Trump may have won the first round of Chinese trade way, but remains silent on what victory entails

President Trump started a trade war with the Chinese. The controversial conflict has had some positive effects on the economy, even as the negative effects continue to proliferate. The former-reality television star may have won the first round of the trade war, according to a recent article in The Hill.

The Hill article remains silent about which particular victory won. The author decided to keep it shrouded in secrecy, noting only the secrecy is needed. Perhaps like many other claims of the Donald and his supporters, this claim must be put into the false category. The article also speculates that their may be good reason for the secrecy as well.

Both China and the United States worried about North Korea’s recent missile tests. Neither nation wants to see a nuclear war. President Xi cannot afford to lose face and neither can the president of the United States. Despite this, the current trade war threatens the economic relationship between the two countries.

Trum first expressed his concerns about China and its economic policies in his 2000 book Crippled America. He expressed his concern in writing again in 2015. The Hill report suggest the White House’s economic team demanded sweeping concessions from the country that threatened the foundation of the country’s communist party’s constitution.

At home soybean farmer worry that the American farmer will no longer be able to sell soybeans in the Chinese market. China is one of the largest market for soybeans even before ethanol demand is considered.