress.

Ted Skowvron was among the 85 people who went out in heavy snow to be present at the American Legion hall to hear Conor Lamb give a brief speech. He as very well received.

The district should be ease to retain for the Republican party of Pennsylvania. Such areas have been producing many Republicans to get to the national elections in recent years. In 2014 and 2016, Tim Murphy ran for Congress with no opposition, though Trump won by supposed 20 percentage points. Speaking of, Trump is backing up Republican Rick Saccone (59) who is a former officer of the military intelligence and current state representative.

Currently, the party of the Democrats has taken 34 state legislative seats, one U. S. Senate seat, and one governor’s seat all of which had switched from red to blue. The Republican party has only four state legislative seats. Trump made a speech at the 18th District last week and endorsed Rick Saccone, favorably presenting him. Still, Saccone’s fundraising political campaign has been abundant but somewhat lackluster so far.

End Citizens United are also supporting Conor Lamb. The PAC has been outspoken and transparent of their endorsements. End Citizens United is focused on taking Big Money out of politics and reverting the Citizens United decision.

The special election in #PA18 is shaping up to be a showdown between the grassroots and corporate special interests. Proud to support Conor Lamb!

Geplaatst door End Citizens United op vrijdag 9 februari 2018

If you wish to learn more, please see http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality/.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Treat Their Patients With Compassion

When a patient receives the diagnosis they have cancer, it can disrupt their lives physically and emotionally. Receiving devastating news affects not only them, but the people who love and care about them. Many institutions will go through the steps of treating cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and other tools to bring the cancer into check. Over time, the patient’s quality of life can start to decline and the institution may not take the necessary steps to treat the side effects of the harsher treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes it one step further with their integrative care to treat their patients. Up to 80 percent of adults who are living with cancer are malnourished and one in five patients will receive spiritual support from their doctor. Integrative care helps by the patient by going through two layers, the first being the conventional treats used to attack the disease. Supportive therapies are delivered simultaneously to help with the side effects to give the patient a better quality of life.

CTCA provides a large number of supportive therapies to treat the symptoms of their patients. One of the first symptoms patients will experience is anxiety and stress that is sparked by the shock of receiving their diagnosis. The feeling of losing control, fear of the unknown, and other factors can lead patients to suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, and other symptoms.

One of the therapies that help relieve these symptoms is mind body medicine to ease the stress and anxiety patients feel. Referred to as ‘whole person care’, it lends recognition to how powerful behavioral, social, and mental factors play a direct role into the health of the patient. Spiritual support is also offered to help patients to cope with the challenges that lay ahead of them when treating their cancer. This is done through worship services, group prayer, spiritual counseling, or other services.

Michel Terpins – Beloved Rally Racer

Michel and Rodrigo are the sons of Jack Terpins, whom played Brazilian basketball professionally back in the 1960s and 1970s. After retiring from his ball playing career their father became a sports director for youth programs. It is easy to see where these two talented rally drivers inherited their love of sports. A love they have been apparently been developing since their childhoods.

The Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship Leader, Michel Terpins, is a well loved Brazilian rally driver. He is 40 years old and has won several prestigious distinguishments already in his career, such as having participated nine times at the Sertoes Rally (four more than his older brother Rodrigo Terpins).

The brothers have been participating on the same rally racing team for several years now and driving a modified V8 (which runs on ethanol) that was created specifically for them. Their sponsors include MEM team support, Bull Sertoes, Xalta, Motul, and many more. Recently the Terpin brothers finished 3rd over all out of all teams at the Sertoes Rally. They have been major participants in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship as well.

Michel first became a rally driver as a pilot for his brother Rodrigo after participating in the motorcycle division first. Over the years his skills as a rally driver have increased significantly, launching him to the top of his league (especially in the T1 proptype category). Maykel Justo from Taubaté is Michels official navigator, someone Michel has much respect for and has given much credit to in the past few seasons. Recently Michel and Maykel finished as one of the top five fastest teams in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally despite experiencing mechanical failure and having to slow down on the last leg of the race, something the duo is extremely proud of.

Bank of Indonesia Warns about Cryptocurrencies

While the prices of cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially in the past several months, new investors and speculators are betting their money on further rises. Yet, another country is warning its citizens. According to Bloomberg, Bank of Indonesia has just issued a warning about owning and trading cryptocurrencies.

