Buying Property In The Brazilian Market

Buying property in Brazil can sometimes be difficult as the market is oftentimes quite competitive. This is why working with the right construction company and real estate agent can make a world of difference. If you are planning to move to Brazil or want to build a home for yourself, it is important that you work with the right professionals to get the job done. This can take the guesswork out of doing the job yourself and it will ensure that you find the right property to fulfill your many needs.

One company, in particular, is known as Construcap and they have been working for many years on the building industry in Brazil. They work on a range of different buildings and properties from the very small to the very large. Some of the largest buildings you might see in Brazil have been constructed by Construcap, giving them an advantage over some of the other types of construction companies in the area. Because of their extensive experience, many people looking to build homes, offices or stores turn to Construcap for their own needs with great success and with buildings that they are going to be able to trust for a lifetime.

With Construcap, they will help you to begin the project by sitting down with you and discussing all of the different things to look at when building properties. They will then be able to go to the job site and let you know what should be expected once they begin the work that they will be doing. From that point on, they will begin the work and have it done before you know it, allowing you to move in or begin the business that you have always dreamed of owning. Lots of people move to Brazil because they feel it enables them to have the opportunity to begin a business that is right for their needs.

There are a lot of people who are currently moving to Brazil specifically to own properties and build large buildings where offices can be held. If this has been something you are considering, it is important to be working with a good quality construction company and a real estate agent who can easily find you the property that you need to make your dreams come alive. Be sure to do any and all research before simply finding a property and moving yourself into it.

The Rise Of Bernardo Chua And Organo Gold To The Top Of Organic Healthcare Beverages

Bernardo Chua’s journey in organic healthcare products began at Gano Excel in the Philippines. Under his leadership, Gano Excel expanded rapidly to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. He later moved to California to be the president of Gano Excel U.S.A a position which he held to 2008. In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded ORGANO GOLD, his own that would sell a variety of healthy bioactive beverages. These beverages would contain ingredients like Ganoderma lucidum which is extracted from lingzhi mushroom and was commonly used in ancient Chinese medical practices. To ensure that his products would reach consumers throughout the world, he established multi-level marketing and distribution network. This network was wholesaler based and enabled consumers to buy the products at a fairly low price.

Bernardo Chua is very passionate about Chinese herbal medicine which he learnt about at his childhood days in China. Though he is a Philippine by nationality with a Chinese descent, he saw that the world would really benefit from Chinese herbal medicine if it could be easily accessible everywhere. He started Organo Gold to spread the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine to the world. In 2015, Organo Gold rebranded itself to ORGANO™ as it launched into sales of other consumable products and expanded its network of distributors worldwide.

One of the pioneer products of Organo Gold is coffee. For a long time now, many people have been taking coffee due to its delicious taste and aroma. Other beverages have always beaten coffee in terms of consumer appeal due to the numerous health benefits that can be derived from them. Thus, coffee has mostly been viewed as just a relaxation beverage. This is not the case anymore since Organo Gold has revolutionized the common coffee we know. This revolution has not messed with the natural taste and aroma of coffee, but it has given it healthy benefits.

Ganoderma lucidum has now been added to Organo Gold’s coffee to give it the numerous health benefits that are found in this herb. You can now drink healthy coffee that can help your body health in many ways. This coffee drink can help get rid of harmful toxins and wastes from your body as is known to be a very powerful antioxidant. It also helps prevent and fight against diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and many other chronic diseases.

One thing that stands out about this healthy coffee is convenience. Coffee is a convenient drink that can be easily accessed anywhere and can be taken anywhere. You can take it at home, work, school, on your way to and from school and even during a dinner date. Now, more people are taking this healthy coffee from Organo Gold to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can easily access this healthy coffee at vendors and retailers worldwide.  Bernardo Chua has recently opened up the company to Turkey.

Forefront Capital Helps Those Who Get Turned Down Elsewhere

There is almost nothing worse than getting the door slammed in your face time and time again. You know the feeling, you hate it. That is what so many firms do to those who want to invest but do not have a lot of extra net worth. These are the types of individuals who may need to turn to ForeFront Capital to find out if they can get help from them with investing.

