Massive Disruptions in Global Swine Industry

Some big changes have occurred recently in the global swine industry. An epidemic of highly contagious swine influenza, a lethal pig disease that some people have compared to Ebola in humans, is presently sweeping through Eastern Europe. Concern exists that it may soon reach other countries. The disease broke out in Georgia, then rapidly spread to Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Some critics complain open and unchecked EU borders may be contributing to the rapid spread. Symptoms reportedly do not appear in swine until five to ten days following infection. 

In the United States, consolidation is occurring within the pork industry to a much greater extent than during previous years. In 2013, a large Chinese agribusiness, Shuanghui International Holdings, Limited, the largest swine packing company in China, purchased Smithfield Foods, a major U.S. pork producer for an estimated $4.72 billion dollars. Now called the WH Group, the privately held company is currently the largest swine agribusiness in the world. It reportedly maintains facilities in 26 U.S. states, ten EU nations and Mexico. It employees some 46,000 people and earns revenues estimated to approach $13 billion annually.

The state legislature in Nebraska, a state responsible for both extensive cattle and swine production, is presently considering amendments to state laws to allow large swine producers to expand their operations into additional counties within the state. Some beef producing organizations oppose the exemption provisions.

Health experts like researchers at the Amen Clinic suggest cutting pork from your diet while the risk is live.

Eric Garner Controversy

The Eric Garner case may be one of the most controversial and tragic events of the year. When watching the video of the police restraining Eric Garner, I was appalled. The police definitely abused their power. It seems like Police brutality is happening more often than not. 

Things need to change in the world according to Bernardo Chua. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Eric Garner was killed for absolutely no reason. What makes it worse is the fact that the whole world witnessed the event. 

Recently a trial was held over the death of Eric Garner. The police officers that were involved in the incident, were found innocent. A huge out-roar over the verdict of the trial has continued to consume America. The American people are angered about the recent rise in Police brutality. 

The NBA league has taken notice of the trial as well. NBA players have been tributing Eric Garner for the last several weeks. Many high school students have noticed their favorite NBA stars wearing shirts that say ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ those were the last words spoken by Eric Garner. High school basketball students followed their favorite NBA stars, and students wore the same shirts. In California the shirt was banned from being worn. The Eric Garner case has taken over the world. The citizens are uniting to put an end to police brutality. 

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FDA Warns That Ultrasounds Are Not Intended As Souvenirs

The FDA has repeatedly warded against commercial ultrasounds but consumers continue to pay for them. Hundreds of dollars are being spent for photos or videos of their developing fetus despite the FDA’s pleas not to.

The FDA has issued its latest long line of alerts against non-medical ultrasounds. Consumers are reminded that these devices are designed to be used by trained medical healthcare professionals; and then only if there is a medial need. They are not intended to be used as images to be turned into cufflinks, pillows, cake toppers or any other Etsy niche item.

Ultrasounds are considered a safe diagnostic tool during pregnancy when they are used to provide information on the fetus. They are important devices giving medical professionals information such as; age, sex and over-all health of the growing fetus.

Ultrasounds can heat tissue slightly; and can also produce small bubbles in some tissue. The long term effects of this heating are still unknown; therefore these unnecessary, gratuitous ultrasounds may pose a risk to both the mother and the child. The risk is also increased as the people performing the ultrasound have no medical qualifications.

Since as far back as 1994, the FDA has been issuing a steady stream of reminders to parents and healthcare providers about the dangers involved with these ultrasounds. Their department has even announced that it is illegal to administer an ultrasound without a prescription. Despite these warnings however; there are still those who continue to use them solely for the sake of creating a keepsake

For those who fell it is necessary to create a souvenir of their pregnancy should consider this- the best souvenir will be your healthy baby. So don’t go breaking your backs over these. Save the call to North American Spine.