Businesses Can Strengthen Corporate Governance Efforts By Looking To Illinois Investment Banking Group

Anyone who has ever led a group or an organization knows that one of the difficulties of organizational management is finding the right balance between the wants and the needs of the people one is managing. This challenge only becomes more difficult to strike when the parties involved are different branches of a federal government or the senior leadership of various parts of a corporation. Trying to align the seemingly disparate objectives of the individuals within the leadership structures of large corporations can seem like a Herculean task at first.

As The Financial Times points out, when there is not a common objective binding large groups of stakeholders together, things can tend to get a little chaotic. Preventing that chaos is where corporate governance comes in. According to the Financial Times, corporate governance is essentially a “system of of checks and balances” that is maintained by a Board of Directors. According to the board’s oversight ensures that the corporation and its staff remain accountable to the many parties that hold a stake in the organization.

According to an article originally published in Chinese newspaper EJI Insights, the issue of corporate governance is being raised regarding businesses that are owned by the state. An agency within the Chinese government recently shared its blueprint for reforming entities that are known as state-owned enterprises. Apparently as the performance of these state-owned enterprises have been evaluated, parties involved have come to the conclusion that weak corporate governance is the reason that these entities are having difficulties. According to EJI Insights the issues that state-owned enterprises are having appears to be an incredibly common one that plagues corporations around the globe. Reportedly, some senior executives of state-owned enterprises are using the resources of these organizations for their own benefit. The Chinese government plans to focus on corporate governance to correct these issues.

Developing successful corporate governance mechanisms can be a challenge. Investment banking group Madison Street Capital works hard to serve as a resource for corporations interested in developing stronger corporate governance structures. Madison Street Capital is aware of how important it is for organizations to have systems that promote accountability and ensure compliance with local, state, federal and international policies. The most successful corporations are ones that are able to find a way to incentivize ethical behavior in senior leadership, serve shareholders, cultivate enthusiastic employees, comply with relevant policies and play a role in local communities. Governance mechanisms must be flexible enough to adapt to changing business environments. Effective corporate governance can ensure that corporations can achieve each of these objectives. Madison Street Capital strives to ensure that the corporate governance structures it develops in collaboration with an organization’s senior leadership and board of directors reflect the values of every party involved.

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Madison Street Capital’s 2015 Transaction Volume Skyrockets

Madison Street Capital is positioned to have a record breaking 2016 year, after reporting much higher than expected transaction volume in 2015. Recently featured in an article for Hedgeweek, Madison Street Capital announced in its 4th edition of Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview that 42 hedge fund deals were closed or announced globally in 2015, surpassing the 32 transactions that closed in 2014. This news is especially indicative of Madison Street Capital’s rising dominance because its extraordinary performance occurred during a time when most hedge funds were experiencing mediocre performance at best.

Madison Street Capital has been providing investment advisory services since it was established in 2005. In addition to the various middle market advisory services Madison Street Capital offers, it has been a major player in merger and acquisition advising. Its recent success reported in its 2015 overview has positioned Madison Street Capital to continue to gain prominence in closing major hedge fund deals.

Madison Street Capital is a unique force in the market given its international presence and focus on the middle market. Madison Street Capital provides financial advisory services to both privately and publicly held companies whether they are looking to acquire another company or form an exit plan. With its market knowledge and expertise, Madison Street Capital is able to accurately value companies and determine the most efficient strategy to structure various merger and acquisitions.

Although Madison Street Capital maintains a strong international presence and the resources and relationships to partner with various other middle market financial advisory firms, it is still committed to providing the individual attention necessary for the unique needs of each of its clients. Madison Street Capital recognizes that each of its clients’ circumstances are different and require customized advice and strategy. This dedication to the long term interests of its clients has earned Madison Street Capital a long standing reputation for being a trusted financial advisor for middle market companies looking to strengthen their position in the market or maximize their value.

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Autism Rocks: A New Kind Of Charity

They raised 200,000 pounds for Autism Research in their first month of operation. They had Prince perform at a private event to raise money for the Autism Research Trust. Autism Rocks has found a new way of generating a large amount of charitable donations.

The charity, formed by Sanjay Shah, is focused on raising money for autism research, rather than support services for those effected by autism. Shah felt that more money needs to be directed toward finding out more about the disease and, in turn, this would only improve the support services that could be provided.

Autism Rocks puts on small concerts by the most famous musicians and asks for large donations from the attendees. They have had concerts with both Prince and Lenny Kravitz in London. Each concert on had a few hundred people in attendance but they managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shah has said he would like to try out different types of events and not just hold small concerts for the very wealthy. He wants to have contests where competition winners can attend concerts and he wants to create a compilation CD where the proceeds benefit the charity.