Brad Reifler is the founder of this firm and he started it as a result of seeing his own father-in-law turned down for various types of investing. Reifler knew that he personally could use these investment vehicles and wondered why his father-in-law was unable to do so. That is when he looked deeper into it and realized that it all had to do with the fact that he was accredited and that his father-in-law is not. As a result, the two are treated differently.

The fact of the matter is that unaccredited investors are the most in need of the services of an investment firm. They need to save up money for things like a college education, weddings, children, etc. If they don’t get the chance to let their money grow in the market, it becomes a lot harder to save up for these life events.

Although it may be easier for firms to simply deal with high net worth individuals, there are simply not as many of them as you might imagine. The middle and lower classes are truly the ones who need the help in the market, and that is why Forefront Capital has stepped up to try to fill this gap in the market. Consider looking into this firm if you have been turned down by others in the past. You are sure to be treated better by them.

Sam Tabar: A True Expert

After receiving honors from Oxford University and graduating with a BA, Sam Tabar became a New-York based attorney and capitalist strategist who hosts an impressive resume. First becoming an associate for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP in September 2001 he then went on to become the managing director and co-head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisers. In 2010 he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy located in the Asia-Pacific Region for Bank of America. Then in 2012, Tabar found himself as the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI. Then finally in 2013 he became a Senior Associate for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. Finally in 2014 he left the firm.

Fluent in three different languages, including French, English, and Japanese, Tabar is also an experienced in the overseeing of hedge funds and provides first-hand advice on investing and finance. He is a world-class traveler and enjoys hosting parties for the New-York social and is a personable friendly individual that leaves positive impressions wherever he goes. Highly educated, Tabar went on to Columbia Law School, where he continued on as Associate Editor of the Columbia Law Review. He uses his expansive base of knowledge to exceed the needs of any task placed in front of him.

CrunchBase said a visionary with the know-how necessary to work in finance and law he provides the type of vital information others in his field are simply unable to access. Tabar can take on the world with more than just a text-book style idea of how industry works but rather works from an intuitive place that comes from dedication and experience. Very few can match Sam Tabar’s level of expertise and he is more than just a face in the crowd. He is a leader and doer that changes every situation he comes across for the better.

A S’Well of Success

In 2010, Sarah Kauss started the company S’well. Her focus was to bring water bottles to the market that could rid the world of disposable plastic bottles. She wanted to make sure that her bottles had both style and utility in order to boost their appeal. Her family, friends, and mentors provided her with a level of guidance, but she still lacked the professional network needed to find solutions to the difficult nuanced problems of business.

For her, the solution was found in the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program. She was introduced by another woman business owner. The program exists to help women find the keys to their success and to help them grow their business faster. Sarah Kauss says she was hesitant at first. She considered a women focused business league to be a cliche, but she swallowed her pride joining the program. In the program she learned several key approaches to business practices that many novices gloss over.

Have Your Pitch Ready
Kauss reflected that she used to think that she could never learn to pitch her company to a CEO of a major company, but with help from the program she memorized her elevator pitch. She learned to throw her pitch out at every available opportunity to anyone who would listen. Being bold with her pitch seemed unfitting, but it served to build her confidence.

Communicate Your Challenges
One of the keys to growing a company swiftly is to work on your business rather than just in your business. A good team is essential to making a business grow rapidly. In 2014, 2 executives left S’Well at the same time, and the company was on the brink of catastrophe. Kauss made sure to use her professional network to connect her to highly skilled candidates for the positions. Her network helped her avoid catastrophe.

Find Happiness
Kauss says that she finds if hardest of all to make sure that she takes time for herself. It is a common problem for entrepreneurs to get swallowed by their jobs. Kauss says that having a network of professionals can help make finding that time easier, because it provides you with a group of like minded people with similar schedules.

Andy Wirth’s Shocking Skydiving Accident & Amazing Recovery

Skydiving is dangerous, but for some it’s one of the greatest things in the world. Andy Wirth, CEO of Quaw Valley Ski Holdings, is a regular skydiver who has plenty of experience under his belt. In the Spring of 2011, Andy was certified for jumping and for the next two years he would enjoy his hobby without incident.

