Dr. Saad Saad On What To Do If Your Child Swallows A Foreign Object

Being a parent can be a very rewarding and challenging experience for anyone. A part of being a parent is making sure your children are safe and happy. When children are very young, they are incredibly curious about everything. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad | Facebook and Dr. Saad Saad | Crunchbase

This includes putting things in their mouths that are not suppose to be there. They can swallow dangerous objects without knowing the consequences of their actions. That is why people have to be aware of their children and keep a watchful eye.

Dr. Saad Saad has been a practicing pediatric and thoracic surgeon for almost five decades. He has helped over a thousand children in countries all over the world get the life-saving surgeries they really needed. His portfolio of work is quite impressive to say the least and is admired by patients and colleagues alike.

Some of his career highlights include working for Saudi Royalty, going on 12 medical missions around the world, inventing two patents that would be life-saving, and so much more. In his career, Dr. Saad Saad has received many awards and recognition by his peers and patients.

When it comes to removing foreign objects from children, it’s second nature to him. He even displays a frame with these objects in his office. He has some very valuable advice for parents, that could potentially save their child’s life. Most of the time when a child swallows a foreign object, there is no need for concern.

It will pass right through their food pipe and will not do any harm. If it indeed get stuck in the food pipe or windpipe, your child may struggle. This includes having a hard time swallowing, breathing, or they may even start wheezing. You can at that point take action and get that foreign object out.

The Heimlich maneuver will usually work on children over six years of age. When they are younger than six, hold them bu their legs upside down. Usually the object will fall right out. If these methods don’t work, go to the emergency room right away. Dr. Saad Saad advises parents not to try to remove the object themselves. Learn more about Dr. Saas Saad: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview

The most common objects that children swallow are relatively small. Some of them are considered food, while others are not. Children can swallow buttons, batteries, coins, small toys, peanuts, hotdogs, and anything else they can grab on to.

That is why it is so important to supervise your children, especially when they are playing with objects. Unknown to parents, many object become choking hazards when children get a hold of them. When it comes to choking on food, little children do not know how important chewing is and can swallow them whole. The most dangerous foods for young children according to Dr. Saad Saad are peanuts and hotdogs.

Dr. Saad Saad Worked His Way to the Top

Dr. Saad Saad isn’t just a pediatric surgeon, but he is an inventor as well. He invented the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device as well as a suction device that greatly improves the function of the endoscope.


His electromagnetic catheter device makes it possible to locate a catheter located in the body without the need for multiple x-rays or an MRI. It’s portable and likely to be used widely by doctors in the future, but for now, it is not widely used due to the fact that it is somewhat difficult and expensive to manufacture.


His other invention greatly improves the function of the endoscope by making it possible to see through the lens within the body despite the many fluids that tend to cause the lens to fog up normally. He invented a suction part that can be adapted to the endoscope and reduces the need for the surgeon to repeatedly have to take it out and put back into the body in order to clear the lens. This invention is widely used already including by Dr. Saad Saad himself, and it is easily manufactured as well. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/


Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon, and he has performed countless and successful surgeries. He even performed a successful surgery on the youngest infant to ever had surgery done who had an aneurysm. His surgery was documented so that other surgeons performing the surgery in the future could follow his procedure in order also to perform a successful surgery.


Dr. Saad Saad did not have an easy childhood, and he grew up in Kuwait with his seven siblings. He was born in Palestine and worked very hard to get to where he is today. He has done a lot of good with his affluence, and he made it so that students living in Saudi Arabia could further their studies from home rather than having to travel abroad to England. He did this by establishing a working line of communication with the Royal College of Surgeons to allow students to gain their certification from home.


He is a firm believer in always applying yourself to learning and doing more, and he also believes in helping others. He has been on many medical mission to Jerusalem, the West Bank and within the United States. He also feels that everyone is entitled to healthcare if they need it. He advises people to learn more and to read plenty of books, particularly about Abraham Lincoln. He believes that if he can make it, then anyone can certainly make it with enough hard work and perseverance. His opinions are taken seriously, and he has more than proven his competence as a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad Gave Attention to Patients

Dr. Saad Saad always wanted to give his patients the best treatment possible. He knew there were things that would help the patients and he did what he could to make everything easier on them. He came up with inventions he could use to help the patients get the opportunities they needed to start feeling better. He also came up with different techniques to give his patients the best treatment possible. For Dr. Saad Saad, the point of doing this was making sure everyone had a chance to see there were opportunities they could use and things that would make them better than they’d ever been. For Dr. Saad Saad, his patients are the most important part of his practice. He likes helping them see they can get great treatment and enjoy different parts of their life as a result of the treatment.


Even when Dr. Saad Saad had to work on different things, he made sure to always put his patients first. He liked them to continue seeing him for different things and for the opportunities they had to be successful. Even when Dr. Saad Saad had to try different things, he knew it was worth it for the opportunities he had. He made sure there were things he could learn about and things he could do to make a big difference for other people. With his help, more kids had a chance to try different things and do more than they did in the past.


As long as Dr. Saad Saad felt there were positive experiences, he felt good about the things that were happening and the options he had to keep showing people how they could get more from the situations they were in. Despite issues that came from working as a great doctor, Dr. Saad Saad knew he was doing everything right. He looked at patients as a way to help and didn’t see them as a way to profit. Dr. Saad Saad always wanted his patients to keep getting positive experiences and that’s how he made things easier on them. They knew he was the best and he was giving them things that they couldn’t get from any other doctor in the world.


If Dr. Saad Saad knew how to help people, he could show them the right way to enjoy different things. He could also show them that everything would keep getting better no matter what was going on. While Dr. Saad Saad knew what to do to help people, he wanted to keep trying other things. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to show more people how they could get better even if they hadn’t felt good for a long time. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted