Dr. Mark Mofid and His Unbeatable Drive To Make Cosmetic Surgery Safer

There are many doctors today that seem to abdicate responsibility when the surgery, implants, and procedures they do for their clients fail. Fortunately, we have people like Mark Mofid who are trying hard to address this concern. He offers all the ideas that could make sure that the implants that doctors make would not be harmful and would not cause more harm than good. Truly, Mark Mofid seems to agree with the fact that doctors should first not harm or in Latin, Primum non nocere.

Safer Implants

There are a lot of changes in the medical environment in San Diego, and one of them would be how plastic surgery is done. Mark Mofid is one of these people, and his interest in making sure that the top plastic surgery operations that the clients from San Diego get are all good quality and safe, and preferably non-invasive. Although these challenges from the synthetic surgery field could prove detrimental to the career of Mark Mofid, he still pushes to make the medical field better by offering safer procedures. Indeed, Dr. Mark Mofid is impressive in the effort he makes in making the cosmetic medical procedures today less risky.

The Training

All these excellent recommendations and efforts of Dr. Mark Mofid are not just things he got from the books. He’s formally and rigorously trained from his education at the Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. With such training, it’s hard to question his expertise, his knowledge of cosmetics surgery and his recommendations on how to deal with the challenges in such medical field.

In an article from The Patch, we can also learn that Dr. Mofid is known to be an industry innovator and he takes risks in making sure that his clients enjoy a safe cosmetic procedure. It’s even accurate to say, according to Patch, that Dr. Mofid is now at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, and he’s still constantly searching for ways to improve the already difficult culture of plastic surgery.

Right now, Dr. Mofid is focusing on gluteal augmentation and improving the procedures involved in this department. With Dr. Mofid’s presence, there’s more to expect in the cosmetic surgery field.




White Shark Media: How To Handle Complaints In Your Business

At some point, every company or businessperson has to deal with customer complaints. It is advisable to handle the situation in a professional way. When handled professionally the customer is happy and satisfied and will have confidence in patronizing the business in future. In many cases, the customer will even post testimonial or review about the company’s high quality service. By having a customer post raving reviews about your company you will be able to increase business and establish a positive profile.

White Shark Media is an established company with a high reputation in the industry. As an AdWords agency White Shark Media has clients from all walks of life, ranging from individual clients to corporations and large companies. White Shark Media has a team of qualified marketing and advertising professionals and is well equipped to handle any type of online promotion. The company has developed strategies to help clients achieve a better performing campaign and profit significantly from their investment.

Throughout the years White Shark Media has had clients reaching out to them with compliments, but the company has always done their best to address customer complaints promptly. White Shark Media has also developed a better service that customers appreciate.

White Shark Media understands that the ability to effectively resolve issues or customer complaints creates a great opportunity to turn the unfavorable situation into a beneficial situation. customer complaints takes appropriate steps to ensure that customers’ complaints are resolved. The company makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

The professionals at White Shark Media take customer complaints seriously and strive to respond promptly. They listen carefully to every complaint, and allow the customers to finish. They do not get defensive, and they understand that the customer has a problem that needs to be resolved.

White Shark Media and its staff show that they care and are willing to resolve the issue appropriately. They ask questions politely and show that you are concerned, and then come up with satisfactory solution for the customers.

White Shark Media is a leader in Digital Marketing Agency, catering to small and medium-sized companies. As a provider of effective online marketing services, White Shark Media has numerous clients around the world that utilize the company’s resources and services due to their outstanding customer service.

The professional at White Shark Media have many years of experience in the field and they have the knowledge when it comes to advising and guiding businesses to achieve the best conversion rates for their PPC advertising campaigns. White Shark Media staff reviews complaints and addresses the issues promptly, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Visit White Shark Media’s website to learn more about the company.
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Businesses Can Strengthen Corporate Governance Efforts By Looking To Illinois Investment Banking Group

Anyone who has ever led a group or an organization knows that one of the difficulties of organizational management is finding the right balance between the wants and the needs of the people one is managing. This challenge only becomes more difficult to strike when the parties involved are different branches of a federal government or the senior leadership of various parts of a corporation. Trying to align the seemingly disparate objectives of the individuals within the leadership structures of large corporations can seem like a Herculean task at first.

As The Financial Times points out, when there is not a common objective binding large groups of stakeholders together, things can tend to get a little chaotic. Preventing that chaos is where corporate governance comes in. According to the Financial Times, corporate governance is essentially a “system of of checks and balances” that is maintained by a Board of Directors. According to businessdictionary.com the board’s oversight ensures that the corporation and its staff remain accountable to the many parties that hold a stake in the organization.

