“Paul Saunders Of James River Capital Possesses A Wealth Of Information That Can Help Employers To Deal With The Issue Of Employee Burnout: “

Paul Saunders is an entrepreneur who is most well known in the business world for his founding of James River Capital Corp. He is currently serving in the role of CEO and Chairman with James River Capital and also serves in these roles for the affiliated firms that are linked to JRC. Paul Saunders holds several academic degrees from the University of Virginia as well as the prestigious University of Chicago. Paul pursued a career in the field of investment banking after graduating from college and a large part of the reason he was drawn to the field is due to the fact that it is one that focuses on the concept of merit as the primary method for advancement. Paul’s success in the business world has, of course, made him a figure that people often seek out for advice and he does indeed have sound advice on a great number of things. One of the things he has recently given his advice about is how employers can keep their employees from getting mired down with feelings of burnout.


On the topic of employee burnout, Paul Saunders recommends that the major things an employer needs to watch out for are an observable change in attitude, reduction of confidence and a general lacking in motivation. These factors are critical for an employer to recognize when they occur. Throughout his long career, Paul has done a great in recognizing these patterns in business. He has certainly become adept at recognizing and working to eliminate the phenomenon at James River Capital. At the end of the day, burnout in employees is caused when they become either emotionally or physically exhausted or both. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1266783D:US-james-river-capital-corp


Helping employees in their stress management is one of the major recommendations that Paul Saunders makes in terms of helping to avoid and deal with employee burnout. It is important to remember that burnout is usually the result of the stress that the employee has been experiencing over a long period of time. One thing that an employer can consider in this case is to offer things such as workshops that can help employees learn how to manage and deal with the stressors that occur in the work environment. Employers should also encourage their employees to find ways to unwind outside of work in ways that are completely detached from subjects that would come up at work.


Beginning in 1986 as a branch of Kidder, Peabody and Co., today, James River Capital is a vibrant firm that has been operating independently since the 1995 calendar year. This is when Paul Saunders was able to acquire the full rights to the business. The company is now known for its impressive investment strategy that involves a process of broad diversification.


Nick Vertucci Has Overcome Tremendous Struggles To Become A Businessman

Nick Vertucci has overcome tremendous struggles to become a successful, self-made businessman. He began at the bottom of his profession and rose to be one of its most successful entrepreneurs. Nick’s early days where rough as he lived in his car at the age of 18. Vertucci was a very confused young man at this point. He believed deep down that there was something better for him than what he was experiencing at the time. Nick finally found employment by selling computers in the local area. He eventually turned this job opportunity into his own business. He met his wife shortly after and they built a family.

Vertucci’s life was moving along fine until the Dot Com crash of 2000. These events took a negative toll on Nick’s business interest and he was forced to reevaluate his financial situation. Nick Vertucci now understands that his family was about to struggle again because he had not properly saved for these events.

The next few years were very troubling as Nick Vertucci worked to support his family on minimal income. They continued to fall deeper and deeper into debt. Eventually Nick was invited to a seminar by a friend of his. At first he was reluctant to attend because he needed to get involved in something that would provide for his family immediately. They were close to losing everything when he decided to take a chance on the seminar. Vertucci realized right away that this would be something he could make into a successful career.

Nick Vertucci has gone on to become a wealthy investor in real estate. His career is an example of what a person can achieve when they are inspired. He has now dedicated his time to helping other people reach financial freedom. Vertucci thanks his mother for giving him the passion to work as hard as possible to achieve his dreams. Nick’s family lost his father at a very young age. At this point is mother was forced to support them on her own. Vertucci always reaches back for these memories to remind him how tough times where at one point.

Suppressing Suicidal Cases with Ara Chackerian

As much as society may try to avoid the fact that mental illness is a major concern in the society, we cannot run from it. The earlier we address it, the better. One of the individuals who has dared to address this issue is Ara Chackerian. He is the brain behind TMS Health Solutions, which help patients with depression.

Ara attended Florida State where he attained a B.S. in Marketing. Since then, Ara has been involved in the development of the health care industry. He is also involved in the environmental care and youth empowerment through studies. Currently, besides his involvement in TMS Health Solutions, he is also the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The latter invests in the healthcare institutions that are in their early stages.

Ara Chackerian works hard to see that all the topics relating to mental illness appear in his medium posts. In one of his shares, he discussed the issue of suicide and the way society views it. According to statistics, more than 45000 people in the USA kill themselves each year. This means that there are at least 100 suicide cases every day in the nation.

However, despite the high number of suicide cases, the topic of suicide is still a taboo. Even family members whose loved ones commit suicide hide that in the eulogy. Many of them feel guilty and somehow responsible for the departure of their loved ones. Some feel like they might have done something to do with their anger and actions, while others feel they could have seen it before and stopped.

Ara says that most patients of suicide say there is nothing anyone can do to convince them otherwise. He, however, mentions that openness in the discussion of the topic could significantly reduce the suicide cases. Saving anyone without communication is impossible.

Find out more about Him: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/ara-chackerian/