Twenty-Six Years For Mark Okada And It’s Now Over


Highland Capital Management will be lacking a very important and vital person on their team very soon. Co-founder Mark Okada announced that after an impressive twenty-six years that he will be stepping down from his founder role in the company. He is going to remain on the team on a temporary basis as a senior adviser.

Okada will at least provide some assistance and knowledge to the team as he makes his way out the door, but it will be difficult to replace all that he has been able to offer to Highland Capital Management over the years. It is something that he has been preparing his people for by giving them some of the knowledge and skills that he has used over the years to help make Highland a success. He has certainly been helping transfer some of his responsibilities to those who can best handle it within the firm. Visit This Page to learn more.

James Dondero, the other co-founder of Highland Capital Management, has had some very nice things to say about Okada. He makes it clear that it would simply not be possible to have had as much success as the firm had without his help. Highland Capital has been able to make it through good markets and bad markets because of the help of Okada.

The firm was responsible for designing the first software to electronically track loan portfolios, which is used by a majority of loan managers. They sold the software to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

You have to hand it to someone who is so beloved by those he has worked with over the years. It is clear that Mark Okada is one of those people. Highland Capital Management is clearly in good hands with the senior officials getting so much first-hand information from Mr. Okada himself. Read This Article for additional information.

The future is bright for this firm, and it is going to be interesting to see how they handle this little bump in the road. Their track record would indicate that they are going to pull through all of this and be stronger than before.


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Okada To Retire From Highland Capital Hedge Fund At End Of Year


Mark Okada, co-founder and co-chief investment officer of Highland Capital Management, is retiring from the Dallas-based hedge fund and will remain in an advisory position through the end of 2019, the company has announced.

Highland president James Dondero, who formed the multibillion-dollar firm with Okada in 1993, will continue to oversee the management of the firm and will take over Okada’s duties. See This Page for related information.

Okada will retain his own ownership stake following his retirement.

“We are grateful to Mark for his service, his performance, his leadership and his personality,” Dondero said in a statement. “Over our 30-year partnership, we built a lasting business that has been tested by multiple credit cycles. Mark helped shape Highland and position the firm for future growth. I look forward to working with him across our continuing endeavors.”

“I’m proud of what we have built at Highland and all we achieved for our investors, community and industry,” said Okada, who often appeared on business news networks CNBC and Bloomberg TV as the face of the firm.

Highland Capital operates offices in five cities on three continents — Dallas, Seoul, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. The firm reportedly oversees about $15 billion in investments. Records show that it did not have enough cash on hand to pay investors of a hedge fund that was closed in 2008 following arbitration earlier this year.

It was announced in August, that they were partnering with InterContinental Hotels Group to renovate Dallas’ 31-year-old Tower at Cityplace.

Okada has already transitioned several responsibilities related to the credit research and structured product teams to others at the company, according to a news release. Find Related Information Here.

“I thank all of my Highland colleagues for their outstanding contributions, and particularly Jim for his friendship and support, as I begin a new phase in my career,” Okada said.


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