Serge Belamant Launches New Tech Company In London

French businessman and computer scientist Serge Belamant made a name for himself in the global banking technology industry. Born in France, he moved to South Africa where he received an early education and studied engineering, computer science, mathematics, and information systems. He attended the University of Witwatersrand and the University of South Africa before finding employment with civil engineering company, Matrix. It was the beginning of his career which developed him to become an entrepreneur and financial system developer. In 2018, Bitcoin Insider reported Mr. Belamant launched Zilch Technology based in London which is his second business venture.

Serge Belamant founded his first company in 1989, Net1 Technologies and contributed much success including expansion and revenue growth. The business expanded to Botswana, Iraq, Namibia, Ghana, Burundi, and Russia providing secured payment and transaction processing technologies. Net1 was very successful building funds transfer systems (FTS) and went public on the New York NASDAQ which has a market value of $2 billion. Belamant served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and by 2017 sold the company to launch Zilch Technology, a year later.

Co-founders, Serge Belamant and Phillip Belamant, his son started Zilch with the mission of inventing more blockchain technologies throughout the UK. Phillip runs the company’s daily operations and his father is semi-retired. Prior to launching Zilch Technology and Net1 Technologies, Mr. Serge worked for Matrix, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Control Data, and SWASWITCH. At Matrix he developed a crypto system application for testing the water levels of dams and computer models for CSIR. Other inventions are the development of the first financial system, the VB Network, National ATM Switch, and the first RSA POS (point of sale).

Serge Belamant is the first pioneer in South Africa to develop the Funds Transfer System or FTS for secured processing of payments and transactions. He gained experience in the banking technology industry working with RSA Bank and other South African companies. His company in London is in its startup process and markets in England and throughout the United Kingdom. Belamant now lives in the United States while Phillip runs Zilch Technology in London.

Milwaukee Bucks’ Wes Edens Kicks Football Into The Mix

Milwaukee Bucks co-owner, Wes Edens recently broadened his grip on the world of sports by purchasing a majority ownership in the re-emerging Aston Villa Football Club out of London. If his record with the Milwaukee Bucks is any indicator, Edens will excel with this purchase of the football club that is trying again to land a spot in the Premier League. The Premier League is England’s top football group made of only the best teams.

With the Milwaukee Bucks Wes Edens took the team to new heights. This year going into the NBA playoffs, Eden’s Bucks were the top team in the National Basketball Association’s Eastern Conference. Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo is at the top of considerations for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award. Edens hopes to secure the same kind of success for his new team, Aston Villa Football Club.

There is only room for 20 teams in England’s Premier League, but that grouping is not ever set in stone. At any time a team may be bumped from or added to the league based on performance. Right now Wes Edens is working hard with his team to make sure all the pieces are in place to push Aston Villa Football Club into the league again.

A founding member of Premier League, Aston Villa stumbled in recent years and lost its spot in the heralded football competition group. With those stumbles came financial struggles for several years too, and Edens hopes to bring in much needed financing, as well as new operational insight that he hopes will aid in the resurgence of his new team. For extra backing, Edens was able to partner with Egyptian billionaire and businessman Nassef Sawiris who currently co-owns NSWE with Edens, the financial backbone of the Aston Villa Football Club.

A 1984 graduate of Oregon State University, Wes Edens took some time working for investment companies, and then was able to utilize that background and start his own companies. The methods he implemented for success worked for the NBA’ Milwaukee Bucks and Edens now hopes that same success will come about through his majority ownership purchase of Londons’ Aston Villa Football Club.

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Stream Energy Shows Patch What They Can Do

For as long as Stream Energy has been in business, they’ve been taking steps to make their company better. They know what they can do to help others and that’s what allowed them the chance to grow their business. Even though the company struggled with some of the issues in the beginning, they felt they had the ability to make things better for all their customers. It was important to the company to keep making sure they knew what people were looking for. It was also important that they knew how to bring changes to the way the industry worked. Stream Energy was unlike any other company in the industry and that’s what pushed them to make sure they were offering the best experiences possible. They felt they’d be able to make sure people understood why they did business the right way and that’s how they pushed to make people see how things would get better.

It took some time for the company to come up with ideas for the way their business worked. They knew this time was worth it and they focused on what they’d be able to do if they had the chance to branch out and do more. One of the first things they wanted to do was start with philanthropic efforts. If they could help other people get what they were looking for, they knew they’d be able to make changes to the way the company worked. It was also important for Stream to give back since they were so successful.

Giving back is an important part of any business and it’s something that allows Stream Energy the chance to make things better for everyone. When Stream Energy came up with the idea for Stream Cares, they knew it had to be something they could expand on. As the company grows, they have even more chances than ever to make sure they’re choosing all the right options for the business. Doing this is what allows them to feel better about what they’re doing for other people and how they’re making the most out of the business.