According to an article originally published in Chinese newspaper EJI Insights, the issue of corporate governance is being raised regarding businesses that are owned by the state. An agency within the Chinese government recently shared its blueprint for reforming entities that are known as state-owned enterprises. Apparently as the performance of these state-owned enterprises have been evaluated, parties involved have come to the conclusion that weak corporate governance is the reason that these entities are having difficulties. According to EJI Insights the issues that state-owned enterprises are having appears to be an incredibly common one that plagues corporations around the globe. Reportedly, some senior executives of state-owned enterprises are using the resources of these organizations for their own benefit. The Chinese government plans to focus on corporate governance to correct these issues.

Developing successful corporate governance mechanisms can be a challenge. Investment banking group Madison Street Capital works hard to serve as a resource for corporations interested in developing stronger corporate governance structures. Madison Street Capital is aware of how important it is for organizations to have systems that promote accountability and ensure compliance with local, state, federal and international policies. The most successful corporations are ones that are able to find a way to incentivize ethical behavior in senior leadership, serve shareholders, cultivate enthusiastic employees, comply with relevant policies and play a role in local communities. Governance mechanisms must be flexible enough to adapt to changing business environments. Effective corporate governance can ensure that corporations can achieve each of these objectives. Madison Street Capital strives to ensure that the corporate governance structures it develops in collaboration with an organization’s senior leadership and board of directors reflect the values of every party involved.

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The Human Rights Foundation and the Movement for Freedom

Thor Halvorssen is an Advocate and Much More
Thor Halvorssen has been called a the Venezuelan Advocate of Human rights. He is a well-known individual who is a firm believer in freedom. He is a also a film producer. He is also known for his lectures on the following subjects:
* human rights
* dictatorships
* education
* freedom from tyranny
* human trafficking
* more
He is a passionate man who is 100 percent committed to individual rights and civil liberties. He also is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. This is in New York.

The Human Rights Foundation in the News
The headlines are wondering if there is a new face along with a new global rights movement. The thought and the news seems to portray the idea that there are new faces bringing sensibility to this 21st century. There are forums being held that are involving politics and rules of the cultures. Agendas are being planned and the Human Rights Foundation appears to be in the center of sensibility in a world filled with chaos. Dinners, conferences, and much activity is the current happenings that seem to be focusing on a freedom movement throughout the globe.

The Intimate Side of Thor Halvorssen
There is a very intimate side of Mr. Halvorssen. This side may be found at the core of his passionate nature. This intimate information about Thor may be the driving force of passion that has enabled he to be a powerful advocate for many. Mr. Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His own father had served as a Venezuelan Ambassador. This was for anti-Narcotic Affairs. His entire family seemed to be powerful in their beliefs and standing firm in them appears to be a way of life. His dad had been imprisoned in the year 1993. He had been tortured and beaten during this time. His father had to live with the fear of possibly being murdered while he was incarcerated. His mother was participating in a peaceful protest when she was shot. The protest was for the Venezuelan recall referendum. Standing up for beliefs is a strong trait in the Halvorssen family, it appears.

The Place of the United States Stock Exchange Market in 2016

James Dondero is a professional investor and a skilled capital manager. Jim Dondero pursued his higher learning at Virginia University. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. Mr Dondero serves as the NexBank and the Cornerstone Healthcare board chairperson. Dondero is also a qualified accountant and owns the right to use designation of Chartered Financial.

Jim Dondero pioneered the introduction of the Collateralized Loan Obligations in the capital market. Dondero has attained significant experience in the capital market as he has been in the industry for years. Dondero currently serves as the head of Highland Capital Management. In his lifetime, Dondero also worked as the CIO of the GIC life subsidiary. He also managed more than one billion dollars in American Express Company.

Recently, forbes.com news made a publication on the shift of stock market outline of the New Year 2016. The price of oil in the market has certainly become the new fear measure. The price of petroleum lowered to an escalating level. The price is expected to fall even lower. Investors who suffered a loss in 2015 fear the same to result in2016.

The stock market is currently in a good position to portray success in 2016. An excellent opportunity to make remarkable returns lies in the hands of the investors who will take a risk and invest wisely. According to the release, the optimism factor will positively help the investors to make investments in the stock market and have financial returns in the end.

The publication also encourages the investors to continue investing in the stock market even after facing the loss of previously bought shares. Investors are also advised to concentrate on the top ranked companies in the stock exchange. In the stock exchange, it’s always advisable to buy stocks that are not weak in the market. Weak shares may lead to a sudden fall leading to great risking and losing of capital.

Safe stocks return significant dividends to the investors. Markets that positively make quick returns changes investors’ attitudes to shift towards the strong market. This scenario implies that the investors start concentrating on growth companies that are successful in the capital market for security and protection.

Last year, attitudes from the investors shifted from optimism to worry. A good investing environment implicates remarkable return potential. 2016 proves to be a year that will promote the United States stock exchange market. Check out http://www.forbes.com/sites/johntobey/2015/12/31/how-2015s-flat-stock-market-boosts-2016s-prospects/ to know more about the investment plan.


