Autism Research isn’t Cheap, But Solo Capital is Helping

Medical research isn’t cheap. In fact, testing different procedures and following through with different courses of action in research adds up quickly. Due to this, there are all sorts of medical issues, diseases and conditions that continually need an influx of money. That is true with Autism. Autism is a condition that millions of individuals face every single day. It is also something that is difficult for children to face and for families to face. Sanjay Shaha is the president of Solo Capital, and he also has a child that battles autism. This is not something that is treatable, but it is a condition more people need to learn about. It is also a condition with no known cause, although researches are looking into it. That is why Sanjay is looking to raise money to help sponsor children from around the world. These children face additional medical expenses and need more help and attention, yet many families are simply unable to provide these kinds of financial assisting for their child. this is exactly where the financial raising of Solo Capital in its Autism Rocks campaign is so important.

So what is Autism Rocks, exactly? Solo Capital and Shaha put on invite only concerts around the world. These concerts are performed by the largest performers in the entertainment industry, ranging from Prince to Snoop Dogg. The performers do it for free and all of the money brought in from the private sales is used to help sponsor children in different areas around the world. After all, there are different children who are in need, whether it is third world countries or in the UK and the United States. With this assistance, it is possible for the children to receive the attention and proper medical services that can help ensure they are not only healthy, but successful in life.

Often times, parents do not know what to do or how to go about the condition with their children. With the growing fundraising support from these services, it is now possible to receive some of that assistance in order to boost autistic assistance.

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Sergio Cortes Alzheimer’s Research

Researchers at the Rio Claro UNESP and UFSCar of San Carlos reported that only three weekly exercise can delay and prevent Alzheimer’s, even if you have a genetic predisposition. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the research study reveals since Alzheimer’s disease is increasing more and more between individuals and one of the main challenges to combat. The study lasted four years and researchers belonging to the Federal University of São Carlos, UFSCar and the Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP, Rio Claro.

The results show that even a person with a genetic disposition to contract Alzheimer’s disease it can be combated with simple exercises, done weekly and moderately confirms Sergio Cortes. Thus, its effect will be a good stimulus to work the brain bringing body and benefit mainly mental. It is very important to practice as much as prevents delays its onset. The study by researchers took into account primarily genetic factors likely to increase the risk of neurodegenerative. Second, it quotes Sergio Cortes, were considered existing substances in amyloid plaques, which inflame and damage the neural connections. These two points have shown the surprising result of that exercise can combat the existence of the disease by interfering positively to the neural process is satisfactory and anti-inflammatory. These substances in those plates cause inflammation which consequently cause the cells to be systemic, meaning the entire body, will gradually die. According to experts, reports the doctor Sergio Cortes, what needs to be done is to prevent such inflammations that amyloid plaque deposits remain present causing a progressive loss of memory and stability of neurons.

What was confirmed in the study, how to prevent the spread the disease is the constant physical activity weekly or daily, reports Sergio Cortes. By doing so, the brain will receive natural stimulus where exercise acts as a brake on the degenerative process in mind and as an anti-inflammatory against the emergence of the substance. That’s why when practicing some exercise, the neural connection starts to work well, with positive stimuli by blocking the action of Alzheimer disease. According to the researcher Carla Nascimento and other scholars, quotes Sergio Cortes, it was found in this study that these inflammation is greatly reduced, improving the cognitive components and their functions. The most significant cognitive functions among the elderly by engaging in moderate physical activity three times a week were improving concentration, memory, sequential execution to perform everyday activities, planning and attention. The conclusion of the survey also depicts that physical exercise should start at a young age so that aging is healthy, much better and that you avoid problems in old age not only the onset of Alzheimer disease, but others too, concludes Sergio Cortes.

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Understanding Dr. Sergio Cortes from Brazil

Dengue, zika and chikungunya viruses have been found to be transmitted by same mosquito Aedes aegypti, according to research conducted by scientists. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical expert said that three viruses have similar signs although they vary slightly depending on specific disease. Patients suffering from these viruses experience symptoms like eyes and muscle pains, high fever, and reddish spot on the skin. Majority of people are aware of dengue virus, but zika and chikungunya viruses are not very common. Those affected by dengue virus experience intense pains in the back of their eyes and also on muscles.
Bruno Del Guerra, a nurse who has been researching on these viruses said that zika and chikungunya each has predominant signs that differentiate them. Patients with zika experience itching and redness of the eyes as the predominant signs, while joint pains is intense in chikungunya. Medical practitioners are conducting further studies to note the severity level in new born babies. Bruno asked people to be vigilant and seek medical attention whenever some of these signs are experienced. He acknowledged the fact that Dr. Sergio Cortes is doing further research to establish if there are possibilities of patients suffering from two virus at the same time.
Today, no scientist has managed to manufacture a drug that can treat or prevent the viruses. Sergio Cortes said that scientists are working on a research that would establish a viable treatment for the viruses. Hydration is the only treatment that is relied up on, but does not cure the virus. Patients who use this option are asked to rest for not less than five days so as to retain physical vigor, attributes Dr. Sergio. In Sao Paulo, one institute is working on a drug which is meant to suppress the virus, although they are planning to move to the second stage of the process. After the second stage is through, they will wait for approval before they start production.

1.Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian practitioner who has worked in the healthcare industry for many years. He has been educating people on ways of improving their health, and he asks them to take caution in order to keep fit. You should follow Sergio Cortes on his Twitter account and also on LinkedIn. You can find additional information on these viruses on Noticias R7.

Dr Rod Rohich is an Innovative Plastic Surgeon and Top Researcher

Dr. Rod Rohich and his team of plastic surgeons are dedicated to furthering the practice of plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty by exploring new innovations in the field. Based in Dallas he has spent time developing methods that are safer and easier to perform and has helped to train other rhinoplastic surgeons in these techniques.

In addition to developing new techniques, Dr.Rod Rohich has been widely recognized as a top plastic surgeon, both by his peers and by D Magazine. D Magazine named Dr. Rodrich as one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas in the magazine’s annual list and has been on that list every year for the last 8 years. He also was named He has also served as Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern. His work has helped place the University at the top of advancements in reconstructive surgery.

He has also done some innovative research that has helped plastic surgeons better refine their techniques and make surgeries safer by discovering that certain types of facial fillers have caused blindness in patients when injected incorrectly. Specifically, this occurs when the facial filler is accidentally injected into a vein within the complex vascular structure of the face and creates an embolism that cuts off retinal circulation.

His research helped identify ways that this blockage can be prevented and how to break it up before it occurs. The damage needs to be taken care of quickly, and Dr. Rohich and his team studied ways to solve it once it occurs. They urged that doctors should use small syringes and needles to help prevent pressure from building up and causing and embolism.

This is only one of a few studies that Dr. Rod Rohich has conducted in an effort to create better plastic surgery techniques and provide a better experience for plastic surgery patients. He has also studied and found better techniques for facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures.

In the field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Rod Rohich has developed and studied a technique that uses an evidence-based approach to better control reshaping the dorsum, tip, and alar rim without using spreader grafts. He has shared this method with other doctors in order to help improve the techniques of doctors. This way their patients will have a better chance of having a successful outcome and will be more likely to be satisfied with the procedure, as well as having a lower chance of side effects. Find more on Dr. Rod Rohrich on his Facebook page.