Is Dr. Clay Siegall An Unsung Hero?

We are living in some of the most modern of times thanks to the abundance of technological innovation. These innovations are present in just about every field of work. For cancer research, Dr. Clay Siegall is at the apex of the industry. This brilliant-minded individual is also on top of his game because he has a thorough understanding of the business. Siegall has always had love for the medical industry, but this love would manifest into a passion when he was in college. After watching a family member deal with the hardships of cancer, he decided to make fighting cancer his very own personal mission. Surgeries and radical treatments were the only options back in the day, but there had to be a more progressive way.

Siegall, president and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, has turned this once tiny startup into a cancer research juggernaut. Located in Bothell, Washington, Seattle Genetics specializes in developing and commercializing antibody-based therapies. These are some of the most advanced cancer fighting medications in the world, and they yield much better results than the medications of the past. One of its best benefits is that the medications protect the good cells within the body. This drastically cuts down on unwanted side effects. After the company secured its IPO, which was 10 years after its inception, it began to rake in huge profits that range between 7 to 8-figures. That’s right! Seattle Genetics had finally found its niche, and it hasn’t looked back.

ADCETRIS, the company’s premier drug, is responsible for bring in $350 million. On the other hand, Siegall has brought in over $1 billion via private and public financing. Most is this money has gone straight into purchasing more advanced technologies. As you can see, this is a never-ending cycle, but this is what it takes if you’re trying to eradicate cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall may not be a household name, but he’s definitely an American hero.