Dr. Mark McKenna- Changing the World One Patient at a Time

Many people know that when it comes to trying to find a treated doctor that it can be a difficult task to achieve sometimes. That, however, is not the case for Dr. Mark McKenna’s patients. He has for many years now been widely known for being a licensed Medical Doctor in both Medicine and Surgery. When it comes to each of his patients he is very passionate and always makes sure to provide them the best care that he possibly can.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s career first started when he attended Tulane University Medical School. Once he had finished up his medical training McKenna went on to begin practicing medicine with his father. At the same time as he was already practicing medicine, he decided that it was time to launch McKenna Venture Investments, Which happens to be a real estate development firm. Though this was not the only company that he went on to launch. He also proudly launched Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Over the years he has helped these companies grow to have well over 50 employees.

It was in November of 2007 that Dr. Mark McKenna decided to relocate himself to Atlanta GA so that he could launch ShapeMed. This company happens to be an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. Until July of 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna proudly served as being ShapeMed’s National Medical Director. Once he decided that it was time to move on to his next job McKenna took on the roles of being the Founder and the CEO of OVME, which is a medical aesthetic company that is working on reinventing the elective healthcare. Through all of his hard work, McKenna always makes sure to make time for the important things in life, which to him is his wife, Gianna McKenna, and their daughter, Milana Elle.


Imran Haque is making the Medical Difference at Horizon Internal Medicine and North Carolina

Imran Haque is a medical doctor based in North Carolina. He specializes in Internal Medicine and his experience in the practice extends to 15 years and counting. He has handled patients suffering from different issues such as obesity and diabetes in North Carolina. He currently heads Horizon Internal Medicine, a hospital based in Asheboro.

What are Dr. Haque’s Qualifications?

Dr. Imran Haque is an alumnus of Universidad Iberoamericana University (UNIBE). This is where he graduated from with a Medical Degree. He went for his postgraduate medical program at the University of Virginia. The university enabled him to fully commit to Internal Medicine. He was able to specialize in the field and after his training, Dr. Haque got licensed to practice Internal Medicine in North Carolina. He is a member of the Maintenance Certification program for internal Medicine among many other certification bodies.

What are the Contributions of Dr. Haque at Horizon Internal Medicine?

At Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Haque is able to attend to various patients seeking his medical opinion. The facility is dedicated to serving the people of Asheboro and other neighboring regions within North Carolina. He is able to handle different aspects of internal Medicine such as consultancy and therapy. He is also able to make necessary referrals to other facilities and specialists.

Many patients come to the facility to be particularly attended to by Imran Haque. Some of the services offered by the doctor at the facility include Diabetes Management, Weight Management, Laser Hair Removal, Physical Examinations, and 360 Resurfacing. Dr. Imran Haque boasts of an impressive portfolio in the field. He is very dear to the North Carolina society and the community at Horizon Internal Medicine.


Generally, patients who attend Horizon internal Medicine have good reviews about the facility and about Dr. Imran Haque. He is a man who is dedicated to making the medical difference in North Carolina. He is not only kindhearted but also committed to the treatment journey of his patients. He is known to walk with them through all the necessary steps of the treatment and recovery process.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imranshaque?lang=en

Dr. Mark McKenna is a Guest on Ideamensch

Dr. McKenna was asked about a trend that he finds very exciting right now. He said that the decline of smoking in America is a positive trend that he finds very exciting heading into the future. Only good things can happen when more people quite smoking and break their addiction.

Mark McKenna was also asked what is a habit of his that he believes makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. McKenna said that he is a voracious reader who reads a lot of books and other publications. All of the knowledge he gains from reading can then be applied to business and life. This is why Mark McKenna believes reading makes him productive in business.

Ideamensch asked Mark McKenna what was the worst job he had and what did learn from that experience. Dr. Mark McKenna said he was lucky in his employment. He never had to work for anybody and always worked for himself. One of his first jobs was as a doctor in his father’s practice and later he started investing in property.

Another key question asked of Dr. McKenna was if he had to start over, would is it that he would differently this time around. Dr. McKenna said that he would spend a lot more time trying to figure out what he was truly passionate about. Looking back, he says he may have rushed through a lot of things that he should not have. Dr. McKenna cites the example of him trying to complete medical school as quickly as possible. He says that its fine to move ahead slowly. An excellent word of advice from Mark McKenna is that speed without direction is useless and won’t really get you anywhere. Click here to know more about him.

A business question asked of Mark McKenna was what is a strategy that he believes has helped him grow his business. Dr. McKenna said surrounding himself with people that are smarter than he is has helped him tremendously in his business endeavors. Mark was then asked what software he uses in his line of work. He said that he uses Microsoft programs such as Excel and finds them very useful.

Learn more about him: https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/03/dr-mark-mckenna-on-21st-century-medical-technology-and-trends/