BMG: Brazil’s Most Popular Bank

BMG bank is a financial institution controlled and owned by the Pentagna Guimarães family with Marcio Alaor as its vice president. They have been involved in the financial industry of Brazil ever since the year 1930, which is when they established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. Up to the mid 1990s, BMG bank mostly dealt with business concerned with consumer and wholesale financing, and was a leader in the financing of light and heavy vehicles in that period. The bank has, however, turned its focus, since the year 1998, on supplying payroll loans, thus becoming the leading bank for this kind of operation.

BMG bank signed an agreement of unification with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in July 2012, with the aim to offer, commercialise and distribute the payroll loans. This unification has brought about many advantages to BMG bank. For example, it enabled it to bring its focus on different strategic products like BMG Empresas and Payroll Credit Card.
Being aware of its profile being on a conservative side, BMG bank is constantly seeking to increase its profitability through the quality of portfolio of its customers and the responsible credit. In addition to that, the bank is developing new businesses strategies that best meet the needs of the customers.

The bank, as the vice president Marcio Alaor claims, focuses greatly on the development of the loan portfolio and in that way ensures greater profitability levels and the better productivity of its business.

BMG bank has a quite effective corporate structure and its management is highly cautious of the cost control. Having this in mind, the bank takes advantage of software systems and scalable network and in this way enables optimization of the interaction process. All this attributes enhance operational gains and the business development.

The bank has the aim to construct the teams of high performance, whose talents individually are only to make sense in case the are able to form a winning team. They should be able to enjoy working for the BMG bank, provide the service for the customer and overcome the issues in the most effective and competent way possible.
BMG is a leading bank in the Brazilian market, as it has over 80 years of a great financial performance, working both with individual customers and many financial institutions, together with the companies in both the private and public sectors . It offers loans through payroll credit card, finances both large and medium companies, and also used vehicles and offers home equity loans. BMG bank is noted for its conservative and strict credit policy, which is constantly under revision to ensure it is in line with the market conditions. The history of work of the BMG bank shows flexibility and highly adaptive capacities to adjust to market conditions that are constantly changing.

James Dondero Has Been Appointed To The Board Of Directors For NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.

James Dondero along with Arthur Laffer has been appointed member of the board of directors at NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc., James Dondero has also been appointed Chairman of the Board. NexPoint Residential Trust has shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a publicly traded REIT. The company’s main focus is on acquiring, operating and owning middle income multifamily properties. The properties need to be well-located and have ‘with value’ potential in either large cities, or suburbs of large cities to receive their attention. Their interest mainly lies in the Southeastern and Southwestern parts of the United States.

James Dondero is the President of the company and also co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P as well as founder and president of NexPoint Advisors,L.P., and chairman of NexBank a bank majority owned by him and affiliated with NexBank.

Highland Capital Management was co-founded by Mr. Dondero in 1993 with Mark Okada and Ray Lane. Highland and its branches manage approximately $21 billion is assets as of March 2015. With over 30 years of experience in credit investments and equity markets, Mr. Dondero helped to pioneer new classes under credit asset. Before he founded Highland, he served as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC and helped to create the business into a $2 billion business from its concept. His portfolio includes experience in; mortgage backed securities, leveraged bank loans, emerging markets, investment grade corporates, derivatives, common and preferred stocks.