How Fortress Investment Group Established a Monumental Change at the Organization

Last year, Fortress Investment Group witnessed a lot of expansion and transition in its system. Even though it had been in the investment sector for over twenty years, it integrated with many companies in the previous years. For instance, it established prominent investment companies such as the Softbank Corporation. Since it used 3.3 billion dollars to purchase the company, it managed to establish itself well in other developments.

Thus, it initiated thrilling private equity world and real funds in the country. Through its establishment in 1998, the management at Fortress investment Group worked very hard to earn a position in society. Initially, Fortress Investment Group commenced as an assertive fund with the primary aim of investing and financing in the global investment industry. After ten years, it successfully became a first big organization to offer initial public offerings in the New York Stock Exchange. Thus, in 2007, it became enlisted among some of the prominent companies in the country to perform such a transaction.

Purchase of Softbank

In 2017, Softbank was purchased by Fortress Investment Group after conducting business for more than ten years. Hence, the management performed a lot of operations in the previous year. For instance, it managed all its global assets valued at 40 billion dollars. Besides Wes Edens, other principals such as Peter Berger and Randal Nardone helped to manage the company. Through the economic revolution, the company supported other new investment opportunities thus establishing ownership in the USA. For example, it partnered with Uber and Alibaba to promote the industry sector in the country. Moreover, through its Vision Fund, it established Qualcomm and Apple. Hence, innovative financial technologies relied on his services to perform in their activities.


Since most of the projects are usually at their incubation periods, the management develops a strategy that enables them to progress quickly. For instance, during their several stages like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, internet of things, and robotics, they involve large projects that contribute to the construction of the infrastructure. For example, they participated in a power project done in Saudi Arabia that was fruitful.



Reasons Why Igor Cornelsen is a Global Investment Manager

It is incredibly challenging to be excellent in two academic disciplines. For Igor Cornelsen however, he is a living proof that one can be excellent both in engineering and in economics. It is interesting to note that after the completion of his course in engineering, he made one of the brave decision to try out his hand in Economics and later business world. Igor Cornelsen points out that this was one of the best choices in his life. He has been able to use his knowledge of numbers in all his professional life, thanks to his engineering life.

After his studies, he made a universal decision, at that time, to go in the bank investment world. He points out that his expertise and his gift with numbers was probably one of the reasons many banks were willing to give him a chance to work for them. In just six years, Igor Cornelsen was fortunate to be a CEO of an investment bank. Under his visionary leadership, Multibanco was able to become one of the best investment banks in Latin America. It was also through the administration of Igor Cornelsen that the bank was able to impress Bank of America and later to merge two years later.

Igor Cornelsen is arguably one of the few investment bankers to work in different markets around the world. He has worked in the USA investment market, the fast-growing European market and in Latin America’s market. This exposure according to management pundits is one of the main reasons why Igor Cornelsen is exceptionally good with global trends, especially in the investment world. Even after serving in this niche, he is still making moves as far as the investment world is concerned. He currently works with various entities in this investment market.

He points out that his greatest weapon in remaining relevant, even after many years, is his unmatched approach to interpreting trends. According to Igor, understanding how trends influence market prices and the impact the changes have on returns is unmatched. Even though he works with investors across the world, he is still one of the greats.

Wes Edens has had a Prominent Career in Business and Finance

Wes Edens is an American Born businessman that has been investing for the majority of his life and he is also the co-founder of one of the most popular alternative investment companies in the country, Fortress Investment Group. Wes started up Fortress Investment alongside Rob Kauffman and Randy Nardone back in 1998. For the past nine years, Wes Edens has managed the company as President and Chief Executive Officer, focusing heavily on the private equity department of the company. Wes Edens completed his education and earned his financial and business degrees back in 1984 and he found a position right away working as a partner at Lehman Brothers, which set a good tone for the rest of his career.

Before founding Fortress Investment Group, Wes was the managing director for BlackRock Financial Management from 1993 til 1998, when he founded his current company. With more than 10 years of experience already under his belt, Wes Edens has no troubles moving forward with Fortress Investment Group, especially since they acted as a private investment firm for the first several years.

Over the years, Wes Edens’ has expressed interest in many other areas of business and finance, but more than that, he enjoys getting involved in his own personal interests. For example, Wes Edens’ is a sports fan, which is why he purchased the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional basketball team in the US. He is also a part owner of the League of Legends team, FlyQuest. Perhaps his most ambitious project is the Brightline Train system, which is currently in development in Florida and aims to relieve the heavy traffic that congests areas around the state. To date, Brightline is the first ever private train system to exist in the United States and so far it has been received well, with plans to bring Brightline to new states in the future.