Emerging Startups in Europe are a Great Opportunity for Highland Capital

Recently, the venture-capital industry has begun giving money to Europe. Start up companies in places such as London and Paris are usually much cheaper than local companies, so large companies such as Microsoft can gain access to strong talent and innovative ideas for better deals than at home. Additionally, venture capital is relatively scarce in Europe, so startups are vying for US dollars to help them expand globally.

There is a lot of innovation coming out of Europe that used to be satisfied working locally, but are now gaining traction and ready to grow. The European startup scene, however, is still suffering due to market volatility.

Recently, job cuts at large firms have brought employees from banks and consulting firms into the industry of technology. Many new firms are hungry for capital. As a result of the supply and demand of help, U.S. companies see European startups as being very affordable.

Berlin has been particularly popular for US investments and venture funding. In comparison to London companies, Berlin startups attracted .3 billion more euros than London companies.

Highland Capital partners with the most compelling start up companies who are developing innovative technologies to emerge into the massive markets. They are early investors who surround entrepreneurs from the beginning with both expertise and strategic guidance that is necessary to create the next generation of companies that are out to define categories.

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital. Jim currently oversees Highland’s operations and investment strategies for both retail and institutional products. Jim has three decades of experience in credit markets, and is one of the original creators of the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Funds that Jim has managed have received many accolades and awards during his long and successful career. This includes Morningstar’s designation of 5-stars for Global Allocation, as well as their #1 ranked equity fund in 2014. Additionally, Jim received the Lipper Award for his accomplishments with Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014.

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The World Of Solo Capital


The world of investing is extremely broad and extremely intricate. There are a variety of ways individuals and companies invest and work within the world markets. There are also a variety of investing tools and services that people think are beneficial. Individuals and businesses use investment firms to buy and sell stock, bonds, certificates of deposit and mutual funds. Investment firms are also used for investment management and investment consulting. Investing, trading and investment  consulting is worldwide. Many international investment firms work with people globally, providing expert products and financial advice. There are many firms all over the world but only a select few help businesses make sound decisions and invest in companies and equities that give them a huge financial turnaround.

Solo Capital is a global investment firm that works with entities all over the world that assists them in making a significant amount of money. Solo Capital is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Solo Capital also specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. The investment firm has three main business divisions: proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investing. Proprietary trading consists of commodities, derivatives and FX. The service of consulting consists of performance, investments and human capital. The service of professional sports investing consists of commercial advisory, talent acquisition, representation, asset and performance management.

Solo Capital has an expert team of investors that can provide companies and individuals the advice and techniques that can benefit both parties in a significant way. The financial company also offers asset management, agency brokerage, securities lending and safe guarding. Solo Capital is revolutionizing the way financial firms invest, both in themselves and in their products and services.

Solo Capital’s United Kingdom location makes it a staple in the financial sector of Europe.

Solo Capital is active on many social media sites. Individuals and businesses looking to be a client at Solo Capital can also contact them through those accounts. Using social media can bring a great amount of clientele that they have never thought of. Solo Capital’s social media accounts can include investing tips and ways to contact the company.

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Developments in Chicago Businesses

A significant portion of Chicago property owners will have to contend with a bigger load from tax increase when the mayor’s directive becomes effective. Those affected are residents in the intersection of Halsted and Division streets. The Chicagoan property owners are settling down with another tax increase after the tax assessment increased by over 48% on average.
Many of the residents are blaming the political mistakes made by the mayor Rahm Emmanuel or his predecessor Mayor Daley. The increase is the biggest in the in the residual property in the county. The mayor’s proposed higher tax rate was approved in the late November is set to increase homeowners burden come January when it becomes active. On average the tax obligation on homeowners living between the Chicago Avenue Brown line stop, CTA north and Clyburn red line will bear the burden of the mayor’s directive.
The assessment is made in a cycle of every three years. The last evaluation of the North Township 013 increases the assessment tax at about 10%. The west township 051 and the north town 030 have also received a significant jump in their assessment taxes. The increase of taxes in the direction is largely contributed to an excessive movement to the area. The region has transformed from industrial to residential due to the relocation of Lincoln Park. There are new residential development and stores.
The purchases of development property are estimated to go down due to this effect. Chicagoan real estate investor Mr. Majeed Ekbal notes that the tax increase will have an impact on property development. Majored is also the owner of Expresso limited. He is a senior marketing executive in Chicago specializing in marketing and advertising
Majeed is a graduate of the American University in Washington. He is a business leader from Chicago Illinois. He is a dedicated, confident family man with an attitude in developing business. Majeed Ekbal is also passionate in many of his business and has advanced his career by investing in several sectors of the economy. Majeed is reachable through his personal site and LinkedIn.