What Soros Thinks of Trump

George Soros is a pilanthropist most well known for his work in the economic world. His website notes that he founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979. This was after he survived Nazi occupation of Budapest and Hungary. Then he fled to London and attended the London School of Economics. Then he came to the United States of America, and began his life as the famous economic analyst we know today.

With the 2016 presidential election coming up, George Soros decided to weigh in on what he thought of the candidates. There are so many candidates in the race now: Bernie Saunders, Donald Trump, and others. Trump has drawn quite a lot of attention. He has said things that have offended, things that have drawn many to his side, and things that have simply left others quite unsure of what they think of him.

Forbes billionaire George Soros weighed in on what he thinks of Trump in a report recently released by Forbes. He was quoted as saying that Trump is doing the work for ISIS. Trump is known for a lot of talk against Muslims. He believes they should not be able to enter the United States of America. Soros has noted that these kind of actions, and words, will give Muslims the feeling that the only thing to turn to will be terrorism. They are already facing things in their countries that cannot be stopped without help from other countries.

Furthermore, Soros recalls his days as a migrant. He sympathizes with the Muslims that Trump has decided to lash out at. With ISIS’s days numbered as the Iraq and Syria governments take back land that previously had been seized by the group.

With the presidental race coming to a quicker pace, there is something to consider. If Soros is speaking out against Trump – as a man who has lived through what were probably narrow escapes at the Nazi’s hands – then why are people so quick to back him?