Iowas governor Signed an Abortion Law

Iowas governor Kim Reynolds has recently signed one of the countries most restriction abortion ban into law. Now Kim Reynolds understands that this type of policy can be controversial but she has already explained that regardless of what people feel she is not going to be backing down on what she believes in.

“Planned Parenthood” has already overheard and has been expressing their outrage over this. Executive Vice president of planned parenthood has already explained that they will be suing the state of Iowa over law and that she is tired of politicians in Iowa being hell bent on controlling women’s bodies.

Now the stipulations for this law include exceptions in which an abortion would still be allowed. These exceptions include a situation where pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant woman or if theirs a case in which the fetus will not survive birth. Now there are also open exceptions for cases of rape or incest, but the woman would have to report on it within 45 days which has been stated at

Due to there being two conflicting sides to the argument there will be more to be discussed therefore, it is unsure if this law would even pass or not. These types of bills have had their fair share of history trying to get passed but never really got signed until this one. There has been one in Iowa once before in 2016 but got vetoed by Republican John Kasich. So overall, this bill may cause a high amount of controversy but will continue to be looked at and discussed.