Dr. Mark Mofid and His Unbeatable Drive To Make Cosmetic Surgery Safer

There are many doctors today that seem to abdicate responsibility when the surgery, implants, and procedures they do for their clients fail. Fortunately, we have people like Mark Mofid who are trying hard to address this concern. He offers all the ideas that could make sure that the implants that doctors make would not be harmful and would not cause more harm than good. Truly, Mark Mofid seems to agree with the fact that doctors should first not harm or in Latin, Primum non nocere.

Safer Implants

There are a lot of changes in the medical environment in San Diego, and one of them would be how plastic surgery is done. Mark Mofid is one of these people, and his interest in making sure that the top plastic surgery operations that the clients from San Diego get are all good quality and safe, and preferably non-invasive. Although these challenges from the synthetic surgery field could prove detrimental to the career of Mark Mofid, he still pushes to make the medical field better by offering safer procedures. Indeed, Dr. Mark Mofid is impressive in the effort he makes in making the cosmetic medical procedures today less risky.

The Training

All these excellent recommendations and efforts of Dr. Mark Mofid are not just things he got from the books. He’s formally and rigorously trained from his education at the Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. With such training, it’s hard to question his expertise, his knowledge of cosmetics surgery and his recommendations on how to deal with the challenges in such medical field.

In an article from The Patch, we can also learn that Dr. Mofid is known to be an industry innovator and he takes risks in making sure that his clients enjoy a safe cosmetic procedure. It’s even accurate to say, according to Patch, that Dr. Mofid is now at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, and he’s still constantly searching for ways to improve the already difficult culture of plastic surgery.

Right now, Dr. Mofid is focusing on gluteal augmentation and improving the procedures involved in this department. With Dr. Mofid’s presence, there’s more to expect in the cosmetic surgery field.




Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Footprint in Texas

The news that Stream Energy had launched its charity foundation, Stream Cares, came as no surprise as the Dallas-based firm has proven its affinity for charitable causes. And the energy firm does not just write checks but also commits time to philanthropic causes.

While it is the norm for many modern firms to be involved in corporate social responsibility, Stream Energy’s involvement in such causes is ingrained in its business model. The company’s business model relies on independent associates to market energy, wireless, and home services. The associates earn a commission based on their sales. The company has many associates, who are actively involved in philanthropic causes. Add that to the company’s effort, and you establish why the energy firm is the most talked about in Texas regarding philanthropy.

When Hurricane Harvey touched down in Southern Texas destroying homes, property, and displacing residents, Stream Energy made efforts to help heal and rebuild the affected areas. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross. In addition, the firm collaborated with Red Cross, accepting donations on behalf of the non-profit. What’s more, the firm announced it would be lenient towards its customers in the affected areas, regarding payment of utility bills.

Statistics indicate that there is a 24 percent rise in homelessness in Dallas. What a better way to alleviate the suffering of the homeless than affording them memorable experiences? Stream Energy, its associates, and Hope Supply Co. have collaborated to sponsor annual Splash for Hope. The event saw over a thousand North Texas homeless children access monetary assistance, essential supplies, and partake in a fun day. Hope and Stream have had such partnerships for over four years.

Dallas-area veterans and their families have benefitted from Stream and its associates. Through the Operation Once in a Lifetime program, the company sponsored the veterans and their families to sumptuous lunch. The firm also catered to their transportations costs. The American Girl Doll experience shortly came after the lunch. The experience sought to pamper 10 young girls belonging to the veterans.


The Success of Nick Vertucci and his Successful NVREA System.

Real estate investing is gratifying and effective way to gain wealth and success for yourself and family, provided you have the appropriate tools and knowledge to recognize the opportunities and navigate the buying and selling real estate profitably.

Nick Vertucci, who had formerly operated a computer parts store, attended a real estate seminar after the dot com crash. At that seminar, he found his passion in real estate investments. After careful study, investigation and a lot persistence, he developed a methodology that made real estate investing an easy and direct transaction, giving him unlimited personal freedom, a healthy income and a secure financial future.

Wanting to share his prosperous system, Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy. His academy, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, provides educational seminars throughout the country. The seminars provide extensive information about Nick Vertucci’s NVREA system. Future investors are taught the techniques to locate ideal properties, recondition these properties to a marketable condition and prepare for the sale. Nick Vertucci’s NV Real Estate Academy provides thorough information on all the facets of “flipping”, including the wholesale market, contracts and commercial properties. His seminars also contain information about asset protection, leveraging IRA or 401K for investment funding and buying real estate for income production.

The feedback from NV Real Estate Academy has been recommendatory, attendees say they have felt motivated by the academy’s seminars and gained the knowledge to succeed. The in-depth look at purchases, and the inclusive information on repairs and renovations give attendees the courage to tackle these challenges without overpaying or overworking and the information provided on the housing sells was thorough and complete. Many have taken the tools provided by Nick Vertucci and his academy and have gone on to their own financial freedom through real estate investment and the NVREA system.