This is not the first time Sanjay Shah has seen success. From his time at King’s College, he has worked in the financial world for companies like Merrill Lynch and Rabobank and then he formed his own brokerage firm, which made him hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to the success of his firm, Shah is now semi-retired and looking for a hobby. So he decided to start a charity that was close to his heart.

Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and ever since he has been laser focused on helping institutes and charities that support the cause. Shah combined his passion for helping his son and other with autism with his interest in concert promotion and Autism Rocks was born. Shah is thrilled with the success it has seen thus far and is looking forward to projects in the future.

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In the course of serving customers, a business is likely to elicit a mix of both compliments and complaints. While compliments boost the organization’s image and gives an indication that things are being done the right way, complaints need some special handling. Apart from a few instances of toxic customers who will complain in smear campaigns, the way an organization responds to complaints may just be the make or break point. Effective handling of customer complaints is crucial in not only salvaging a negative experience but can just as well be turned into an actual business opportunity. This is especially so in this highly networked digital age where social media channels expose companies to real time feedback from customers.
White Shark Media is among the leading digital marketing agency that seeks to deliver online marketing solutions. Its solutions are custom made to needs of small and medium sized businesses. One of the key drivers of its growth is in provision of world-class customer experience using its reputation of engineering cost-effective search marketing campaigns.
White Shark Media acknowledges that in its course of business, they have had to deal with lots of complaints. The company has reached a point where it admits to having made its share of mistakes and paid for that. In the end however, the company has learnt its lessons and emerged as a better service provider.
Over the years, addressing matters of customer complaints have been advancing from the basic issues as providing a channel for interactive real time communication to effectiveness of its services. At the very basic, the company had to open up channels that customers would give feedback. Good service provision would reflect through compliments. Complaints on the other hand were well taken note of and the necessary measures taken to mitigate them.
On White Shark Media official Facebook page, there is currently a total of 54 reviews. Most of these are complements with customers expressing their levels of satisfaction at what White Shark Media has been able to achieve for their businesses. For the few complaints, the company, consistent with its policy of responding to complaints in not more than a day, quickly responds and follows up on the matter. Feedbacks of whichever nature – whether complaints or compliments ae encouraged and valued by the company as a way to attain mutual growth.
The personalized touch has been optimized by availing phone systems with direct extensions. This offers a big relief to clients as it allows them to call their desired contact person directly. The customer in this way can expound on his/her concern ensuring that superior customer value is offered.

Brian Torchin: Staffing Expert and Professional Matchmaker For the Health Care Industry

There are a tremendous amount of perspectives that are taken into consideration when dealing with medical facilities. One of the most important components to consider when dealing with the medical industry is how a facility is staffed. No one is more in tune with this perspective of the health care community than Brian Torchin, president of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors)Staffing based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

HCRC Staffing is a medical staffing agency that operates in all 50 states as well as in Canada and throughout Asia, Europe and Australia. Torchin has been the brains behind HCRC Staffing and has dedicated his expertise to ensuring the effective and expedient process of medical staffing in facilities around the globe. Brian Torchin has opened and staffed health care offices across America and is now using his knowledge to assist others in making sure their facilities are equipped with the proper personel to operate with a standard of excellence.

How exactly do Torchin and other members of HCRC Staffing properly staff facilities all over the world? The answer has been given on Twitter, and is both simple and complex- by bringing medical professionals together with those who are opening practices or looking to complete the staffing needs of their facility. Torchin has long used specific criteria to place staff members in the perfect vocation to both maximize productivity and workplace satisfaction. His direct experience managing medical facilities provides him the unique inside perspective that is applied when taking the staffing needs of a medical facility into consideration.

The careful placement of health care professionals into facilities and positions that are a good fit for both parties is crucial to the success of a health care establishment. It may seem like there are only a few key positions that are important in the hiring process, but it is important to ensure that all facilities are properly staffed in all departments. Whether it is a chiropractic establishment or a physical therapy facility, correct and adequate medical staffing is vital. Medical experts and professionals have dedicated their lives to learning about different aspects of medicine. Operators of medical facilities take pride in the reputation of their establishments. And Brian Torchin is in the business of helping them find each other.

Brian’s Resume really shows what he’s done to accomplish a different brand of health care.

The Place of the United States Stock Exchange Market in 2016

James Dondero is a professional investor and a skilled capital manager. Jim Dondero pursued his higher learning at Virginia University. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. Mr Dondero serves as the NexBank and the Cornerstone Healthcare board chairperson. Dondero is also a qualified accountant and owns the right to use designation of Chartered Financial.