According to local paper Unofficial Alpine, that all changed on October 12th, 2013. Being flown a little too far from the drop zone, Andy found himself in a tricky situation. He had two landing options, either a vineyard or some power poles. A few bad things happened. Andy pulled his canopy a little late, at 2,500 feet instead of at 4,000 feet. Right as he pulled it, he was caught in a bit of crosswind that knocked him right into a pole. The pole took his right arm completely off, leaving him bleeding out from his brachial artery. Within just a small amount of time, he had lost a substantial amount of blood and was caught in wires and vines. A fellow diver, Amanda, heard him and got to him within 15 minutes of landing and an ambulance got there just 20 minutes later. He survived the incident and is back at work today.

Andy hasn’t let the accident ruin his life, and in fact it may have even been part of his motivation to continue on to enjoy it. Meeting a couple Navy Seals that Andy quickly befriended, he’s gotten into biking and hiking and has managed to raise more than $40,000 for the Navy Seal Foundation. Although Andy doesn’t skydive anymore, he does miss it an his wife supports him if he ever wants to return to the sport. In the meantime, Andy is enjoying life with his new friends and is staying active and healthy among great people.

Andy Wirth appeared on the CBS hit show “Undercover Boss” a few years ago. His latest project is a gondola that will connect Squaw Valley to neighboring resort Alpine Meadows. We’re excited to see what comes next from Andy Wirth.

Bernando Chua Expands to Turkey


CEO of Organo Gold, Bernando Chua, expands his coffee empire to the country of Turkey. Expansion into Turkey, will be Chua’s 39th country to add the Organo Gold coffee brand to it’s palate. Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company with coffee that is derived from the Ganoderma mushroom. This mushroom is known as a leading ranked herb by Chinese Medicine. It is said that the health benefits associated with the Ganoderma mushroom are that of a long and healthy life, if taken on a regular basis.

The company was founded in 2008, in Vancouver, BC. Chua’s decision to expand to Turkey is a progressive choice. He explained that Turkey was the original founder of the “coffee house” concept. Turkey is a country that values the quality of their coffee, therefore, Organo Gold, is a perfect fit with it’s gourmet and health promotional qualities. The country also promotes the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. They have a strong enthusiasm for health products and quality food.

The Organo Gold product line to be introduced into Turkey will be under the direction of appointed Regional Vice President of Europe, Paul Jarvis. The line will consist of Organo Gold’s Gourmet Mocha, Latte, Black Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Also, their King of Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso DUE and Espresso, will be included in the list.

Chua focuses his product goals on reaching individuals with active lifestyles. He also focuses on the importance of having cost effective distribution. This idea has paid off as is seen through the companies immense success. Chua has won a gold medal for the Napoleon Hill Foundation based on his accomplishments. He is also known as bringing forth a high amount of success to market-level industries. Chua is active on social media venues such as Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Organo Gold’s company revenue reached $35 million in 2010, $150 million in 2011, $300 million in 2012, and is projected to reach $800 million in 2015. The brand continues to grow at a rapid pace. The idea is that the coffee not only tastes great but it makes people feel great as well. The base of the coffee being, Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium, health is really the main focus. The company also supplies various products such as teas and personal care products, all infused with the Ganoderma. The company truly values and promotes powerful visions for the future and the distribution of first class products.

Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed, Offers to Pay for the College Tuition of Employee’s Children

Employees make serious investments in the companies they work for. They sacrifice time with their family and many times their blood, sweat, and tears as well. Many people complain that they do not get the same kind of loyalty in return, but that’s not the case with Boxed employees who already have a luxurious office facing Madison Street Capital.

Boxed is an online store that sells household good in bulk and was co-founded by CEO Chieh Huang, who has announced he will be providing college tuition for his employee’s children. His generous decision was in an effort to repay both the loyalty and hard work of his employee’s by contributing to the “upward mobility” of their families, as Huang put it.

While the new program will not cover the cost of room and board, or books, it will cover the full four year cost of attending college during a time when paying for tuition is out of reach for many hard working American families. Huang is among a small group of CEO’s who are offering programs like this one. While many companies offer college benefits to employee’s, the gift is rarely extended to their children.

Huang’s generosity might stem from his middle class upbringing and he is someone who knows what it’s like to struggle paycheck to paycheck. He didn’t want that to be his employee’s story, so he started this program to provide much needed help to future generations.