White House Extends Tariffs on Mexico, Canada, and EU

The deadline for the relief initiative on the tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum is Friday and United States President Donald Trump announced that he would not be extending the waiver on these tariffs.


At midnight Thursdays, the exemption will expire and Mexico, Canada, and the European Union (EU) will all be hit with stiff trade penalties. According to a statement by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the US will begin assessing tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum.


Both Mexico and the EU wasted no time in saying that they would respond with penalties of their own against the US. Mexico said they would retaliate with tariffs against American pork, cheese, fruit, lamps, and flat steel. The EU did not announce specific products yet but did say that they explore the issue. Canada has not announced retaliatory efforts, however, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has scheduled a press conference later on Thursday to discuss the plan.


By imposing tariffs on Canada and Mexico, two of the biggest trade partners of the US, negotiations regarding NAFTA could be negatively impacted.


Financial experts worry that the decision to impose these tariffs will raise everyday prices on a variety of products for American consumers. The decision also comes at an inopportune time, as the US is already engaging in an escalating trade dispute with China. On Tuesday, the White House announced that it was continuing its plan to impose tariffs totaling more than $50 billion on Chinese imports.

The Life And Career Of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is an American businessman with well over 30 years of experience financial service industry. Currently, he is the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, which is a financial advisory organization founded in 2010. He became the CEO of the company in 2017 after working for the company for several years. Before he became the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, he worked for 25 years at Price Waterhouse Coopers, which handles both tax evaluation and financial advisory for larger corporations. He served for 10 years at the company as their leading audit counselor, providing assistance to corporations undergoing government audits. Burwell is a licensed and trained public accountant, having worked for over five different companies throughout his career and being head of four out of the five he’s been employed with.


In 1997, he branched out from Price Waterhouse Coopers and opened a separate office in Detroit. Because the Detroit branch was such a success, Michael Burwell was asked to take over the leadership of the entire company and served as the U.S. Transactions Leader. While realizing there was a gap in the market for superior financial service, Michael Burwell left the company and opened his own corporation, Willis Towers. His skills include finance, tax advisory, mergers and acquisitions and accounting. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a BS in Business Administration and Finance. He also continually takes classes and courses to increase his knowledge in the financial field. Due to significant changes being made to tax evaluation and preparation, Michael Burwell prides himself in being a continuing student who is happy to learn new and helpful techniques. See This Article to learn more.


When he’s not working with clients or running his successful corporation, Michael Burwell can be found spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid lover of sports and often attends sporting events in his area, while also enjoying spending time out on the golf course on his days off. Michael Burwell currently lives on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan where he is able to travel to and from his business easily. Michael Burwell also travels the world, which has allowed him to expand his enterprise to countries like Australia, Africa and France. He believes that in order to become a solid leader, you need to build your network of both clients and other business owners who are able to bring you revenue by increasing customer flow.


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Michael Burwell Gets Ready To Take On Position Of CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, a notable name within the global advisory and insurance sector underwent a few changes within its management, particularly concerning the CFO of the company. The company started to see these changes initially when the person who previously held the position of CFO, Roger Millay decided to retire from his position. The CFO is one of the essential roles within the company, which is why this was one which needed to be filled out at the earliest. After much consideration, the board at the company decided that they would offer this position to Michael Burwell, who would then start out his functions as the new CFO of the company.


Michael Burwell has had an expansive career working for a number of big names and a number of clients. He is an expert in auditing and has been able to progress far in his career because of this contribution that he has made to the clients seeking his expertise. Through the years, he has adapted and grown to become a more well-known name within the financial industry.


The work that Michael Burwell has done has consistently been realized by organizations within the financial field. He has stood at several notable companies within the firms that he has worked for. Onne of the more well-known positions that he once held was that of the Head of the Global Transformation Services of PwC. He also held several other notable positions within this company itself, including that of the COO and the CFO of the company.


Without a doubt, the contribution that Michael Burwell has had to the companies that he has worked at has been enormous. His ability to learn and develop has proven to be a valuable skill and is something that has genuinely helped him grow professionally.


Upon being offered the position of CFO of Willis Towers Watson, several members of the company came forward to express their welcome to the new financial leader to the company. The executive staff within the company was pleased to have someone of Burwell’s caliber working within their ranks and leading the company towards better development.


The financial industry is eager to see the route that Burwell takes when it comes to leading the company. With his experience and proficiency in leading a company, Burwell will, without a doubt, meet all expectations that the industry has set down for him as she takes on the position of CFO. See This Article for additional information.