Jim Dondero pioneered the introduction of the Collateralized Loan Obligations in the capital market. Dondero has attained significant experience in the capital market as he has been in the industry for years. Dondero currently serves as the head of Highland Capital Management. In his lifetime, Dondero also worked as the CIO of the GIC life subsidiary. He also managed more than one billion dollars in American Express Company.

Recently, news made a publication on the shift of stock market outline of the New Year 2016. The price of oil in the market has certainly become the new fear measure. The price of petroleum lowered to an escalating level. The price is expected to fall even lower. Investors who suffered a loss in 2015 fear the same to result in2016.

The stock market is currently in a good position to portray success in 2016. An excellent opportunity to make remarkable returns lies in the hands of the investors who will take a risk and invest wisely. According to the release, the optimism factor will positively help the investors to make investments in the stock market and have financial returns in the end.

The publication also encourages the investors to continue investing in the stock market even after facing the loss of previously bought shares. Investors are also advised to concentrate on the top ranked companies in the stock exchange. In the stock exchange, it’s always advisable to buy stocks that are not weak in the market. Weak shares may lead to a sudden fall leading to great risking and losing of capital.

Safe stocks return significant dividends to the investors. Markets that positively make quick returns changes investors’ attitudes to shift towards the strong market. This scenario implies that the investors start concentrating on growth companies that are successful in the capital market for security and protection.

Last year, attitudes from the investors shifted from optimism to worry. A good investing environment implicates remarkable return potential. 2016 proves to be a year that will promote the United States stock exchange market. Check out to know more about the investment plan.



Ricardo Guimares is a name that evokes mixed feelings in Brazil. On one hand, many competitors shudder with fear trying to guess his next move and on the other, ordinarily day Brazilians celebrate him on the streets and honor him with degrees.
Guimares has achieved what was formerly thought impossible. He has managed to steer a former miners bank from obscurity to today when it is one of the largest. It today has 5 million customers in the consigned credit department. It controls 80% of that market thanks to Guimares efforts in playing that field. He has turned the fortunes of this bank around in his time at Banco BMG.Market capitalization has grown from $ 300 million to $ 2.1 billion.
Ricardo Guimares is the grandson of the famed banker Flávio Guimarães Pentagna.It is Mr. Pentagna who started the bank back in 1930.Guimares joined this family business in 1980 as an office assistant. The ever hardworking Guimares completed his Business Administration degree in 1988 and was named the CIO.Guimares was named the vice president in 1996 and became president in 2001.He has been CEO since 2004 but gave up the president seat in 2006.
Guimares was recently honored with an honorary degree by the Bero Horizonte town hall. It was a colorful ceremony attended by the high and mighty in the state. The award was presented to him by the deputy governor. It marks a continuing tradition of senior BMG receiving accolades from their contributions.Marcio ALour was recently surprised with a food court and a town square plate named after him.BMG hires only the best and brightest, and they go on to make a big difference in her society. He deputy governor praised Guimares for his sense of patriotism that starts at home. He said it was the best way to develop the country.
Ricardo Guimares is himself a big soccer fan. So big that he recently started a hedge fund to support soccer players. The fund identifies promising players and brands them appropriately. It then seeks to promote that brand and cash out from that brand. It is a genius way to make money for a player and fund.
Banco BMG has always been a big sponsor of sports in Brazil. Its name appears in over 100 soccer teams from all the Brazilian leagues. The bank recently announced Marcio Melo as its latest sponsor. He will fly the companies flag all over the world.
Banco BMG has over 3000 branches with 50000 agents. It recently merged with Bank Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.
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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks The 2016 Summer Olympics May Give Brazil The Boost It Needs To Resurrect Itself

Brazil will struggle economically for the best part of 2016, according to the Brazilian government, and many economists around the world. The recession has deep roots, and financial experts like Bank President Ricardo Guimarães think that several things have to happen before Brazil is financially healthy again.
Guimarães thinks the country must get rid of the unnecessary tax code that makes businesses spend more than 2,600 hours a year to pay what the government says they owe. Guimarães doesn’t think the Rousseff administration will be around long enough to make that happen in 2016, but he believes the Summer Olympics might give the country the boost it needs to get back on track economically speaking.
The Summer Olympics will pour billions of dollars into the Brazilian economy, and Mr. Guimarães thinks that money could be the catalyst for a rebound. Guimarães knows a lot about sports. His BMG Bank sponsors tennis, soccer and volleyball athletes and teams. According to an article, Guimarães is the godfather of Brazilian soccer.
BMG Bank under Ricardo’s leadership has invested millions in soccer, and that investment has made the bank popular with soccer players and the fans. The BMG Bank logo is visible on game days throughout the country, and Guimarães couldn’t be happier. Bank profits have more than doubled the last two years in spite of the recession.