“Owning virtual currencies is very risky and inherently speculative,” claimed the central bank. It has also warned about a forming asset bubble and money laundering with digital tokens.

Other countries are cracking on digital currencies, too. China is looking to discourage digital currency mining, while South Korea’s central bank is prohibiting its employees from trading these assets.

While many think that digital currencies are the future, not every one is so sure. Not long ago, Warren Buffet has called bitcoin a bubble. The proponents of bitcoin, however, say it is of limited quantity as only 21 million bitcoins will be issued. But the critics reply it’s 21 million of “digital nothingness.”

Cryptocurrencies generally rely on the blockchain technology. This technology will be adopted for future financial transactions, and this can happen without bitcoin. What’s more, there are other technological forks such as Bitcoin Cash. And countless other cryptocurrencies coming to the market. Some of them are worthless. For example, a parody digital token, known as Dogecoin, hit a $2 billion valuation.

No wonder the governments and central banks are warning their citizens. But, the party goes as it’s 1999, the time of the Dot Com Bubble. Some even compare the current speculative mania to the Tulipmania of a few centuries ago.

North Korea Returns to Negotiations Following Dismal Economic Performances

As the new year kicks off, as does the economic ambitions and strategies of North Korea. With nuclear deterrence being a popular story in 2017, it looks like economic sanctions against the country and how to cope with them will be the major story in 2018.

According to Kim Jong Un’s New Years Day speech, driving a stronger economy was mentioned nearly as many times as the nuclear stronghold the country has. And it’s no surprise that this was the case given that economic sanctions against the country have dropped exports of textiles, coal, and seafood by nearly 30% since last year while exports to China, the countries main trading partner, dipped by close to 35%. Additionally, the blockage of foreign visas for North Koreans working abroad has impacted another economic feature the country is dependent on: that of gifts or remittances to family members of the foreign workers.

With all the economic sanctions piling up against the country, it’s no surprise that leader Kim Jong Un is willing to begin negotiating again on behalf of his country. The first step in that direction looks to be with neighboring South Korea. With the winter Olympics coming up in Pyeongchang County, president Moon Jae-in has mentioned South Korea may temporarily lift restrictions to aid North Korea’s participation in the sporting event. Accordingly, North Korean officials claimed they will be sending a delegation of athletes and a cheering squad to next month’s games.

Chinese Trade Surplus Grows

There’s been a long talk about unequal trade relations between the United States and China. It’s been a subject of many political campaigns, including the latest one where Donald Trump has promised to do something about it. Yet, in 2017, the American trade deficit with China has hit a record $275 billion, CNBC reports.

China is doing very well exporting and it has surpluses with many other countries. Last year, the total Chinese trade surplus was $422 billion. And China now wants to expand it with the Silk Road initiative.

President Trump claims China pursues unfair trade practices. And he is pretty much right about it. When it comes to intellectual property, for example, it is copied and used freely in China. The Chinese government has also banned Google, YouTube, and Facebook in China. Not only so it can better control dissent in the Middle Kingdom, but also to let China-based companies to take space Facebook and the likes would otherwise occupy.

When it comes to trade denominated in dollars, Chinese exports have risen by 7.9 percent in 2017, while imports have grown by 15.9 percent the same year. Still, the surplus is huge.

There was a big drop in trade between China and North Korea, but it was due to politics. Last year, imports from North Korea have dropped by over 80 percent, while exports decreased by 23 percent.

Financial Advisor David Giertz Explains the Benefits of Social Security for Retirement

David Giertz served as the Senior Vice President of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company since around the beginning of 2013. David currently serves as a financial advisor at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, located in Dublin, Ohio. In addition, Mr. Giertz played numerous amount of other valuable roles – including, President, Senior Vice President and Director positions for varies Nationwide companies. With tremendous success, David has over 31 years of experience, along with 4 passing exams. Qualified education and certifications include; the Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Principal Examination, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination, and General Securities Representative Examination.

