How O2Pur Has Found Success In The Vaping Industry

The vaping industry has been expanding at a good clip for the past few years and it is expected to continue this growth in the future. As of 2015, Forbes magazine says that the industry was worth around $8 billion which included only businesses in the United States. Industry experts says that they expect annual growth just under 20% a year going forward, with the market reaching a value of $47 billion in 2025.

Many of the bigger vaping companies, once independent, have been bought by some of the global tobacco companies. There are plenty of smaller players in the industry, though. You can find out about many of them at Vapefest conventions that are held in various cities across around the world. Another one is the Electronic Cigarette Convention which is where many manufacturers and vapers meet up. One of the companies in the industry that shows up to conventions like this is O2Pur.

O2Pur has been in the vaping industry for a few years. They sell the e-cigs, accessories, and premium e-juices on their website, They offer a wide variety of flavors. They also offer premium e-juices that contain no nicotine to ones that have the same amount as a conventional cigarette.

Since O2Pur was founded they have been successful in this market segment. Part of this is due to the fact that they often offer special sales on their products, including flash offers. Vape users are drawn to their premium e-juices and their quality vape pens. Their basic vape pen costs $14.50 each and comes with a standard batter. They also offer a mid-range vaping pen. Their high-end vape pen, costing $38 when on sale or $75 otherwise, features a variable voltage battery. This pen has a power dial on it that allows the user to easily adjust the amount of water vapor they desire as well as how strong the flavor will be of the e-juice currently in the device.

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