A Century of Good Decisions has Made OSI Group a Leading Food Processor

OSI Group is a massive multi-billion dollar food corporation that supplies hundreds of different businesses and stores with meat products around the world. Since 1909, OSI Group has been growing as a meat supplier from its home in the United States. The company was originally founded by a German immigrant named Otto, which was also the name of the company at the beginning. The company started out small, providing meat product to residents in the Chicago area, but now their meat products reach the hands of millions of people all over the world. Not only is OSI the largest corporation in the food supply industry, but they have an excellent reputation for their safety standards and environmentally sound waste practices.

These days, OSI is supporting more than 20 thousand workers throughout over 60 different facilities around the world. Thes facilities consist of food production as well as distribution and warehousing. OSI Group has nested in 17 different country’s since they started globally expanding in the 1970s and they will continue to expand in the future according to Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO. Currently on the list of priorities is increased food production on the variety scale as well as the sustainability of OSI and their processing methods. OSI Group started out focused on meat products, but Sheldon has continued to integrate more food products into their processing line. This is good because their reputation is already high and it allows their buyers to switch over to them for different products rather than just meats.

One of the biggest factors that have contributed to the success of OSI has been their close bond to the McDonald’s corporation. Since the 1950s, OSI and McDonald’s have been in business together and the owners have even become friends. When McDonald’s first started to become a huge corporation in the states, OSI Group was able to tag along by providing them with the huge amounts of meat they needed to sell hundreds of thousands of burgers across the country.

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David McDonald’s Dedication Led Him To The Top Position At OSI Group

David McDonald had the dedication that led him to the top position at OSI Group. He is currently the company’s COO and is entrusted with the inner workings of an international organization. David has been with the company his entire career. He believes in the OSI business model that pushes for growth and expansion on a consistent basis. The leaders at OSI believe that this creates the kind of opportunity that allows its staff thrive and its clients to receive the best possible service,

David McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa. He grew up on a farm there and went on to attend Iowa State University. David studied animal science and joined OSI Group as an intern for Sheldon Lavin. OSI was in the midst of tremendous growth. The company had recently secured a contract with K&K Foods, which spawned the OSI Asia Pacific Division. The company was spreading rapidly throughout the Pacific Rim. Its influence eventually reached Central and South America. OSI also has a strong presence in Europe and Australia.

David McDonald quickly observed the nature of the company and understood that he would have to embrace change in order to keep up at OSI Group. It is the 58th largest privately owned company in the world according to Forbes Magazine. McDonald credits the organization’s private status as a reason it has been able to make such intricate moves. OSI has remained ahead of the competition. The company is able to invest in situations and people that have potential. OSI can allow these individuals and circumstances to develop without answering to a board of directors. This has allowed OSI Group to bring in the kind of people that want to stay with the company for the duration of their careers.

David McDonald supervised several mergers that has kept OSI on the cutting edge of the food manufacturing industry. The company acquired Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, Flagship Food Group and Turi Foods in efforts to diversify its business model and open up possibilities in new markets.

OSI Industries Teams With European Partners


OSI Industries has made an assertive effort to establish a presence in the European region. The company acquired two major industry operators in Europe. Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group were both added to the OSI Industries team. Baho Foods manufactures deli meats and snacks. It has operating plants in Germany and the Netherlands. There are five companies under the Baho Foods umbrella. Executives will remain in place and continue to lead their company and maintain its current vision. The partnership with the much larger OSI Industries is expected to open doors for both Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group as they move forward within the food manufacturing business.

Flagship Food Group accepted a buyout from OSI and is prepared to do business with the multi billion-dollar company. Flagship Food Group provides services such as frozen poultry, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings and Oliver James pies. Flagship Food Group has made acquisitions of its own in order to expand across Europe. The company acquired Calder Foods. Calder Foods specializes in marinades, mayonnaise, dips and sandwich fillings. The merger between OSI and Flagship Food Group is intended to pool resources in order to assist each organization in attaining the goals that they originally had set for their own companies. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago.

OSI Industries has plants operating throughout the Unites States and the Asia-Pacific. American facilities are located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Riverside, California, West Jordan, Utah, Iowa, Chicago and Oakland. A global quality assurance program is in place to make certain that all OSI plants are operating up to required specifications.

There is a diverse hiring process at OSI. The mission is to bring in talent that can assist with running a worldwide business. Recruiting focuses on areas such as the United States, the UK, Poland and Asia.

OSI acheived tremendous growth based on its partnership with McDonald’s. However, the company has expanded its business model over the years. There many clients include Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. OSI is involved with manufacturing several different products besides meat patties. Bacon, fish, poultry, vegetables, dough products, hot dogs and pizza are all part of the production line.

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