The Experience and Qualifications of Louis Chenevert

Technology is an important area that many has vested their interest. Learning details concerning technology is quite impressive for many people even though not all of them are successful in making things better. Technology is dynamic and thus the reason it has made the world a global village. Working alongside technology entails a lot, and those who partake their roles in the field should be appreciated. However, the appreciation should be more exemplary especially for the individuals playing the pivotal role with regards to leadership. Louis Chenevert serves at United Technologies Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

2008 marks the year that he got to the position of the CEO and president. He later became the chairman in the first month of 2010. This added up to his Directorial Position at the company that started in 2006. That complements his earlier service as the Pratt & Whitney’s president between 1999 and 2006.

His experience never started there as he had served for fourteen years alongside the General Motors as the General Manager on Production at St. Therese operation of General Motors. Besides, he is a participant at the Business Roundtable Executive committee. His role entails chairing the Fiscal and Tax Policy Panel. He is a US-India CEO Forum’s members as well as with the Business Council.

As well, he is among Cargill’s Board members, the Honor Foundation’s Congressional Medal, and Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board chairperson. 2005 is the year that she gained induction as a member alongside AIAA.

He has an excellent academic record as seen in his acquirement of a degree in commerce. He is a graduate of the Universite de Montreal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). As well, he holds the chairmanship position at the International Advisory Committee of HEC Montreal. With regards to HEC Montreal’s friends, he is not only the chairperson but also the founding director.

Therefore, nothing is as good as experience in any field, and this is the secret behind the success that Louis Chenevert has continually encountered. This makes him a role model and an excellent example that everyone should look up to especially the future generations.

Agera Energy making an impact in the community

Agera energy is a US based company, which has its offices at Briarcliff Manor, New York City. The company provides a variety of products and services to their customers across the country. The firms deal with natural gas supply, electricity supply, renewable energy, LED retrofit and utility invoice audits. Agera Energy is focused on powering people home as fast as they could as well as maintaining safety measures. The company is on a mission of simplifying energy buying for good. They intended to provide high-quality energy solution that is fantastically supported and efficiently implemented to ensure that customers businesses and homes are well lit and machine run.

Currently, the firm operates with a revenue of $26.4 million has employed 132 workers. About Agera Energy employee bright, innovative and talented professionals in IT, marketing, legal compliance, administration, finance, supply and sales. The company also take part in philanthropic activities such as providing food, clothes and many volunteering services in the community. Agera Energy agrees that it is their corporate responsibility to make a positive impact by giving back to the communities through their support programs. Therefore, Agera supports Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Green Business, Hillside Food Outreach, and Volunteers of America among others.

Additionally, Agera Energy sponsors other community activities such as the Bob Cronin who participated in the famous Tour de Force bike ride. This event aims at raising funds to support the families of soldiers who die on the line of duty. Agera sponsored MVP a program that facilitates Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness and Substance Abuse education within the community. Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation was the latest institution to receive financial support from Agera Energy. The funds provided are used to purchase educational materials as well as training of public schools. The school is ranked #28 among the best schools in NYC and position #188 Countrywide.

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Michael Burwell Brings 3 Decades Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson recently announced that they had named Michael Burwell as their new Chief Financial Officer for the company. He replaced their former CFO who retired in October 2017, Roger Millay. Michael Burwell has 32 years of experience in the financial industry and has served in several executive roles before joining Willis Towers Watson.

A graduate of Michigan State University, he took the position in Detroit after gaining 12 years of experience in transaction services and an additional 11 in auditing. The CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, was excited to have Burwell joining their team and thinks he will help them evolve to the next level. Haley is grateful for the work that the former CFO had done for Willis Towers Watson as he was able to make the company stronger and in the right position for success.

Michael Burwell had been with the company Pricewaterhouse Coopers for 31 years prior to transitioning to Willis Towers Watson. He begins his day early at 5 in the morning and using biking as a time to think about what he needs to accomplish for the day and his company. In order to appreciate the accomplishments he has made, he takes time every month to think about what he has accomplished. Things like this and small details like making his bed even when he is traveling the world make him feel like he’s achieved something.

When it comes to finding great ideas, Michael Burwell understands that it’s not just the executives within a company that has them. He makes sure to look for the people that have ideas that aren’t getting enough attention and bring them to light. If someone within his organization has an idea that could lead to the next big thing, Michael Burwell wants to make sure that he is able to recognize them to make it happen. Michael Burwell focuses on being a good listener in his life and through this is able to build his network. It’s important to ask questions about who people are as there is something interesting to learn about everyone you talk to.

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