Susan McGalla And Her Accomplishments

Although corporate America has made substantial progress, it still continues to lag in numerous areas. To expound further, it oftentimes lacks the ability to accommodate minority groups and women. In spite of such challenges, women such as Susan McGalla continue to open doors for others. For those unaware, Susan McGalla remains a prominent figure in corporate America. Moreover, she remains an executive consultant that lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, she remains renowned for her work at American Eagle Outfitters. While there, Susan McGalla served as the company’s president. In addition, she also served as the CEO of Wet Seal. Statistically speaking, companies that welcome gender diversity possess a higher success rate.

To expound further, they tend to outperform their competition. To remain exact, these companies remain 15% more likely to do such things. In addition, ethnically diverse companies remain 35% more likely to outperform their competition. Moreover, diversity in the workplace remains a primary focus in corporate America. In spite of such challenges, only a small percentage of women hold positions at S&P 500 companies. Therefore, Susan McGalla’s story remains noteworthy. Currently, Susan McGalla works for the board of HFF Inc. For those unaware, the company remains a publicly traded company that provides commercial real estate goods and service. Moreover, she has also served as a former trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Initially, McGalla began her career at the Joseph Horne Company. While there, she held various positions from 1986 until 1994. Later on, in 1994, McGalla worked for American Eagle Outfitters. Initially, she started her career as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Moreover, she served various managerial roles at the company prior to becoming its president. During her stint as the company’s president, she managed the launch of the company’s plentiful brand for kids. Moreover, McGalla hails from a modest family. She remains the native of East Liverpool, Ohio. Moreover, her father remained a football coach of the local football team. As a student at Mount Union College, she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. For those unaware, she remains married to Steven McGalla.

Susan McGalla Is a Trailblazer Among Female Executives

American businesswoman and consultant Susan McGalla is all about empowering women. She is one of the youngest women CEOs to ever run a Fortune 500 company. In fact, McGalla has run three. A feat that many men have yet to duplicate.

Considered a trailblazer by many, McGalla never let the glass ceiling keep her from living her dreams. After graduating from Union College, McGalla went straight to work for Joseph Horne Company. The first thing she notices is how few women were working on the executive level. After working for several years in the marketing department, McGalla moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. This is where she made her mark. Through hard work, McGalla earned the respect of her peers. She was named CEO in 1998.

McGalla always wanted to run her own company. But before she could do so, she was wooed by Wet Seal Inc. to serve as CEO. Feeling it wasn’t the right fit, she opted to jump into being an entrepreneur head-on. McGalla now runs the wildly successful P-3 Executive Consulting. The company offers services to up and coming business that are in need of help with staffing, funding, medical and much more.

While running her own company, McGalla also has a sweet side gig. The Pittsburgh native is the vice president of community relations with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. She handles everything to do with fan support including her wheelhouse: apparel. McGalla says she’s learned a great deal from being a CEO. Her mission isn’t over. She says she wants to serve as a positive role model for women who have a dream of running a company.