Bank of Indonesia Warns about Cryptocurrencies

While the prices of cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially in the past several months, new investors and speculators are betting their money on further rises. Yet, another country is warning its citizens. According to Bloomberg, Bank of Indonesia has just issued a warning about owning and trading cryptocurrencies.

“Owning virtual currencies is very risky and inherently speculative,” claimed the central bank. It has also warned about a forming asset bubble and money laundering with digital tokens.

Other countries are cracking on digital currencies, too. China is looking to discourage digital currency mining, while South Korea’s central bank is prohibiting its employees from trading these assets.

While many think that digital currencies are the future, not every one is so sure. Not long ago, Warren Buffet has called bitcoin a bubble. The proponents of bitcoin, however, say it is of limited quantity as only 21 million bitcoins will be issued. But the critics reply it’s 21 million of “digital nothingness.”

Cryptocurrencies generally rely on the blockchain technology. This technology will be adopted for future financial transactions, and this can happen without bitcoin. What’s more, there are other technological forks such as Bitcoin Cash. And countless other cryptocurrencies coming to the market. Some of them are worthless. For example, a parody digital token, known as Dogecoin, hit a $2 billion valuation.

No wonder the governments and central banks are warning their citizens. But, the party goes as it’s 1999, the time of the Dot Com Bubble. Some even compare the current speculative mania to the Tulipmania of a few centuries ago.