Nick Jonas Is Doing All That He Can

There is no doubt that Nick Jonas is rising to fame with his solo career. He has been the center of attention for a while now, and everyone is loving on his new songs. So, since he has gained so much fame from the album, it is obvious that he would want to go out on tour. He has a big tour planned, which includes concerts that join up with Kelly Clarkson’s tour, Piece By Piece.

And, as if a tour isn’t enough for all of Nick Jonas’s new fans including Brazilian bankers, he has also released a new single with Sage the Gemini. Nick Jonas really has a lot going on right now, and he is making his career happen. He’s doing all that he can, and he’s working hard for this. He’s keeping his fans happy and making new ones along the way.
Will you be seeing Nick Jonas in concert on his tour? It is bound to be an epic time if you go!

Swedish Police Officers Commended for their Good Work in Breaking Up a Subway Flight

Recently, there was a story about four police officers from Sweden who were visiting New York City where they intervened in a fight between two homeless men. The four officers were on the Subway on their way to see a Broadway production of Les Misérables when they heard the conductor call for help over the speakers. Two homeless men were fist-fighting in a different train car and the conductor called for any police officers to step in and break up the scuffle between the two men. People who witnessed the altercation recorded it, as well as the intervention by the Scandinavian officers. Many who saw the video were impressed by how the men handled the situation.

According to the story on, many are now saying that the New York City Police Department should be taking lessons from Swedish police officers. Bruce Levenson agrees and feels similarly about Atlanta. The officers broke up the fight and restrained the two men. When one complained of not being able to breathe and his arm hurting, officers re-positioned their grip in order to not agitate the offender more. The officers checked in with the victim and the offender several times, making sure they were not injured or hurt badly. Many have commented that the NYPD may need to take lessons from their Swedish counterparts on how to treat people.

The four officers met the city’s Police Commissioner where they were thanked for their good work.

The Antique Wine Company

While the Antique Wine Company provides a “gold standard” for wines sales, education and events, its owner Stephen Williams go far beyond the expected into new and creative activities. For example, they are selling an amazing array of rare and elegant Dalmore Scotches. Some people tend to think of different types of aficionados as devotees of only one beverage like great Cabs, but this is not the case. Many wine drinkers love a good glass of scotch now and again. This Dalmore array provides endless opportunities for enjoying scotches before a meal, after dinner or just for the pleasure of savoring it.

One of the other unique features of the Antique Wine Company is its investment in education and training. Many wine dealers have the occasional evening tasting as a marketing event. The AWC goes beyond the continual, sniff, swirl spit routine. For a creative event, they have a casino night with participants betting on wines. The results of the betting seem to be realistic evaluations of the quality and marketability of the wines served during the evening. If you love wine and really want to become a professional, the Antique Wine Company wine school has a superb Sommelier program to train you to be a world class wine expert.

Another service that they provide is helping you build and manage your own cellar. If you are a busy entrepreneur, professional or royalty, the Antique Wine Company has staff who can work with you to achieve a superior wine cellar and inventory. Their staff are trained in building inventory and estimating the value of your cellar. You don’t have to leave your office. You can use your computer to check your inventory online to find out how many bottles of Petrus and Chateau Laffite you drank celebrating your anniversary or the birth of a child.

What if you want a really unusual and unique wine? Perhaps you have a friend who deals with wine as a competition and tries to one-up you by having a vertical tasting of Chateau Laffite from the twenties to fifties. The Antique Wine Company gives you subtle, understated elegant ways to show real wine quality. They can supply a vertical tasting of Château Garuaud-Larose 1825, 1835, 1845, and 1855 which are all pre-phyllorexia vines. Let your friend try to surpass that magnificent tasting. The Antique Wine Company can work with you to develop any unsurpassable tasting that you want or match any wine for any event like Wagu beef for a steak dinner.