Imran Haque’s Expertise in Internal Medicine

Based in North Carolina, Imran Haque has created a reputation for being a competent medical doctor who has specialized in internal medicine. For 15 years, he has been providing the residents of Asheboro and the larger North Carolina with medical services that require his prowess. His experience and demand resulted in him opening up offices to allow his patients to have easy access to his services. He opened up Horizontal Internal Medicine, located in Asheboro, and Ramseur, Northern Carolina. The journey that has culminated to the success that Imran Haque has begun after graduating from Universidad Iberoamericana with a medical degree.

He after that enrolled at the University of Virginia for an Internal Medicine program. While here, the interest in internal medicine heightened. After completing his training, Dr. Haque got a license that permitted him to start practicing in Northern Carolina. One thing that Horizon Internal Medicine prides in is being led by one of the most qualified physicians. Many people keep streaming in this facility seeking the expertise of Dr. Imran Haque. The experience vested in the doctor allows him to diagnose illnesses and refer patients to other medical specialists. He also conducts regular checkups at his offices. To know more about him click here.

Among the ailments that Dr. Imran Haque is trained to diagnose and treat is 360 resurfacing that is aimed at rejuvenating the skin. This treatment is used to treat skin conditions on the neck and face. Only a qualified doctor like Dr. Haque is allowed to carry out this treatment. Dr. Imran understands all too well the dangers of being overweight and hence helps patients manage their weight. Imran Haque has a personal connection with his patients especially those with diabetes. He makes sure that the patients’ health comes first. He is certified to conduct the diabetic treatment and as many such patients come to him.

Autism Research isn’t Cheap, But Solo Capital is Helping

Medical research isn’t cheap. In fact, testing different procedures and following through with different courses of action in research adds up quickly. Due to this, there are all sorts of medical issues, diseases and conditions that continually need an influx of money. That is true with Autism. Autism is a condition that millions of individuals face every single day. It is also something that is difficult for children to face and for families to face. Sanjay Shaha is the president of Solo Capital, and he also has a child that battles autism. This is not something that is treatable, but it is a condition more people need to learn about. It is also a condition with no known cause, although researches are looking into it. That is why Sanjay is looking to raise money to help sponsor children from around the world. These children face additional medical expenses and need more help and attention, yet many families are simply unable to provide these kinds of financial assisting for their child. this is exactly where the financial raising of Solo Capital in its Autism Rocks campaign is so important.

So what is Autism Rocks, exactly? Solo Capital and Shaha put on invite only concerts around the world. These concerts are performed by the largest performers in the entertainment industry, ranging from Prince to Snoop Dogg. The performers do it for free and all of the money brought in from the private sales is used to help sponsor children in different areas around the world. After all, there are different children who are in need, whether it is third world countries or in the UK and the United States. With this assistance, it is possible for the children to receive the attention and proper medical services that can help ensure they are not only healthy, but successful in life.

Often times, parents do not know what to do or how to go about the condition with their children. With the growing fundraising support from these services, it is now possible to receive some of that assistance in order to boost autistic assistance.

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Sergio Cortes Alzheimer’s Research

Researchers at the Rio Claro UNESP and UFSCar of San Carlos reported that only three weekly exercise can delay and prevent Alzheimer’s, even if you have a genetic predisposition. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the research study reveals since Alzheimer’s disease is increasing more and more between individuals and one of the main challenges to combat. The study lasted four years and researchers belonging to the Federal University of São Carlos, UFSCar and the Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP, Rio Claro.

The results show that even a person with a genetic disposition to contract Alzheimer’s disease it can be combated with simple exercises, done weekly and moderately confirms Sergio Cortes. Thus, its effect will be a good stimulus to work the brain bringing body and benefit mainly mental. It is very important to practice as much as prevents delays its onset. The study by researchers took into account primarily genetic factors likely to increase the risk of neurodegenerative. Second, it quotes Sergio Cortes, were considered existing substances in amyloid plaques, which inflame and damage the neural connections. These two points have shown the surprising result of that exercise can combat the existence of the disease by interfering positively to the neural process is satisfactory and anti-inflammatory. These substances in those plates cause inflammation which consequently cause the cells to be systemic, meaning the entire body, will gradually die. According to experts, reports the doctor Sergio Cortes, what needs to be done is to prevent such inflammations that amyloid plaque deposits remain present causing a progressive loss of memory and stability of neurons.

What was confirmed in the study, how to prevent the spread the disease is the constant physical activity weekly or daily, reports Sergio Cortes. By doing so, the brain will receive natural stimulus where exercise acts as a brake on the degenerative process in mind and as an anti-inflammatory against the emergence of the substance. That’s why when practicing some exercise, the neural connection starts to work well, with positive stimuli by blocking the action of Alzheimer disease. According to the researcher Carla Nascimento and other scholars, quotes Sergio Cortes, it was found in this study that these inflammation is greatly reduced, improving the cognitive components and their functions. The most significant cognitive functions among the elderly by engaging in moderate physical activity three times a week were improving concentration, memory, sequential execution to perform everyday activities, planning and attention. The conclusion of the survey also depicts that physical exercise should start at a young age so that aging is healthy, much better and that you avoid problems in old age not only the onset of Alzheimer disease, but others too, concludes Sergio Cortes.

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