Tips to Thriving in International Business by Maarten de Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is the founder of SVM Business Advisory that came to life in 2012. He works as a strategic business advisor and gives counsel prominent businesses as well as business startups. Maarten has global experience and great understanding of cultural and institutional settings of firms. The foundation for his career in universal industry, investments in real estate and financial services are well laid having pursued an MBA from Oxford University. Numerous clients have benefited from his expertise, technical knowledge, universal experience and a clear understanding of market settings.


Maarten de Jeu believes that it is not an easy task to thrive in the global markets today. Through his comprehensive experience, Maarten has come up with essential strategies that people should consider before engaging in universal businesses.


Understanding the market demand for products is one thing Maarten de Jeu considers vital. An investor should do thorough market research before choosing the location for business expansion. The study will help them to clearly understand products that could be similar to theirs within the local setting. An investor should be able to weigh their ability to compete with current prices and still make profits. They should also consider reasons that will make people in a chosen prefer the products over those already existing in the local area.


Markets always vary from place to place; thus, the language and culture of one marketplace will be different from another. Maarten de Jeu advises investors to have a diverse knowledge of cultures and languages so that they can easily fit in the international market. Employees should have the capability to speak different languages and easily adapt to different cultures fluently. The marketing and advertising strategy an investor chooses should respect the culture of every local setting. Maarten de Jeu believes that research will help an investor to deal in culturally acceptable products. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu always advise investors to familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations that govern a specific business location. An investor should consider hiring a local business advisor to help in understanding vital policies in running the business in the area. This will help the investor in avoiding potential mistakes that would create a bad reputation for the company. It is a way of protecting oneself and business as well.


The standardization of your products is also an important factor to consider. The quality of products you offer should be sustained even as you expand to global markets. Maintaining the high quality of products in global markets as in domestic ones will help in building a good reputation for your business. You should express your readiness to thrive by maintaining the authenticity of your products. Maarten de Jeu guarantees investors that, this way, they will be able to gain the loyalty and trust of their customers both in domestic and foreign markets.

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Smita Shah: Why There Should Be More Women in the Engineering Sector

Smita Shah is an Indian-American businesswoman who founded the SPAAN Tech in 1998, a company that provides engineering solutions to businesses across the country. She recently visited the Steve Cochran Show to speak about her experiences in becoming an engineer and the head of the company for twenty years.


Smita Shah was an engineering graduate from MIT, and two years after she finished her degree, she decided to establish a company. She admitted that she was so naïve back then, and she never thought about the negative effects of establishing a business at an early age. In her mind, the worst thing that could happen would be failing to manage the business effectively and working for someone else. However, she also kept inside her mind that there can be a positive thing that could happen from establishing her own business. Her curiosity allowed her to manage her business continually and witnessed how SPAAN Tech grew after its establishment. She follows a few rules when managing her business. The first thing is to hire more talented individuals who wanted to work with the company and helping one of her chosen communities.


She also reminisced about her childhood – when she was still a schoolgirl, the people from her school sees her as a unique individual because she is bright when it comes to science and math subjects. She sees herself as a nerd, and she remembers that her classmates are looking at her whenever she enters their classroom, making assumptions based on her capabilities. She also highlighted the fact that people sound surprised whenever they hear that she is an engineer and she studied at MIT. There is an assumption that the people who came from MIT are really bright, and she is surprised to learn that many people do not expect a person of color and a woman like her to take up engineering at the MIT. Learn more:


Smita Shah also took her appearance on the show as an opportunity to appeal to all young girls living in the United States. She stated that more girls should take up a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics because the country needs these professionals. They can contribute so much to the country by taking up these professions, and she also shared how happy she knows that 47% of the students at MIT are females, meaning that more women are becoming aware of the benefits of taking up a STEM-related career.


Despite the huge percentage of women studying at MIT, Smita Shah stated that the numbers are not enough because, in some schools, few females are taking up a STEM-based degree. She also shared that she is already doing her part in encouraging young women to take up a STEM-based degree because it is a fun and exciting career choice. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

The Experience and Qualifications of Louis Chenevert

Technology is an important area that many has vested their interest. Learning details concerning technology is quite impressive for many people even though not all of them are successful in making things better. Technology is dynamic and thus the reason it has made the world a global village. Working alongside technology entails a lot, and those who partake their roles in the field should be appreciated. However, the appreciation should be more exemplary especially for the individuals playing the pivotal role with regards to leadership. Louis Chenevert serves at United Technologies Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

2008 marks the year that he got to the position of the CEO and president. He later became the chairman in the first month of 2010. This added up to his Directorial Position at the company that started in 2006. That complements his earlier service as the Pratt & Whitney’s president between 1999 and 2006.

His experience never started there as he had served for fourteen years alongside the General Motors as the General Manager on Production at St. Therese operation of General Motors. Besides, he is a participant at the Business Roundtable Executive committee. His role entails chairing the Fiscal and Tax Policy Panel. He is a US-India CEO Forum’s members as well as with the Business Council.

As well, he is among Cargill’s Board members, the Honor Foundation’s Congressional Medal, and Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board chairperson. 2005 is the year that she gained induction as a member alongside AIAA.

He has an excellent academic record as seen in his acquirement of a degree in commerce. He is a graduate of the Universite de Montreal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). As well, he holds the chairmanship position at the International Advisory Committee of HEC Montreal. With regards to HEC Montreal’s friends, he is not only the chairperson but also the founding director.

Therefore, nothing is as good as experience in any field, and this is the secret behind the success that Louis Chenevert has continually encountered. This makes him a role model and an excellent example that everyone should look up to especially the future generations.