Disasters Avoided By Andy and Tahoe Business Owners

Recently the Reno-Gazette-Journal produced an article about winter resorts and the possibility of an incorporation with Olympic Valley. In between California and Nevada sits Lake Tahoe. Lately, the resorts of Lake Tahoe have suffered due to little cold weather. Fortunately, this year is proving to be better. The cold and wet weather are producing great weather for a perfect snowy terrain. People all over the world enjoy coming to the ski resorts for winter sports. Mother nature is being good to the people of Tahoe by providing the proper weather for a great season of skiing and snowboarding. The local businesses and resorts are very happy.

The individuals that are backing the possible incorporation were hoping to take over the holdings of the Squaw valley. Olympic Valley was lucky to sneak by when people like Andy Wirth got in on the action. Not only did the residents take control but they stopped the possible incorporation before it happened.

A disaster avoided and a new potential for the upcoming year. People that raised the money to stop the incorporation are happy learning that their taxes will not go up like they thought. These residents are happy to know that the transportation departments will be able to clean roads and continue to plow the snow away when it is necessary. When people work together, they can make a difference.

This article goes to show that people can make a difference if they speak out. One man, Andy Wirth is making a difference with the Tahoe area as well as the Reno Airport. Wirth is now acting Chairman for the airport with high hopes of increasing tourism to the area. He along with others are creating marketing ideas to help increase travelers to the area. The hope is that people will visit more often and will plan on visiting places like the casinos and the ski resorts.

Andy Wirth and others are hoping for a great tourist season in both Reno and California areas of Lake Tahoe. Not only can people come to enjoy the ski slopes, but they can enjoy the resorts as well. People that come to the area are looking forward to hitting the slopes and winning a fortune in the gambling resorts. It sure is great when everyone pitches in for a good cause as saving their lifestyles.

Squaw Valley Expansion Revealed By CEO Andy Wirth

Developing a plan to upgrade and expand the facilities available at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has not been undertaken lightly by the leaders of the resort and the local community. Over the course of more than 500 community based meetings Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth and his colleagues have looked to develop their plan with the assistance of members of the Squaw Valley community. Wirth revealed the need for a new plan for Squaw Valley in the Auburn Journal in a bid to explain the options undertaken as the plan was developed.

Andy Wirth explains in his article that Squaw Valley sees an annual fall in visitor numbers each spring; snowfall amounts play little role in the way the resort is attended year round, but a change in focus and attractions offered by the resort can make a major change to the local economy. The newly developed plan is now being considered by the Placer County Board of Supervisors, and includes the development of 82 acres of asphalt parking lots to extend the Village at Squaw Valley Ski Resort. After the development of the area has been completed the Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe region will benefit from the creation of 1,400 jobs. An estimated rise in tax revenues will see $25 million raised for use to update and maintain public services in the area.

Andy Wirth has been working at Squaw Valley since 2010 and brings a large amount of experience from his history of resort management in North America and the Caribbean. Caring for the environment has been a major part of the life of Andy Wirth since his arrival in the Lake Tahoe region, which has seen him take on a role with the Tahoe Fund Board of Directors who look to protect the local environment. The plan developed by Squaw Valley has seen changes made to protect the local environment, including lower building levels and professional standard facilities created in a style that blends into the natural landscape.