Three Changes That Can Help Enhance Your Leadership Style

According to James River Capital Corp, leadership is actually a science and an art. It takes proper skills to lead and also manage a team effectively. In addition to applying the right effort, a person needs to take time and proceed with caution in order to be a great leader. Furthermore, there are a number of changes one needs to make in life in order to make the right difference. According to researchers, making simple changes discussed below can help enhance your leadership style.


Supporting your team and not leading them


This is an important strategy applied by top officials at Facebook when making important mentality shift. Managers at Facebook rarely or do not lead their teams. Instead, they actually support them. Shifting from lead to support can actually change how you see your responsibility as a leader. It can also alter the manner in which you approach your conversations with your team. At times, negligible alterations can actually result in a huge effect even by altering one word.


Encouraging and welcoming escalation


Studies done recently, showed that around 85% of employed people withhold important feedback from their employers. If workers suspect that they are likely to get into problems when they come to you for the guidance, they are unlikely to do that. With little or no transparent and open communication, there won’t be space for collaboration, innovation, and interaction with your employees.


Sometimes back, Google did a research on this area. They discovered that psychological safety is one of the things that leaders should focus on during their day to day activities. This crystal clearly means the way you operate will make people feel safe or unsafe when coming to you with challenges, improvements, and problems. Some of the best ways of creating psychological safety are actually by promoting and welcoming escalation as well as concerns by simply showing your appreciation in case it happens. Another good way is by ensuring that every person gets an opportunity to talk during team meetings.


Everyone’s Opinion Matters


Being a leader of a team, you should be willing and ready to remove some of the obstacles that may affect their general performance. Giving every team member a chance to speak will let you know what is actually affecting them. However, you should make sure that everyone feels comfortable by not being too pushy. Take the opinion of every person seriously. Learn more:


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CEO Angela Koch Believes That Earning The Trust Of Your Customers Propels Sales

Angela Koch is the only woman in her industry who is in the top executive seat in her organization. She is the Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. The company is 10 years old and is located in Austin, TX. Angela’s educational background and work experience is atypical compared to the journey that most other CEOs undertake.

Angela does not have a college degree. She got married shortly after dropping out of college. The couple, now divorced, had only recently had their first child when he enrolled in school to become a golf pro. Angela Koch had to support her family and took a series of whatever types of jobs she could find.

She was motivated to learn and get ahead, and that ultimately empowered her to develop her work skills and move forward in her career. Angela has incorporated this way of thinking into the corporate culture of U.S. Money Reserve. She trains her team to have similar aspirations and build upon their own strengths, and that will help them to excel at what they do in the company.

U.S. Money Reserve is a national distributor of government-issued solid gold, silver, and platinum coins. They carry commemorative coins that pay tribute to the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, former President Ronald Reagan, and many more. Many of the coin sets are distributed as limited editions that collectors are eager to own. Read more:
US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

The Money Reserve has produced an information kit for gold buyers who are new to the experience, and customers can receive it at no charge. This is one of the many ways in which Angela Koch and her team work to earn the trust of their customers. The company has sold millions of precious metal coins to over 500,000 buyers. It is one of the leaders of authentic coin offerings in the country.

The sales representatives extend of themselves to help to get to know their customers. They are friendly, helpful, and professional. Angela Koch trains her employees how to build a genuine rapport with customers, and the positive effects of this strategy reflect in the company’s sales revenue.

Angela Koch believes that the practice of investing in employee training is extremely worthwhile, and it continues to pay off handsomely for U.S. Reserve. She is a hands-on leader who oversees all areas of the organization.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

One Step At a Time: James River Capital

James River Capital was founded more than thirty years ago and has become one of the key firms for new startup companies in the northeast United States. The company was created and started by CEO and founder Paul Saunders. He is a man who knows the ins and outs of starting a new business and how difficult it can be. In an interview with Premier Gazette, Paul Saunders shares some tips for budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running.


Paul Saunders says the first thing a budding entrepreneur will need is a new and inventive idea. Once lightning has struck then it is time to think about financing the new business. This can be tricky for new business owners but here are some tips that can be utilized to get things moving in the right direction.


The first source of financing that Paul Sanders suggests is called bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is the term used when a new entrepreneur borrows the initial money need =d for the business from family and friends. This is the optimal place for beginners to start. It can help get the business going and likely build more investment if a person puts their own money behind the idea first.


The second way to get funding for a new business idea is a more high tech approach. Paul Saunders says that crowdfunding is a good way to raise capital for a business. Crowdfunding is a way to get people online to contribute money to an idea. The amount can vary from person to person. For this kind of funding to work the idea or service needs to be properly pitched on social media. Once a good idea catches on there is no limit to how much funding the new business can receive. Learn more:


A couple of the more difficult ways to get funding for a business are venture capitalists and trading equity. These are difficult because venture capitalists want to make sure they know exactly what the are getting into when it comes to the business. They also want a big return on their investment as well. The timespan is usually five to seven years for the profit to be paid. Trading equity is difficult because the person is giving up a part of the business to someone else. It is very hard to get that piece back once it has been given up.


These are just a few things that the owner of James River Capital wants new entrepreneurs to know about before launching a new idea. If a person can take it one step at a time there is no doubt in Paul Saunders’ mind that the business will be a success. That is the way business is.

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