Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Footprint in Texas

The news that Stream Energy had launched its charity foundation, Stream Cares, came as no surprise as the Dallas-based firm has proven its affinity for charitable causes. And the energy firm does not just write checks but also commits time to philanthropic causes.

While it is the norm for many modern firms to be involved in corporate social responsibility, Stream Energy’s involvement in such causes is ingrained in its business model. The company’s business model relies on independent associates to market energy, wireless, and home services. The associates earn a commission based on their sales. The company has many associates, who are actively involved in philanthropic causes. Add that to the company’s effort, and you establish why the energy firm is the most talked about in Texas regarding philanthropy.

When Hurricane Harvey touched down in Southern Texas destroying homes, property, and displacing residents, Stream Energy made efforts to help heal and rebuild the affected areas. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross. In addition, the firm collaborated with Red Cross, accepting donations on behalf of the non-profit. What’s more, the firm announced it would be lenient towards its customers in the affected areas, regarding payment of utility bills.

Statistics indicate that there is a 24 percent rise in homelessness in Dallas. What a better way to alleviate the suffering of the homeless than affording them memorable experiences? Stream Energy, its associates, and Hope Supply Co. have collaborated to sponsor annual Splash for Hope. The event saw over a thousand North Texas homeless children access monetary assistance, essential supplies, and partake in a fun day. Hope and Stream have had such partnerships for over four years.

Dallas-area veterans and their families have benefitted from Stream and its associates. Through the Operation Once in a Lifetime program, the company sponsored the veterans and their families to sumptuous lunch. The firm also catered to their transportations costs. The American Girl Doll experience shortly came after the lunch. The experience sought to pamper 10 young girls belonging to the veterans.

The Biography of Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is also referred as JL. He is the Banyan Hill Publishers’ editorial director, a position he has held since 2015. Yastine is also the Total Wealth Insider’s editor where he makes a weekly publication. His work aims at assisting new investors to grasp and benefit from various industry opportunities. Jeff Yastine also makes a weekly contribution to both the Sovereign and Winner Investor Daily. Here, he assists investors to familiarize with economic, business, and money trends. The financial editors also demonstrate the profitable advancements.

He has an extensive experience record of over two decades, working in the stock market investments and financial journalism. Mr. Yastine is a former financial correspondent and PBS Nightly Business Report anchor. He worked there for 16 years from 1994 to 2010. Jeff spent all those years looking for and speaking with some very successful entrepreneurs and individuals working in the financial sector. Most of his reported stories were about investments, ranging from small capital stocks to big companies’ turnarounds.

He made a big contribution to NBR Guide to Purchasing Bonds back in 2002. In 2007, he got nominated for an Emmy Award after investigating America’s deplorable infrastructure that included roads, dams, and bridges. The award was about business and financial reporting. He has received 15 Emmy Award nominations since he started working.

In all matters regarding investments and finances, Jeff is a master. He has had the pleasure of working with the best when it comes to this industry. They include Michael Dell and Warren Buffett. These personalities taught him numerous techniques. He has utilized these techniques to help his readers. Apart from writing and working in the investment industry, Yastine has also worked in clubs, real estate, restaurants, and other establishments.

Jeff Yastine is very philanthropic and has helped those who were affected by the Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He was among those who were assisting the victims with recovery. Jeff also extended a helping hand to people who were affected by the oil spill in 2010. As an investor, these acts have set him apart and earned him a lot of respect.

In regards to cybersecurity, Jeff Yastine feels that any company manufacturing digital sensors, chips, and other flaw detecting hardware should learn more about the likely faults and risks that come with their products. They should then proceed to develop solutions that will help avert these flaws to help them avoid future problems. He has erred along the way and learned from them. For example, in 2000, he prematurely sold his Adobe shares. This taught him about the volatility that comes with technology stocks and how to deal with it. Apart from working, Jeff Yastine also enjoys playing table tennis and fantasy sports. He also loves traveling and has been to Cuba.

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