Video Use Helps Email Marketing Campaigns

Hello Tesla is just one of the many media outlets that have started getting excited about using videos in marketing emails. Their recent article on the subject showed that having a video in an email campaign will increase revenue by 40 percent. These numbers came from a study done by the Relevancy Group. The article went on to explain that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and they do not have the time or the patience to read through all of their emails. It has been shown that videos are the proven method to getting people’s attention.

The study from the Relevancy Group also showed that people will click through to a page with a video 2 to 3 times more than one without. They are also increasing email open rates by 20 percent. And the true beauty behind using a video is that it really doe share a brand’s personality so that customers, donors, partners, consumers, etc. can really get to know the company and what their culture is like.

Talk Fusion is one company that creates video communication solutions for businesses and individuals. Everybody has access to download the video chat application from Talk Fusion for free. It is on all major app stores. However, Talk Fusion also offers extra features like video email, community blog, live meetings and video newsletter. These features are an additional fee but are excellent tools for business use and even for personal use.

Talk Fusion also likes to give back in two ways. The first way it gives back is through the fact that it is a direct selling platform. So for individuals who would like to be there own boss and decided their own hours, this can be a perfect fit for them. It is also possible to win vacations. Talk Fusion also gives back to charity. They are especially involved in various children’s charities, like international orphanages. And because the CEO is very passionate about animal rights, Talk Fusion is very generous with local SPCAs and other animal shelters and care centers.

Handy Saves Clients So Much Time

Handy is the company that has become known as the time saver. People in different parts of the world are finding out that there are a lot of people that like to book services with Handy. This has become the organization that is known for getting homes clean in a timely manner. It is the company that has surfaced as the one-stop shop for people that have cleaning and repair needs for the inside of the home.

What Handy founder Oisin Hanrahan has done is give people the chance to put away their rolodex of handy repair services. It has become the company that people can go to for everything from interior painting to hanging pictures. This is a company that has more than 10,000 contractors that have skills in a lot of different areas. That has certainly become something that is valuable in the industry today.

Homeowners want to have a service that they can trust. They do not want to run from one repair company to the next. It takes too much trial and error to build up a level of trust with so many different companies. Handy is the company that has made it much easier for people to just stick with a single company. They can get with Handy and remove all worries. They become accustomed to getting involved with a single company that has transitioned into one of the most prominent full service organizations around.

Handy saves customers time, and this makes customers loyal. The loyalty brings in repeat business. This is all something that can increase revenues for this organization. The increase in customers will allow this company to expand and provide more work for contractors in different cities. The company has already grown substantially, and there is still more room for growth.

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Skout, an Innovative Social Network

Skout is a worldwide social network, dating application and website. It is available in 180 countries and in 14 languages connecting over 500 million users. Skout is a location-based networking application commonly used by users to meet new friends and dating partners using their mobile phones. Skout is available on any device using Android and IOS operating systems. It is especially popular as it offers its users several interesting properties some of which include Nixter- a social nightlife application and Fuse-a group messaging application.

Skout uses a user’s cell phone’s global positioning system to find one another within a certain given radius of the gadget. Skout is largely a fun, flirting application that allows its users to sign up as either a teen, or an adult. This allows users to be placed in appropriate peer groups for an all inclusive and interactive experience. This has an advantage of protecting some of the younger users from social site predators who prey on innocent fun loving teenagers. Also the app allows its users the freedom to custom change their GPS settings allowing them control over their visibility to other users within their vicinity. GPS location is also only available to adult users.

It is free on App Store and allows easy downloading. It is user friendly as it allows one to sign up with their Facebook account or email address. It allows its users to customize their account experience by displaying those people with similar interests. It also allows its users to view the social profile, and recent activities of anyone they find interesting. Users can send instant messages, and virtual gifts to one another.

Fuse is an interesting feature that allows the use of phone books to create an interactive social platform with friends and acquaintances. Fuse allows its users the ability, while equipping them with tools, to come up with their own private social network off their address books. It is essentially for those who are too busy for normal daily interactions with friends. It allows one to send messages and pictures with an option of automatic deletion within a set timeframe, usually a matter of minutes. It is a creatively fun and non-conventional way of online social interaction.

Nixter, Skouts nightlife app, allows users to stay up to date with nightlife events. It allows one to buy tickets and view guest lists. This app is available to users in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

In today’s blooming world of social media, and with an ever-increasing number of dating and social sites, staying relevant is what separates the wheat from the chaff. A social site designers’ biggest headache is staying relevant and interesting enough to attract users in great numbers. Though Skout was initially developed in 2007 as a social mobile web network, its two co-founders, Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund re-launched Skout in 2009 after discovering that most of the networks’ users’ were using it as a dating platform. This has allowed it to stay relevant.

Skout, Online Chatting, and Getting Out There On a Date

Online dating is a great way to meet someone new. Thanks to the arrival of excellent dating websites and communities, the ability to contact and, hopefully, make a connection is pretty easy. Thanks to the arrival of voice chat, there is no reason to give out a phone number. Take that as another huge positive. Ten years ago or so, before voice chat was really common, giving out an actual phone number was a must.

Giving out a home or cell number is not always easy to do when having just met someone online. Voice chatting makes doing so a no-risk proposition. Just do not make the grievous error of spending too much time talking on the phone and not actually setting up the all-important coffee date. Talking too much on the phone or via text chats is not going to help the cause of meeting someone. In truth, the chances the person is going to end up super-bored really quick.

Why is this so? Is not talking making a connection? Phone/voice chat conversations serve the purpose of making an initial connection. Constantly talking on the phone changes the dynamic a lot. Everything devolves into “something to do” as opposed to a link in the chain of a developing relationship. The risk of over-exposure is great and the dynamics necessary for attraction end up diminished. Think about all this for a second. Upon spending three or four hours a week talking to each other via the internet for three weeks, what is there left for a potential couple to know about one another? And why are the two waiting so long to set up an initial date?

Early discussions are best used as a way to quickly set the stage for that initial, easy, get to know one another meeting. The online chat sessions should do wonders for helping to find the best possible matches for a face-to-face meeting.

Using a really great mobile dating app further helps the cause. Skout provides a fantastic app on instagram and associated online dating community for those using their mobile phone to navigate the social waters to locate a paramour. Chatting with the best person is only possible when someone is able to actually find an individual that fits the bill. Skout could be the way to meet that unique someone.

Meeting does eventually mean seeing the person on a real date at a nice location. Use the online dating community to start the proverbial ball rolling and not an end unto itself. Once out and about and going on one coffee date after the other, the chances of finding a great match really increase.