One of the biggest issue that financial advisors mainly come across is the misunderstanding of the importance of setting up a retirement plan. About 98 percent of the future retirees that were conducted in the Nationwide Retirement Institute study failed to give accurate details to help determine the amount of social security benefits. Financial Advisor, Rober Seiler, says it’s because many people think it’s not the appropriate age to speak on social security until you hit 62 years old. In that Nationwide Retirement Institute study, a study was conducted to see how many people who plan to retire within 10 years, people who just recently retired between 1-10 years, and retirees who have been retired for over 10 years. it is shown that about 30% of people that have already retired is receiving benefits less than what they have expected.

Along with Robert’s statement, David Giertz also mentions that his firm conducted a study and found that 37 percent of new and longtime retirees says that health problems prevent them from living retirement because health problems come around before they even expected it. But from experts that have been in the financial and retirement field says that although social security doesn’t entirely provide funding, but it is still designed to assist those in retirement.

America Falls Behind in Wages

There are plenty of countries where wages are higher than in the United States. In America, CNN Money reports, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That’s less than half the minimum wage in Australia and Luxembourg. The minimum wage is also higher in Canada, the U.K., Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, and France.

When it comes to average annual salaries, the United States with slightly over $57,000, falls far behind Switzerland, where the average is $95,000. Norway and Luxembourg are also doing much better than the States with average wages around $80,000 per year. One thing, though, the exchange rate changes affect these differences. If Swiss frank declines to a dollar, the gap will narrow.

In recent years, wage growth in America has been slow and the middle class began to shrink. In fact, adjusting for inflation, wages are only 10 percent higher than they were in 1970s. This brings an average annual wage growth in the U.S. to 0.2 percent a year.

Many fear that globalization and upcoming robotization will further depress, or even lower, wages, while many workers will lose their jobs. However, there are optimistic signs as well. In the past year, wages have increased by 2.4 percent, while unemployment rate has declined further. Similar economic growth is happening in Europe and beyond. These are good economic times. But, we may be late in the economic cycle.

Yet, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) has already raised interest rates and more hikes this year are possible. The aim is to stop the economy from overheating, so there’s a soft landing rather than another severe recession.

Bob Reina’s Introduction of Talk Fusion’s New Software; Live Meeting

Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion started out as a police officer in Florida before he realized that he was good at marketing and that his passion was in entrepreneurship. He quit his job and decided to follow his heart, a move that landed him in network marketing. Along the way in 2004, Talk Fusion was conceived, and with the help of Jonathan Chen Video Email, their first initiative was launched. The company has tirelessly worked to come up with new software in order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving technological market and so far it has been successful.


The idea of Video Email came to Bob Reina while he was on a house hunt. He felt the need to share the scenery of his soon to be house, with his family. He took a video and tried to send it to them via email but to no avail. There and then the idea of Video Email popped and has now been a success giving rise to other software. The now thriving company takes part in charitable activities and giving back to the less fortunate. Bob Reina’s success can be contributed to his tireless efforts and hard work.


The most recent software that has been released to the market by Bob Reina is Live Meeting that allows many players to take part in a meeting while in different geographical regions in real time. This is done by simply logging into the web browser. The software saves time since one does not have to download and install it unlike other video conferencing software. The picture and audio qualities are high, and it can hold a capacity of at most 15 hosts and 500 guests who can either choose to use their phones, computers or tablets to conference.


The software that features the WebRTC technology has no competitors as it is world class. It favors new users as the interface is indulging and thus leaving them thrilled. The users and members of the Live Meeting are assured of their security and confidentiality as unsurpassable firewalls protect the software. https://www.thriveglobal.com/authors/8160-bob-reina


India Joins the Largest Economic Markets in the World

Current growth projection data shows India as the soon to be fourth largest economy in the world, and holding the record as the fastest growing economic market in the world. These numbers are largely due to the ever rising population of India, which is also the fastest growing in the world at the moment. The type of growth that India is currently seeing is rapid compared to other countries, and compared to typical economic growth seen overall based on decades of data. The most important part of the growth that is currently occurring in India is that it is benefiting the growth of native businesses while also attracting foreign investors.

There are more unique points that set India apart from other world economic stats that are normally seen. India is only the second time a country has been ranked as a world leader in economics when the country is ranked as a developing country. Still, even though another country managed to make it onto the list of growing economies, it was nowhere near the growth and rate at which India has shown. India is marked by its incredible poverty, a situation which is widespread and prevalent from generation to generation.

As India joins the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world it will be interesting to see if the prosperity among the financial elite spreads to create a middle class society across all Indian states.