Ricardo Guimarães believes that the Summer Olympics will have a positive impact on Rio de Janeiro’s economy as well as its infrastructure. Rio may be not be fully prepared for the games, but Guimarães thinks the city will make money for the country during the event. The committee in charge of making the Olympic Games successful has enough entrepreneurs in place to make a difference, but some Brazilians are concerned because some of those entrepreneurs are not proactive enough to efficiently get the job done.
An article about Brazilian entrepreneurs was recently posted by Ricardo Guimarães thoughts were part of that article. Brazilian entrepreneurs do lack the ability to be assertive in certain situations according to a survey done by Endeavor, a Brazilian firm, and Meta, a British research firm. The study discovered four distinct types of entrepreneurs and not all of them have the desire to be proactive in certain situations. Guimarães said that cleaning up Rio’s favelas is a good example of that lack of proactivity.
But in spite of the challenges, Ricardo Guimarães, the sports aficionado, and financial expert expects the Summer Olympics to be a success and a money maker for Brazil. Most of 2016 will be behind Brazil in August, but the money that the games generate could be the foundation a fourth quarter turn around, according to Guimarães.

Emerging Startups in Europe are a Great Opportunity for Highland Capital

Recently, the venture-capital industry has begun giving money to Europe. Start up companies in places such as London and Paris are usually much cheaper than local companies, so large companies such as Microsoft can gain access to strong talent and innovative ideas for better deals than at home. Additionally, venture capital is relatively scarce in Europe, so startups are vying for US dollars to help them expand globally.

There is a lot of innovation coming out of Europe that used to be satisfied working locally, but are now gaining traction and ready to grow. The European startup scene, however, is still suffering due to market volatility.

Recently, job cuts at large firms have brought employees from banks and consulting firms into the industry of technology. Many new firms are hungry for capital. As a result of the supply and demand of help, U.S. companies see European startups as being very affordable.

Berlin has been particularly popular for US investments and venture funding. In comparison to London companies, Berlin startups attracted .3 billion more euros than London companies.

Highland Capital partners with the most compelling start up companies who are developing innovative technologies to emerge into the massive markets. They are early investors who surround entrepreneurs from the beginning with both expertise and strategic guidance that is necessary to create the next generation of companies that are out to define categories.

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital. Jim currently oversees Highland’s operations and investment strategies for both retail and institutional products. Jim has three decades of experience in credit markets, and is one of the original creators of the Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Funds that Jim has managed have received many accolades and awards during his long and successful career. This includes Morningstar’s designation of 5-stars for Global Allocation, as well as their #1 ranked equity fund in 2014. Additionally, Jim received the Lipper Award for his accomplishments with Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014.

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Madison Street Capital Offers Reorganization Services

Madison Street Capital offers reorganization services to businesses that are troubled in areas. If there is one thing that is important to the success of a business is that it is not just organized, but organized in the right manner. There are times when a business is going to need to be reorganized. This is not necessarily due to some inherent flaw in the business structure. It could be that the current structure has become outdated and obsolete. There may not even be anything wrong with the structure. It is probably that the business has found a better structure for business.

Madison Street Capital can help with reorganization services. The firm understands that any circumstance can demand the need for reorganization. For instance, the great recession has created a need for a lot of businesses to reorganize and adapt to the new economic conditions. Madison Street Capital was able to assist many clients in this respect. However, the great recession is looking to be the first in a series of changes in the market to come. Clients that have come to Madison Street Capital have managed to adapt their businesses to different market conditions. Madison Street Capital’s in depth analysis has made sure that none of their clients have become a statistic.

Among the services for companies that Madison Street Capital offers is capital restructure, sales, reorganization, and mergers. Madison Street Capital helps their clients find any problem in their business. They let their clients know what part of their business needs to be reorganized and restructured. It is then up to the client to decide what to do. Usually, given their experience in the different areas of finances, Madison Street Capital explains the situation in ways that clients can understand so that the client will take the advice of the firm.

Madison Street Capital definitely has experience when it comes to looking at the firm from conception. It also deals with the pre-planning, post-planning and everything in between. They are especially interested in helping their clients salvage their troubled business. Meanwhile, they look at the interests of the lenders and creditors. This firm works passionately and gets down into the details of each business so that they see what can be done with each and every aspect of the business. They are definitely passionate about making sure that the business operations are stable. Also, the relationships between the lenders and the business needs to be kept in good standing.