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Building yachts and commercial, ocean-going vessels is indeed big business. Privinvest Holding, a business based in France, is run by two Lebanese brothers, Iskandar and Akram Safa. The streets of Beirut, in the 1950s, were littered with American cars with a few European cars sprinkled amongst them. There are pictures of Waygand Street in Beirut that look like they could have been taken in San Francisco. The history of this often war-torn country is that of any other in that they aspire for a better existence. These 2 brothers, having come of age in this country likely had an entrepreneurial spirit, as many Lebanese do.

Having capitalized on this desire to succeed and galvanized with a desire to build something, they embarked on launching their shipbuilding business. They have been very successful in this business and few looking for what they make are unfamiliar with their name. Privinvest, now based in Beirut, has construction and design facilities in a number of parts of the world including Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Iskandar Safa was well-educated before starting his now-thriving business. His Bachelor’s degree, in Civil Engineering, was conferred by the American University in Beirut and then he went on to graduate from INSEAD in France with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His first moves in the shipbuilding space can likely be traced back to purchasing Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) in the early 1990’s. This move would prove fortuitous and would shape the future of a man that appeared to be embarking on the right path.

Buying low and selling high is the dream of most every investor, and it just so happened that Iskandar Sara did just that with his purchase of CMN. The company was suffering a terrible downturn at the time and within just a few years, he turned the company around, making it into a thriving enterprise. Click Here for more information.

Today, Privinvest is one of the leading shipbuilding companies, still privately owned, in Europe and the Middle East. Their roster of clients includes major naval concerns and civilian clients from all over the world. Iskandar Safa and his brother have made a company that will likely stand the test of time.


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Smita Shah: Taking The World By Storm

When it comes to male-dominated industries, engineering is near the top of the list. However, as more and more women become empowered to pursue their dreams, the field is becoming more diverse. This is evidenced by the success of Smita Shah, who as one of the world’s foremost engineers has demonstrated beyond any doubt women have what it takes to succeed in any endeavor they choose to pursue.


While many people may feel as if being labeled a nerd is an insult, Smita Shah is happy to be known as a lifelong nerd. In fact, she credits this with much of her success. Always happy as a child to be off by herself solving math problems that would make those twice her age cringe, she turned her unique math and science abilities into an excellent career.


As the founder of SPAAN Tech Inc., Smita Shah has found herself busier than ever with various tasks. Along with running an engineering firm that regularly handles some of the most complex projects on the planet, she also spends much of her time working with various groups that are focused on the development of public policy. By doing so, she hopes to help future female entrepreneurs choose a path similar to hers.


In the field of engineering, those who succeed need many different skills and abilities. For Smita Shah, this means women entering this field need to feel empowered to be at their best. To accomplish this, she has developed numerous tips designed to help female entrepreneurs rise to the top of their profession.


First and foremost, Smita Shah encourages other women pursuing careers in male-dominated industries to believe in themselves. As she has noted in her own success story, if she had chosen to believe those who said women could not be engineers, she would not be where she is today. Rather than focusing on negativity, she believes it is best to instead focus on creativity and innovation. By doing so, respect is sure to follow.


Along with gaining respect, Smita Shah also believes a person should closely examine their own abilities. Once they do, it will be much easier to make the right decisions regarding one’s career choice. In addition, by knowing one’s abilities better than anyone else, it becomes much easier to rebound from disappointments and instead look to the future with confidence. Learn more:


Finally, Smita Shah feels it is very important to keep one’s personal and professional lives separate. In doing so, it not only becomes easier to stay focused on the task at hand but also be happy with yourself and those at home and at work. By always remembering these tips, she feels any female entrepreneur can be successful.

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One Step At a Time: James River Capital

James River Capital was founded more than thirty years ago and has become one of the key firms for new startup companies in the northeast United States. The company was created and started by CEO and founder Paul Saunders. He is a man who knows the ins and outs of starting a new business and how difficult it can be. In an interview with Premier Gazette, Paul Saunders shares some tips for budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running.


Paul Saunders says the first thing a budding entrepreneur will need is a new and inventive idea. Once lightning has struck then it is time to think about financing the new business. This can be tricky for new business owners but here are some tips that can be utilized to get things moving in the right direction.


The first source of financing that Paul Sanders suggests is called bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is the term used when a new entrepreneur borrows the initial money need =d for the business from family and friends. This is the optimal place for beginners to start. It can help get the business going and likely build more investment if a person puts their own money behind the idea first.


The second way to get funding for a new business idea is a more high tech approach. Paul Saunders says that crowdfunding is a good way to raise capital for a business. Crowdfunding is a way to get people online to contribute money to an idea. The amount can vary from person to person. For this kind of funding to work the idea or service needs to be properly pitched on social media. Once a good idea catches on there is no limit to how much funding the new business can receive. Learn more:


A couple of the more difficult ways to get funding for a business are venture capitalists and trading equity. These are difficult because venture capitalists want to make sure they know exactly what the are getting into when it comes to the business. They also want a big return on their investment as well. The timespan is usually five to seven years for the profit to be paid. Trading equity is difficult because the person is giving up a part of the business to someone else. It is very hard to get that piece back once it has been given up.


These are just a few things that the owner of James River Capital wants new entrepreneurs to know about before launching a new idea. If a person can take it one step at a time there is no doubt in Paul Saunders’ mind that the business will be a success. That is the way business is.

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